Auto Insurance Company Average 6-Month Premium for a College Student
Progressive $649
Allstate $1,014
GEICO $1,043
State Farm $1,220
Nationwide $1,475
Liberty Mutual $1,512
Travelers $1,676

What Does Car Insurance Cover ?

personal car insurance is designed to cover personal force ( such as commute, running errands, and road trips ) for you and other people listed on your policy. It besides covers person else driving your car with your permission. But using your car for a commercial aim, like ridesharing or on-demand deliveries, violates your contract. If you don ’ t have a rideshare sanction or a commercial policy, insurers may cancel your indemnity .
mandate car insurance coverages vary by state, but about all states require car owners to meet minimum limits for bodily injury liability and property damage liability. many states may besides require you to carry medical payments coverage, besides called “ personal injury protection ” ( PIP ), and uninsured motorist coverage .
Whatever coverage international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine mandated by your country is considered optional, so it ’ s not included in your policy unless you choose to add it. Most cable car policy companies offer fomite damage coverages like optional collision, comprehensive, and field glass coverage. other optional offerings like wayside aid, rental reimbursement, and personal belong substitute vary by insurance company .

Do College Students Need Car Insurance ?

Yes. first, because you can ’ t legally drive in any state without showing fiscal responsibility. college students are ill-famed for being on tight budgets, so the most financially feasible way of satisfying state requirements is by having car insurance.

Second, car policy is designed to protect you from paying out of pocket for vehicle damage and liability expenses. A two-car buffer bender can well cost thousands, while an accident with a end can run into the millions. Go with the best coverage you can afford so that you will be better financially protected .

Can College Students Stay on Their Parents ’ Insurance ?

Yes. You can stay on your parents ’ policy for however long you all agree, angstrom long as your vehicle stays at their family overnight. If you live at a different cover, then you ’ ll need your own policy. The exception is if you ’ re going to school out of country. Most states let you stay on your parents ’ policy even if your car goes with you while you live on campus, but you ’ ll want to double-check to be sure.

Final Verdict

car insurance is a must for college students, but finding low-cost rates or insurers that meet scholar needs can be crafty. The insurers on this list offer more low-cost rates than average for college students while excelling in certain areas such as pricing, discounts, or services.


We compared 18 car indemnity companies based on their coverage, discounts, services, and other offerings helpful for students. We besides looked at affordability, J.D. Power ratings, and, where possible, the NAIC ’ s National Complaint Index to determine overall value and customer atonement .
The six-month bounty quotes we pulled used a 19-year-old female college student with a “ B ” average. Our fabricated student had no prior accidents and drove a 2014 Toyota Corolla while living off-campus near Texas A & M University. Consumer Reports voted Toyota Corollas one of the best cars for teens, and Texas cable car insurance rates are besides in-between of the pack compared to other locations .
Our quotes used Texas ’ minimum liability limits of $ 30,000/ $ 60,000 for bodily wound and $ 25,000 for property damage, and excluded medical payment, personal injury security, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverages. We used $ 1,000 deductibles for collision and comprehensive coverages. These premiums are meant to give you an idea of what basic car insurance for college students may cost with that provider, but rates can change based on your singular situation and needs .

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