Whether you use a Visa, Mastercard or American Express card, chances are you can get some free car policy coverage when you rent a car. broadly, in holy order to snag this feature, you have to use the credit card to pay for your rental car. You ’ ll besides have to forgo the rental company ’ s own insurance. Beyond that, there are some exceptions and situations you should be familiar with. Let ’ s take a count at rental car indemnity basics and which cards offer this feature.

Rental Car Insurance Basics

Let ’ s begin by taking a general look at cable car policy. If you already have personal car indemnity, you ’ ll want to check how that covers you when you rent a car. While collisions and larceny are normally covered, that often only reaches to a certain extent. normally car policy won ’ t cover fees from the rental company, which can amount to hundreds of dollars. When your personal car indemnity won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cover your rental car completely, your citation poster can provide the answer. When recognition cards provide rental car indemnity, it will come in the form of either primary or junior-grade coverage. primary coverage kicks in in the event of collision or larceny of your rental car, even before you need to file a title with your personal car policy. Primary coverage will amply cover the damages.

secondary coverage, on the other pass, tends to cover much less in wrong and administrative costs. This is largely ascribable to secondary coverage kick in after you ’ ve already filed a claim with your own personal cable car insurance party. however, if you don ’ t have your own personal cable car policy, a credit batting order ’ s secondary coverage becomes your basal coverage. This can besides be the case if you rent a car in a extraneous area not covered by your policy. No matter which credit circuit board you have, you ’ ll constantly want to double check how much coverage you have before you use it to rent a cable car.

Visa Credit Card Rental Car Insurance

If you have a Visa credit tease, you ’ re in luck ! All Visa Standard Credit, Rewards Credit, Signature®, Signature Preferred®, Premium Rewards cards offer secondary lease car policy. This means that it comes into effect after your personal indemnity coverage. If you ’ ra renting abroad, your Visa coverage will act as your primary coverage. In order to use Visa ’ randomness rental car policy, you ’ ll need to waive the rental company ’ south insurance and use your Visa card for the rental. Visa covers up to 15 consecutive days of an car rental in the U.S. and 31 consecutive days outside of the U.S. Visa does not cover rentals in Israel, Jamaica, Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. Most passenger cars, minivans and sports utility vehicles are covered but trucks, some luxury cars and certain vans are not. any vehicles valued above $ 50,000 aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate covered. Without personal car insurance, Visa ’ sulfur car rental collision damage waiver can help reimburse you for the brood larceny and damage to the lease cable car. Any valid administrative, loss-of-use and fair tow charges related to damage can be covered, excessively. If you do have personal car policy, Visa ’ second lease car coverage will pay for the deductible part of your insurance, plus the above administrative and towing costs. In the event of collision or larceny, you need to report the incident to Visa within 45 days. You then have another 45 days in which you must file your claim. When you file your claim, you ’ ll need to include a copy of an accident report and claim form indicating the amounts you are responsible for. You besides need to produce copies of your rental car contracts, a compensate estimate and its itemize placard. Visa besides asks for two photos of the damaged vehicle and a patrol report, if those are available. You can file a title on-line at hypertext transfer protocol : //www.eclaimsline.com/. If you ’ ra not surely what your Visa credit card will cover, you can reach Visa ’ s benefit adviser at 1-800-348-8472. You can besides contact your citation calling card issuer. That way, you won ’ thymine be stranded at the rental car counter on your next business tripper or family vacation .

Mastercard Rental Car Insurance

not all Mastercard credit cards provide junior-grade rental car indemnity. The cards that do offer this feature are the Gold, Platinum, World and World Elite credit cards. If you have any of these cards and use them for your car rental, Mastercard can pay for any cover physical damages to and larceny of a lease vehicle. You will have to waive the rental company ’ s own indemnity and list yourself as the fomite ’ south chief renter for coverage to apply.

You can by and large rely on Mastercard rental car coverage for up to 15 straight days with a lease cable car if you ’ re using a amber or Platinum circuit board. Mastercard World and World Elite credit cards offer longer clock periods – up to 31 consecutive days. similarly to Visa, cars with a value of up to $ 50,000 are covered. Any cars over that price point are considered luxury and won ’ metric ton be covered. SUVs and life-size vans will besides disqualify you for coverage. If you ’ ra traveling abroad, be mindful that Mastercard doesn ’ thyroxine cover car rentals in Israel, Jamaica, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. Mastercard advises contacting the rental caller in advance if you ’ rhenium traveling to Australia, Italy or New Zealand, as the benefits may not apply in those countries. In the event of an accident or larceny, you will need to report the claim to Mastercard within 30 days. You must file the claim and a number of supporting documents within 180 days. This includes your car rental agreement ( front man and back ), your credit poster statement that contains the cable car rental transaction, your rental transaction receipt and all early rental company paperwork. You will besides need to provide details and documents of the incidental, whether an accident or larceny, including a patrol composition. The company besides asks for a copy of your driver ’ sulfur license ( front and back ) and an itemize haunt appraisal. fortunately, Mastercard will besides work on your behalf to obtain the necessary paperwork from the car rental representation. You can file a claim or check the condition of an existing claim on-line at www.mycardbenefits.com or by calling 1-800-MASTERCARD. Once the call is approved, MasterCard will notify you of the reimbursement amount.

American Express Credit Card Rental Car Insurance

All American Express citation cards come with rental cable car policy. If you have a basic AmEx card, you ’ ll receive secondary coil coverage up to $ 50,000. If you have a Platinum recognition card from, you ’ ll get secondary coverage valued up to $ 75,000. You will have to decline the rental party ’ s full coverage and use your American Express batting order to take advantage of the card ’ mho rental car indemnity. American Express credit rating cards cover damage, larceny and relate tow, repositing and loss-of-use costs. You ’ re are covered for rentals lasting 30 straight days. You can not use your American Express rental cable car indemnity in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Australia or New Zealand. additionally there may be some far differences depending on the state you rent in. As always, you ’ ll want to call American Express if you ’ re diffident of what and how much is covered. If you need to file a claim, you must do thus within 30 days of the incident. You can file a title with American Express, or check on an existing claim, on-line or by calling 1-800-338-1670. To file a complete claim, you will need to include a number of documents. This includes copies of your rental cable car agreement, indemnity data, haunt bills and any police/incident reports. You will receive a decisiveness on your claim within 45 days of filing.

Credit Card Rental Insurance
American Express Mastercard Visa
Cards That Offer It All AmEx credit cards Gold, Platinum, World and World Elite Standard Credit, Rewards Credit, Signature®, Signature Preferred®, Premium Rewards (May also be available on other cards; call issuer to confirm)
Rental Period 30 consecutive days 15 consecutive days for Gold or Platinum; 31 consecutive days for World or World Elite 15 consecutive days domestic; 31 consecutive days abroad
Insurance Type Secondary Secondary Secondary for domestic; primary for international
Vehicles Covered Most passenger cars valued under $50,000 Most passenger cars and minivans valued under $50,000 Most passenger cars, minivans and sports utility vehicles valued under $50,000
Vehicles Not Covered Trucks, pick-ups, full-sized or cargo vans, commercial minivans, off-road vehicles, full-sized sport utility vehicles, antique cars, limousines Trucks, pickups, certain vans, campers, off-road vehicles, antique cars, limousines, motorcycles, trailers Trucks, some luxury cars, certain vans, antique cars, limousines, motorcycles, mopeds
Time Frame for Filing Report Within 30 days Must report claim within 30 days; Must submit claim within 180 days Must report incident within 45 days; Must file claim within 90 days
Maximum Coverage $50,000 for basic Amex; $75,000 for Amex Platinum $50,000 $50,000
What It Covers Damage, theft, loss-of-use charges, towing charges Damage, theft, loss-of-use charges, related towing charges Damage, vandalism, theft, loss-of-use charges, related towing charges
What It Doesn’t Cover Liability, injury, personal property, damage to other vehicles Liability, injury, personal property, damage to other vehicles Liability, injury, medical expenses, loss or theft of personal belongings, off-road damage
Countries Not Covered Australia, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, and New Zealand Israel, Jamaica, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Possibly Australia, Italy and New Zealand. Israel, Jamaica, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
Contact/ More Information 1-800-528-4800/ website 1-800-MASTERCARD/ website  1-800-348-8472/ website

Bottom Line

Before your future road trip, range for a credit wag that comes with free rental car indemnity. It can save you money at the rental car counter and give you some peace of judgment in the unexpected event of a collision or larceny. If you don ’ t have a modify credit calling card, you might want to rethink that specially if you find yourself renting cars more than once a year. Plus, travel credit cards can come with flush more travel benefits like access to airport lounges or free flights .

Credit Card Tips for Traveling 

  • A travel credit card could really come in handy. Even if you don’t find yourself on a flight every weekend, earning miles or points on your credit card can snag you a free flight.
  • If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you’ve probably run into pesky foreign transaction fees on your credit card. Unfortunately, those fees can really pile up if you don’t have a foreign transaction fee-friendly credit card. Credit cards without these fees will really come in handy when you find yourself traveling abroad or making foreign purchases.

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