Since Charlies lists “ loss of habit ” and some other charges individually, the specific areas are not covered under Charlies COLLISION in the case of an accident repairs. They are disclosing ( a good thing to know before hand ) that, so you know it. So it was probably better that this charge was compulsory, but since you did n’t have an accident- it did cost you more than precisely collision.

good rental car companies might cover “ loss of practice ”, “ diminished measure ”, etc. under the COLLISION indemnity they sell you, but their collision coverage might cost more ( or not ). You would have to ask for written proof ( verbal assurance not enough ) that “ LOU ”, “ DV ” are covered in the collision contract bought from a rental car company- or assume that they DO not cover these .

Some deficient rental car companies are known to gouge on accident repairs by not disclosing that “ LOV ”, “ DV ” are not covered by THEIR OWN insurance. If you do n’t buy their indemnity, they will besides try to gouge your primary credit card or personal car indemnity – if you have used those .

The liaison I posted above gives this information on credit circuit board coverage :

“ [ Rental car claims administrators in four different states told that Visa is the most will to pay up, followed by American Express. ”Visa for the most contribution pays our administration fees, while AmEx and MasterCard normally say no, ” says Shayne Ashton, general director and frailty president of PurCo Fleet Services in spanish Fork, Utah. ”They ‘re besides more bequeath to pay loss-of-use fees, although they use their own rule to calculate what they think they should pay. ” He and other administrators say AmEx has become more willing in holocene years to cover some of those extra fees, specially for customers who pay for their premium service. ] ”

besides :

What should I do if I ‘m placard for those fees ?

begin by asking the rental car company if it would be volition to waive the fees. Rental car claims administrators sometimes agree to drop some charges if they ‘ve been paid for everything else. then go to your insurance company and credit card company, emphasizing what a good customer you ‘ve been. ”If you put adequate pressure on them, ” Weinberg says, ”they ‘ll normally pay out in the end. ”

so should I get the rental car indemnity or not ?

As constantly, you will have to weigh the risks and benefits. Despite the many exceptions and exclusions, it is possible to get full coverage through your personal car indemnity and credit card, but you ‘ll need to choose your card carefully, read the fine print and be volition to fight for coverage of any fees. But if all you want is peace of mind, and you do n’t mind the expense, the rental car company CDW/LDW coverage may be the way to go .

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