Wouldn ’ metric ton you agree that car indemnity can get pretty darn expensive ?
particularly if you ’ re a young ( and broke ) college scholar – and it ’ south after the holidays with all the bills you ’ ve racked up…
But fear not. even if you ’ re mooching off your parents for a few a fiddling while longer, you can save some big bucks with this tilt of car policy companies for college students .

overview of the best car indemnity companies for college students

Account Best For
Liberty Mutual Discounts
Allstate Face-to-face assistance
Metromile Pay-per-mile insurance
State Farm Low rates
Farmers High GPA students
Progressive Safe drivers
USAA Military members

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual The 9 Best Car Insurance Companies For College Students - Liberty Mutual offers a dismiss for dependable grades if you ’ re under the historic period of 25 and you have at least a 3.0 GPA. If you ’ re under the age of 21, you qualify for an extra Driver Training Discount after completing a qualifying Driver Training Program .
You ’ ll get the distance rebate a well as up to 10 % off if you belong to one of the over 14,000 alumnus associations, employers or professional associations that Liberty Mutual has arrangements with. This means you can get a discount precisely based on where you go to school or where you ’ re doing your internship .
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The 9 Best Car Insurance Companies For College Students - Allstate Like Farmers, Allstate offers a rebate if you ’ re going to educate far away from home. The house physician scholar dismiss applies if the scholar goes to school at least 100 miles aside from their primary residence. If this is the case, parents can save up to 35 % on their car indemnity premiums for the child .
Allstate besides offers a good scholar discount rate of up to 9 %. This is much smaller than the likes of State Farm or Farmers, but when you factor in a house physician scholar discount, bundling, and other discounts, it adds up .
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Metromile The 9 Best Car Insurance Companies For College Students– Metromile is a fresh way to pay for car indemnity -you pay for the mileage you use and nothing more. You can get Metromile in just eight states ( CA, IL, NJ, OR, PA, VA, AZ, and WA ) .
According to Metromile ’ s web site, 65 % of drivers overpay to subsidize high gear mileage drivers. They claim that their customers save $ 500, on average, per year as compared to other indemnity companies. basically, you pay a monthly fee and a per-mile blame ( which is a few cents ) .
The base rate is $ 30.00 and they charge about 3.2 cents per sea mile. so if you ’ ra live at college and entirely drive 200 miles per calendar month, your monthly charge would be $ 36.40 ( $ 30 + .032 x 200 ). But can ’ t you just say you drive less ? No. You ’ ll be required to plug a monitor, called the Metromile Pulse, into your car to track how a lot you drive. Connect it to the app and you ’ rhenium dependable to go ! Metromile is in truth shaking up the policy industry, thus if you drive lone a short, I ’ five hundred check them out .
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State Farm

The 9 Best Car Insurance Companies For College Students- State Farm
State Farm offers a pair of ways to get discounts on car policy when you ’ re a student. First is their tip Clear Safe Driver Program. This is an on-line course that you can take either at your computer or on a mobile app and receive 15 % off your car policy bounty once you ’ ve completed it. The program is set up to be an absorb method acting for teaching younger people how to drive safely – like not texting and driving .
The second way college students save with State Farm is through their commodity student Discount. College students who meet certain minimum grade requirements while in school are eligible to receive up to 25 % off of their rate ( and sometimes higher if you ’ re in specific college towns ). Combine both of these, and you have a pretty significant saving right off the cream .

Farmers Insurance

The 9 Best Car Insurance Companies For College Students - Farmers
With Farmers, students have several ways to save. Parents who leave their child ’ south car on their own policy could save through the multicar deduction. If a student ’ sulfur college is more than 100 miles from home, you should besides look into the Distant Student rebate. This is available only if the student doesn ’ t regularly drive .
full-time students under the age of 25 can besides qualify for the good scholar discount rate, equally long as they keep a high GPA. You ’ ll need to provide software documentation to show that you meet the criteria .


progressive ’ randomness student discount applies to students who maintain a B average or better. Like other insurers, Progressive besides offers a discount to parents of full-time students who are far aside. If you ’ re 100 miles or more aside from home and don ’ t have a vehicle at school, you ’ ll get a deduction on insurance on the car you have parked back at home .
If you ’ re still living at home, though, there ’ sulfur another option. You can save by bundling your car with other cars in your family. You don ’ t have to be living with your parents to enjoy that discount rate, either. The lapp type of discount can apply by bundling your car with your roommate ’ south or spouse ’ sulfur. equally long as the cable car is parked chiefly at your address, you can add it to your policy for savings .
Progressive besides rewards safe drive. You can use the Snapshot program to get a pace based on your own drive patterns or enjoy rewards for dependable drive. Progressive even offers accident forgiveness ampere retentive as you ’ ve been with them a while before the accident happens .


The 9 Best Car Insurance Companies For College Students - USAA
USAA offers discounts that some of the other major insurers on this list propose, such as a good grade discount rate, a safe drive discount rate, and even the nonmigratory student discount ( for those who go to college more than 100 miles from home ) .
The caveat is that you must be either be on active duty in the military, a seasoned, or a Department of Defense employee ( families are included ) to be a member of USAA .
The bonus here is that members much get lower rates and perks to begin with, so the discounts on car insurance for your college are so far another bonus .

Summary of the best car insurance for young adults

Account College student discount Unique features
Liberty Mutual Good grades discount, driver training discount, alumni discount They have a distance discount for those who intern far from home
Allstate Discount for going far away from home, good grades discount They have local agents, as well as an easy-to-use website
Metromile Pay-per-mile insurance is a discount in of itself Their model of insurance is what makes this unique
State Farm Steer clear safe driver program, good student discount They typically have some of the lowest rates
Farmers Distant student discount, good student discount They offer one of the highest good student discounts
Progressive Good grades discount, distant student discount, safe driving discount Snapshot program lets you pay a rate that matches your driving patterns
USAA Good grade discount, a safe driving discount, and even the resident student discount (for those who go to college more than 100 miles from home) Only military members qualify, but their families also qualify

College international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate brassy. With the cost of tutelage, textbooks, and tacos eating up your savings and loans, the cost of car indemnity is likely far in the back in your mind .
While insuring your cable car is a necessary expense, it doesn ’ t have to be a big one. In this scout, you ’ ll learn the ins-and-outs of insuring your car in college, technical hacks for good deals, and how to choose the best mailman for your specific needs .

Wait, should I tied take my car to college ?

While this article will help you find the best deal on car policy, our greater aim at Money Under 30 is to save you money, period. Before shopping for policy, it may be best for your deposit history to leave your car at dwelling, or not have a cable car at all .
A adept locate to start is a immediate Google search to confirm a key detail : does your school even allow you to bring a car ? many colleges and universities do not allow freshmen to have cars, for case, so they can better acclimate to on-campus know .
once you ’ ve confirmed that it ’ randomness even a hypothesis, let ’ s cover expenses next. Whether you ’ ve already brought your car to college, are considering bringing it up, or are even debating purchasing a car, consider foremost the six major expenses of owning a car :

  • Fuel.
  • Financing.
  • Depreciation.
  • Insurance.
  • Maintenance and tires.
  • Licensing, registration, and taxes.

Granted, some of these expenses won ’ t change whether your car is parked on campus or in your parents ’ driveway. Most will increase, however, and you ’ ll besides have to account for your school ’ mho park fees .
If you don ’ metric ton presently own a car but are considering it, be indisputable to find out how much car you can truly afford and whether to lease or to buy .
Despite the monetary value, you may still choose to have a car on campus. You may need to make frequent trips back home or commute to work, and constant ridesharing international relations and security network ’ t cost-efficient. Or possibly your parents moved, and you have nowhere else to leave your car.

If you ’ re determined to have a car in college, let ’ s spill about how to find the best cover on policy .

Do I need car insurance in college?

Yes. 48 states require you to insure any registered fomite you plan to drive on populace roads. In Virginia, you can drive uninsured if you pay an annual $ 500 uninsured motorist fee. In New Hampshire, there ’ s no fee at all .
even still ; if you go to UVA, Dartmouth, or another school in one of those states, do you truly want to be on the addict for $ 75,000 when you fender-bend a strange ’ sulfur Bentley ?
here ’ s the bed line : yes, you need car indemnity. And where you don ’ triiodothyronine need it by law, you absolutely however want it .

If I take my car to college, can I just stay on my parents’ plan?

Yes. Most carriers will allow you to stay on your parents ’ plan if one or more of the come conditions apply :

  • Your car is titled in your parents ’ appoint .
  • You live with your parents while you ’ re in school .
  • You live at school, but your permanent address is still your parents ’ home .

Should I stay on my parents’ plan?

In most cases, it ’ second less expensive to stay on your parents ’ design. There are exceptions, however ; if one or more of the scenarios below applies to you, you may actually save money by purchasing separate policy :

  • Your parents live in a big city, but you go to school in a small rural town. Premiums vary across energy codes, and residents of little towns broadly enjoy cheaper policy than city dwellers .
  • You have a spotty driving record. It ’ s a hard pill to swallow, but if you received tickets or were involved in an at-fault accident while under your family ’ sulfur plan, you probable raised premiums for everyone. If you get a separate plan, specially one with accident forgiveness, you can save both you and your kin some big money .
  • Someone else in your family has a spotty driving record. Again, a unmarried driver can raise premiums for everyone under a syndicate plan. If your family jointly has multiple car incidents on record, it may be cheaper to isolate yourself on a offprint plan .

As constantly, it ’ second best to compare multiple quotes before making a switch .

Can I drive my friends’ cars and can they drive mine?

It may be tempting to toss your friend the keys for a date or a beer ply, but lending and borrow cars is always a bad mind .
The coverage follows the car, not the driver. That means if your friend gets into an accident, it ’ s your indemnity that ’ sulfur affected, not theirs. A simpleton “ hey, can I borrow your car ? ” can cursorily lead to hundreds in deductibles, thousands in higher premiums, and one very constrained friendship .

What does car insurance cover and how much do I need?

There are four types of car indemnity coverage :

  • Bodily injury liability (BI) : if you ’ re at blame in an accident, BI covers the other persons ’ aesculapian bills and sometimes includes legal fees as the result of a lawsuit .
  • Property damage liability (PD) : in the scenario above, PD covers damage to their car and other property damage ( fences, structures, etc. ) .
  • Collision : collision covers damage to your car in the event of an accident, even if you ’ re found at-fault .
  • Comprehensive (OTC) : besides known as “ early than collision, ” comprehensive covers damage done to your car outside of an accident, such as vandalism, larceny, weather, open fire, and impacts with wildlife .

All states that require car indemnity ask BI and PD. Some, like Florida and Kansas, besides require collision and/or OTC, known together as “ no-fault indemnity. ”
Find the minimum car policy coverage requirements in your department of state .

What does car insurance not cover?

“ Comprehensive ” is a bite of a mislead nickname. none of the four forms of insurance typically covers :

  • Towing and labor aka wayside aid. If your car breaks down, needs a raw battery, or suffers a apartment, your indemnity may not help you out. thankfully, AAA is pretty bum, starting at just $ 40 per year .
  • Repairs and rentals. If your car becomes undrivable as a result of long time, wrong, or an at-fault accident, a guarantee may cover repair and/or rentals, but not your indemnity .
  • Personal property theft. If person steals your laptop or violin out of your car, your car insurance broadly won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cover it. You or your parents ’ homeowners or renters policy likely does ; give them a call to check .

What to look for when shopping for car insurance in college

As a college scholar, you can save up to 50 % on cable car insurance. As you browse this list of best carriers below, keep an eye out for these student-friendly discounts and plans :

  • Low mileage/pay-per-mile : Some carriers offer minor low-mileage discounts, but if you plan to drive your cable car fewer than 3000 miles per year, you may save the most money by purchasing a pay-per-mile plan. Plus, the cognition that you ’ ll pay a fiddling extra per trip may dissuade you from incidental drive, further saving you money in other ownership costs .
  • Good student discount: many carriers offer a rebate for students who maintain a certain GPA.
  • Distant/resident student discount: Some carriers offer discounts for students who go to school over 100 miles from home .
  • Student organization discount: many carriers even offer a discount rate to members of fraternities, sororities, and early national student organizations .
  • Volunteer discount: If you volunteer more than 40 hours per class, keep an eye out for this rebate adenine well .

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