GEICO Progressive 
ATV insurance Yes Yes
Boat insurance  Yes  Yes 
Classic car insurance  Yes  Yes 
Golf cart insurance  No Yes 
Mexico auto insurance  Yes  Yes 
Motorcycle insurance  Yes  Yes 
Personal watercraft insurance  No Yes 
RV insurance  Yes  Yes 
Segway insurance  No Yes 
Snowmobile insurance  No  Yes 
Condo insurance Yes  Yes
Flood insurance  Yes  Yes 
Jewelry insurance/personal articles insurance  Yes  Yes 
Landlord insurance  Yes  No
Home security insurance  No Yes 
Home warranty insurance  No  Yes 
Mobile home insurance  Yes  Yes 
Health insurance  No Yes 
Dental insurance  No  Yes 
Vision insurance  No  Yes 
Life insurance  Yes Yes 
Identity theft insurance  Yes  Yes 
Pet insurance  Yes  Yes 
Electronic device insurance  No Yes 
Travel insurance  Yes  Yes 
Overseas insurance  Yes  No
Umbrella insurance  Yes  Yes 
Wedding insurance  No Yes 

GEICO vs. Progressive : Customer Service

GEICO and Progressive both have adequate customer service, with in-person, phone, e-mail, and mobile app support. GEICO besides offers live chat subscribe through the on-line portal, but it ’ s only available for current customers. additionally, GEICO and Progressive policyholders can take advantage of 24/7 customer back, 365 days per year .

GEICO vs. Progressive : Claims

If you experience a loss, Progressive and GEICO both allow policyholders to file a raw indemnity claim over the earphone, through the on-line kind, and on the fluid app. however, GEICO merely allows on-line and mobile claims for car, home, and renters policy claims, and Progressive only supports on-line and mobile claims for car indemnity.

If you have any other type of insurance, such as life indemnity or business policy, you ‘ll have to call a GEICO or Progressive agent in order to start a raw claim .
With either mailman, the process of submitting a claim is pretty simple. Whether on-line or on the call, you ’ ll be asked to provide your policy number, give a detailed description of the event, submit photos if you have them, and expect to be contacted by a claim adjuster .

GEICO vs. Progressive : Customer Satisfaction

To get a better sense of Progressive ‘s and GEICO ’ s overall customer satisfaction, we read on-line reviews from current and past policyholders. broadly speaking, both companies have properly ratings. Customers aren ’ thymine completely dissatisfied with either company, but both carriers have their fair share of negative reviews .
GEICO and Progressive customers complain about denied claims, unfair claim payouts, unfriendly customer serve agents, unexpected premium increases, and early issues.

however, we besides read cocksure testimonials from customers who had bang-up experiences with both companies. many policyholders said they enjoyed GEICO ’ s first gear rates and Progressive ’ south on-line feel and helpful on-line tools .

GEICO vs. Progressive : Getting a quote

Getting a quote from Progressive or GEICO is quick and easy, and both companies have on-line quote tools that can be used for most policies .
To get a quote, you ’ ll need to provide basic personal information, a well as information specific to the policy you ’ rhenium buy, like the make and model of your vehicle for car indemnity, or the count of employees you have for commercial indemnity.

If you can ’ triiodothyronine get a quote on-line for the type of policy you need, you can call an agent to start a newly quotation mark .


We compared GEICO ‘s and Progressive ’ s most democratic policies, including car, homeowners, renters, and commercial insurance. To evaluate each put up, we looked at the coverage options, riders, and discounts available, arsenic well as the areas of handiness, AM Best mark, NAIC Company Complaint Index fink, and customer support channels. The NAIC Company Complaint Index is a proportion of complaints per market parcel with 1.0 being the average and anything above 1.0 considered to have more complaints than expected for its size. We besides read reviews from real customers to gauge each company ’ s overall level of customer atonement .

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