September 20, 2021 Mexico is filled with fun attractions and batch of things to do for all kinds of travelers. It ’ s no surprise that this country attracts about 100 million tourists every single year. travel by car is unarguably the best way to see the best of what this country has to offer. Check out our insightful usher to car rental insurance in Mexico before setting off !
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Pristine sandy beach in Cancun, Mexico. Insightful guide to car rental insurance in Mexico will help you discover this country by car.Pristine beach in Cancun. Check out our Mexico road trip travel guide.

How To Rent A Car In Mexico

For the most part, renting a car in Mexico is precisely the like as in the United States. You will need the following items to rent a car in Mexico:

  • Major credit card under your name
  • Driver’s license issued at least a year before the start of the rental period
  • Valid passport

note that there are coarse excess car lease fees that can be added to your lease bill. These include a premium location overcharge, chiefly for airport pick-ups and drop-offs, a young driver fee, or a deep cliff fee .
Most rental companies will require a security situate before handing over the keys. The deposit is normally taken from the credit batting order used when booking your rental cable car. While some local anesthetic companies may allow you to cover the deposition via debit wag, it is not park practice .

Rentalmoose insider tip : Booking using local currency may save you from overpaying for bad conversion rates .

Your US Insurance Is (Probably) Not Valid In Mexico

This is indeed quite a bummer. many credit rating wag plans come with lease car insurance ( more information here ). however, most providers don ’ thyroxine prolong this coverage south of the United States .
Credit Card coverage will not be accepted in Mexico. Purchasing extra coverage in Mexico is the best way to go .
note that this will besides apply to travelers who drive their own vehicles into Mexico. Most uranium car insurance plans are not valid in Mexico .

Mandatory Car Rental Insurance in Mexico

merely like the United States, Mexico has two types of car rental insurance- collision damage and liability. however, this is where the similarities between rental cars in the US and Mexico check. here ’ sulfur why .
Personal Liability Insurance, besides referred to as Third-Party Insurance, is mandatary when renting a car in Mexico. You can not rent a car without this coverage .
Although this is the only obligatory type of policy, it ’ s not always enough. In fact, it ’ south highly recommended to opt for extra coverage. You can besides learn more about rental car policy in early countries in this template .

Personal Liability Insurance- Why It May Not Be Enough

As the name suggests, Personal Liability Insurance ( a.k.a. Third Party Insurance ) covers personal injury claims and material damage done only to the other driver.
That ’ mho right, this basic coverage does not protect the renter or the rental car in any way. If you do happen to have a collision in your rental car without any extra coverage, you will need to pay for the damages out of your own pocket. The bill can promptly round up to tens of thousands of dollars .
Be sure to double-check the limit on your basic coverage before driving off. In most cases, basic liability insurance will only cover you up to 50 000 dominican peso, or $ 3800. Anything above that will need to be paid by the tenant .
While we sincerely hope that you ’ ll never need lease cable car policy, it ’ randomness always best to come prepared .
magical Día de los Muertos celebrations  in Mexico. The best way to discover Mexico is by car. Learn all about mexico car rental insurance.

Additional Rental Car Insurance in Mexico Explained

Be indisputable to check out the section below to avoid overpaying for what may seem like a great deal, at least at first. Avoid any misunderstandings and ensure that you have the exact coverage you want .
If you choose to buy extra policy outside of your rental company, double-check whether it ’ south accepted. Some local companies won ’ thymine accept insurance bought outside of their company .
These are the different types of car rental insurance in Mexico. We ’ ll go over the details below .

  • Basic Car Rental Liability Insurance in Mexico
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance (SAI)
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW)
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

Basic Car Rental Liability Insurance in Mexico

You may be surprised to hear that basic liability insurance is included in your Mexico rental car. It ’ s a legal requirement for every lease caller to include the basic liability in the day rate .
Every rental car in Mexico comes with this basic indebtedness policy. That said, you should consider adding extra coverage. Check out the options below.

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SAI)

As you already know, basic liability insurance is obligatory in Mexico. That has to be good news, right ?
well, not precisely. many rental companies in Mexico will insist on purchasing SAI, or Supplemental Liability Insurance. This extend security may come in handy, as it typically increases the coverage from the 50 000 mexican peso included in your basic insurance. however, this extend coverage is not mandate .
Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget that it ’ south always cheaper to purchase extra coverage in gain. If you decide to add supernumerary indemnity at the rental desk, expect to pay a higher tip .

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW)

A Collision Damage Waiver, besides referred to as the Loss Damage Waiver, is not theoretically insurance. rather, it confirms that your rental company is uncoerced to waive some ( or all ) of the cost of price done to the rental car .
Some credit calling card plans may come with a CDW policy, at least in the US. note that most credit rating tease policy plans won ’ metric ton cultivate in Mexico. Double-check whether your provider offers extended indemnity in Mexico. If not, you may want to consider purchasing CDW .

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

This is the alone character of coverage that will protect you and other occupants in the rental car. For extra peace of mind, make certain you add PAI to your rental car quote. It will set you back under $ 10 per sidereal day .
personal Accident Insurance will cover the cost of treatment, conveyance to the hospital, etc. once again, we hope you ’ ll never actually have to use it .

What If You Decline Additional Car Insurance in Mexico

here comes another bummer. When you decline extra coverage offered by your supplier and can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate put up proof of having external protection, the party may ask you for a larger security deposit .
This may seem like a good way to avoid paying for rental car insurance in Mexico at foremost. In reality, however, the security deposit can cursorily become an enormous summarize .
This security sediment can easily surpass $ 2 500. Make surely to have proof of freestanding insurance plans, and double-check with the company before picking up your rental car .

Damaged Rental Car In Mexico

Fighting rental car damage claims can be catchy, no matter which country you ’ re in. This should not discourage you from renting a car in Mexico. Nonetheless, every renter should be aware of the local procedures .
You may have heard about international tourists going to Mexican jail after a cable car collision. While this could happen, many of these repugnance stories are quite overstate .
Yes, you could get detained after a car accident in Mexico. The police do have the right to detain you until money matters are settled ( this is where insurance comes in handy ) .
however, this only happens IF :

  • someone got injured during the car accident
  • police cannot determine who was at fault

note that the local anesthetic police can have your rental car towed and impounded, besides. While the chance of this happening on your Mexico vacation is highly low, it ’ sulfur better to be dependable than blue .

Bonus- Mexico Rental Car

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now that you ’ re all arrange, it ’ s time to continue planning your Mexico venture ! Check out some of our Mexican locomotion guides :
No topic which destination you pick, be sure to book a rental car. The quilt of being able to adjust your travel plan on the go can alone be achieved when traveling by car. A individual vehicle is besides a safe way to travel during the coronavirus pandemic .
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