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many credit cards provide car rental indemnity among its travel benefits, but which are the best of the best ? In a study from WalletHub, credit cards from Chase and Wells Fargo top the list .
While many cards offer coverage up to the cash value of your rental fomite, the best credit card lease car policy policies up the ante to a much as $ 75,000 .
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amazingly, the WalletHub study found that less than half of consumers ( 47 % ) even know that credit cards frequently provide cable car indemnity coverage. This is a big deal, since having protection—either from your personal car indemnity or from a credit card—can mean that you don ’ t have to opt for expensive over-the-counter indemnity offered by the rental car company .

Best and Worst Credit Cards for Car Rental Insurance

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After analyzing the car rental insurance offers from 71 different credit cards, WalletHub determined that these were the best of the bunch .
According to WalletHub ’ second analysis, Chase is the best credit card ship’s company for rental car policy, covering cardholders for up to $ 75,000 and 31 days. overall, the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card was deemed the very best citation tease for car rental policy coverage.

The worst credit cards for car renters are issued by Citi and Discover, which no longer provide rental coverage on their credit cards. But an exception is the Costco Anywhere Visa Business Card by Citi. That has no annual fee for Costco members and is one of few Citi cards to hush offer car rental insurance and early travel benefits .
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WalletHub reviewed the publicly available on-line car rental policies of all the recognition cards presently being offered by the 10 largest issuers, excluding student and co-branded offers, and collected the information needed to answer the following questions : What vehicles are excluded ? What early exclusions do the policies have ? What is the timbre of the coverage ? How do you activate the benefit ? How should claims be filed ? finally, how comfortable it is to obtain accomplished policy data ?

More tips:

Do not rent a truck, open-bed vehicle, exotic/antique car, large van or life-size SUV if you want credit calling card lease car policy coverage. Most citation cards exclude those categories from car rental policy benefits.

double check your coverage if you plan on renting longer condition. More than a third of cards entirely cover domestic rentals for up to 15 days .
last out on the paved roads. About a quarter of credit tease rental car indemnity policies won ’ triiodothyronine cover price that occurs while driving on a dirt or gravel road .

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