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Cristina Rivera
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If you ’ ve been thinking about purchasing new car indemnity, you may have heard about Progressive ’ s Name Your Price Tool during television commercials. But, what is it precisely ? Can it in truth save you money on car indemnity ? Below, we discuss what the name Your Price Tool is, and how you can use it to your profit when patronize for car insurance with Progressive. We besides discuss how you can use other resources, like price comparison tools, which is the most effective direction to save money on car insurance .

Is Progressive Car Insurance Cheap?

For about a century, one of Progressive ’ sulfur goals has been to offer low-cost car insurance to all of its prospective and current customers. No matter which insurance provider you choose, the price of cable car policy depends on diverse factors, including age, vehicle model, marital status, localization, drive record, and more. This means that your car policy with Progressive could be much higher or much lower than other policyholders with the lapp coverage. however, Progressive offers many discounts on car indemnity for which you may be eligible. For exemplify, like most insurance providers, Progressive allows policyholders to bundle home plate and car policy to save money on the monthly costs of indemnity.

other forms of discounts that you can receive with Progressive include having a adolescent who gets adept grades in educate, owning a home, keeping a clean drive criminal record, and insuring multiple vehicles under one policy. however, one of the most long-familiar ways that Progressive helps customers save money is through their name Your Price Tool. In addition to helping you save money, the purpose of the Name Your Price Tool by Progressive is to eliminate the fuss and time consumption associated with hunting for the best deals on car indemnity. Keep reading to learn how you can use this tool, ampere well as its pros and cons .

What Is the Name Your Price Tool by Progressive & How Does it Work?

People are often initially misinformed about the Name Your Price Tool, but this article will help you understand what it is and what it is not. The Name Your Price Tool is not a manner for you to simply tell Progressive what you want to pay and automatically receive a car indemnity policy for that price. Instead, with Progressive’s Name Your Price Tool, you have the ability to present to Progressive what kind of coverage you want—and at what price you’re willing to pay. Then, Progressive will respond by presenting you the available options in your price range. Although you can state what your prefer budget is, it ’ second besides crucial to be realistic about the price of car indemnity. Depending on your personal data and your department of state ’ sulfur car insurance laws, you may not find enough coverage for your monetary value. still, the Name Your Price Tools visualizes what coverage you can get with Progressive for a certain price. Once you receive the results, you can choose to meet with a progressive agent to far discuss your coverage options and budget .
To use the Name Your Price Tool, follow these quick and comfortable steps :

  • Get a free quote from Progressive by answering questions about your vehicle, age, zip code, and more.
  • Then, go to the Name Your Price Tool and input the amount of money you would like to spend on your car insurance.
  • After that, Progressive will provide you with a list of various coverage options that fit your budget.  

The Pros and Cons of Progressive’s Name Your Price Tool

While it ’ s a capital resource from Progressive, Name Your Price has both positive and minus features. Below, we discuss both sides in detail, so that you can decide if this tool is right for you .

  • Quick and easy way to find deals on car insurance
  • Allows you to see options that will help you stick to your budget
  • Automatically determines whether you qualify for any of Progressive’s discounts on car insurance
  • Lets you increase or decrease your price to visualize different coverage options


  • This tool only shows you the prices and coverage options for Progressive, not other insurance providers
  • While the prices you see may be cheap, they might not be as competitive as the policies of other insurance companies
  • The cheapest plans may only give you the minimum coverage legally required

The Name Your Price Tool: The Benefits

When shopping for humble car indemnity rates, the Name Your Price Tool by Progressive is a bang-up resource to use. By completing three elementary steps, you can see progressive car policy coverage options that fit the budget that you set. This process saves you time so that you can see if Progressive is for you before ever meeting with an policy agent. Although you can ’ triiodothyronine set the price of your policy, seeing the coverage options that Progressive already has will help you stay on budget and debar spend extra money. additionally, when using the Name Your Price Tool, Progressive automatically determines which of its discounts on car indemnity you qualify for. And, if once you see the list of coverage options you decide you ’ ra willing to spend a short bit more money, you can easily adjust the price you entered .

The Name Your Price Tool: The Drawbacks

While the Name Your Price Tool has capital benefits, it besides has its drawbacks. For starters, this creature only shows you coverage options from Progressive. This is obvious, as progressive wants to make you a customer. But, when shopping for car policy, one of your main goals should be to look at assorted insurance providers. Although you can credibly find a policy for very cheap, by only relying on the Name Your Price Tool, you risk the probability of missing a great deal at a different policy company. It ’ mho besides important to remember that the cheapest plans at Progressive may alone cover the bare minimal car indemnity that your state legally requires. It ’ s possible that you find a more competitive car indemnity policy that gives you more coverage for a fiddling extra money. But to find that cope, you need to do more than fair use the Name Your Price Tool .

Final Thoughts on Progressive’s Name Your Price Tool

Progressive is a national car indemnity supplier that helps people save money on car insurance. One of the ways that they help their customers is by offering the Name Your Price tool, which allows customers to eliminate the stress of hunting for the best car policy bargains. This is what makes the progressive Name Your Price Tool a great resource to use as your first step to finding brassy car indemnity. however, your search for low-cost car indemnity shouldn ’ thyroxine end there. It takes time to find the best deal, and the Name Your Price Tool should only be a one separate of your investigation of good cable car insurance rates. truthfully, you may be able to find better coverage at an policy provider other than Progressive .
The best way to save your money on car insurance is by comparing prices from as many local insurance providers as possible. That might seem like time-consuming research, but it ’ south actually in truth simple—especially if you use the right tools. Insurance comparison websites allow you to see a list of insurance providers near you and determine which ones will give you the best deals. If you ’ ra looking for cheaper car indemnity, the form below will help you get started immediately. When you enter your nothing code, you will be taken to BestInsurer—an insurance comparison website that will list out the best rates near you. Click below to find deals on car policy today.

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