Key Insights

  • Teen car insurance is one of the most expensive insurance policies in every state of our country.
  • Adding a teen driver can increase your policy premium to a huge amount.
  • There are a lot of different factors that affect the cost of car insurance for teen drivers and this is why the amount of car insurance can vary from person to person.
  • There are some ways and discounts you can try to get an affordable teen car insurance policy.
  • Teen drivers are not required to buy full coverage but are recommended for better coverage limits.

So your teenage son or daughter has just turned sixteen and is now asking for the car to their school. And you are afraid of the high insurance charges you’ll get. Well don’t worry, we have got your back! Our team of analysts and writers have worked together to create this well-researched blog to help you get cheap car insurance for new drivers in your city.
This web log is your detailed usher, make certain to read till the end and bookmark it to refer to belated besides. Our objective with this web log is to provide you with all the details you need to know about buying car policy for a adolescent driver. You will get the details of all the best companies deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the ways you can try to save more money .
We know the web log is a spot longer but it is worth it. After reading this blog you don ’ t have to refer to any early resource to know more. We have tried to cover all your doubts and confusion about adolescent car policy rates. happy reading !

Why adolescent drivers get higher insurance rates than any other driver ?

The first question that pops up in our head is ; why adolescent drivers get higher insurance rates ? As per the indemnity companies around the state ; adolescent drivers are much hazardous as compared to other experience drivers. Do you know every sidereal day about 6 adolescent drivers die in fatal road accidents ?

With the increasing number of road accidents due to adolescent drivers, policy companies have to pay huge claims every year. And this is the rationality they charge higher from the adolescent drivers .
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Cheapest car insurance ship’s company for parents with a adolescent driver

The major concern of every parent who is looking for an insurance policy for its adolescent driver is to find brassy car policy for teens. The first matter we all do when it comes to cable car insurance is to search for “ the cheapest car policy ship’s company for adolescent drivers ”. And then we either ask our family members or friends about their policy and at last, we make our decision .
But today, there are so many websites that are providing the rates from different car insurance companies in one topographic point. so rather of relying on the information from others ’ check different companies and compare the rates yourself .
According to our analysis ; GEICO has the cheapest car indemnity rates for adolescent drivers. The national average for car policy rates for adolescent drivers is $ 3180, while it is $ 2493 with GEICO. We besides have USAA as the brassy cable car policy company, but it is only for current and former military members .
Let ’ s have a look at the top car indemnity companies for adolescent drivers around the state :


  • GEICO is leading the race for the most affordable car insurance in the country. Even though the car insurance rate of the company is higher than the national average, it is still a lot cheaper than the other carriers.
  • The company provides an amazing discount for students with good grades as well as memberships to some organizations. 
  • Moreover, the company provides driver education and safety programs. The drivers who have completed driver training programs get discounted rates.
  • The average car insurance rate for full coverage by GEICO is $4211 for a 16 years old driver. While the average car insurance for a 19-year old for full coverage rate is $2487.


  • Nationwide is popular not for its cheaper car insurance for first-time drivers but the features of the policies. The company has some specific features to support teen and young drivers.
  • Students who have an average of grade B or higher can get a good student discount. Plus the company provides accident forgiveness for the first at-fault drivers. Hence if a young driver gets into an at-fault accident for the first time then the company will not increase the insurance rates.
  • The best part of Nationwide’s policy features is the SmartRide insurance measure for usage-based insurance. This for the drivers who have safe driving habits, they can save good money.
  • The average car insurance rate for full coverage by Nationwide is $5421 for a 16 years old driver. While for a 19 years old driver the average full coverage rate is $3462.


  • USAA provides the cheapest car insurance rates for all the states around the country. But the only problem is the services of the company are limited to current serving or retired military drivers or their family members.
  • Just like Nationwide; USAA also has a SafePilot program that provides custom rates for drivers with safe habits. The company uses telematics to record the driving habits and then create custom pricing for the driver’s policy. Plus the company provides a discount for teen drivers who have completed the driver training program.
  • The average car insurance rate for full coverage by USAA is $2356 for a 16 years old driver. On the other hand, for a 19 years old driver the average full coverage rate is $1839.


  • The Progressive auto insurance company is very much popular among teen drivers because of its smartphone app. The app provides 24/7 roadside assistance, helps in instant claim filing, and even changing the policy.
  • The company has special teen discounts for drivers between 16 years and 19 years old. Moreover, they provide an additional good student discount for an average grade point of B or higher. By combining all these types of discounts the teen drivers can get lower insurance rates as compared to the other companies.
  • The average car insurance for 16-year-old drivers for full coverage by Nationwide is $5725. While for a 19 years old driver the average full coverage rate is $3479.

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average cost of car policy for teens by coverage level

Wondering what coverage tied will be more suitable for the adolescent driver ?
confuse if you should go for wide coverage policy of the country ’ south minimal indemnity coverage for your adolescent ?
We can understand your site, every company has different advice for the parents and this results in more confusion. The best way to understand this is by taking examples .

When you need full coverage insurance for teen drivers

Let ’ s say you have a Mercedes Benz and you want to add your adolescent to your policy. then the best coverage for you will be full coverage ( collision and comprehensive coverage ). The major reason behind this is ; luxury or sports cars have expensive parts and the animate costs for these vehicles can be a moment expensive .
furthermore ; the actual cost value of these vehicles is besides high. As a consequence ; if the car gets totaled in an accident then replacing the car can dig a hole in your pouch. With full coverage insurance, you don ’ t have to worry about the repair or replacement of the car. The monetary value of wax coverage can be higher but it will be at least worth it .

When you should go for a minimum requirement insurance

Let ’ s say you have a basic second owner hatchback ; Honda Civic and you want to add your adolescent driver to your policy. You can constantly go for a minimal required coverage or liability coverage only .
The price of repair of the fomite is not going to be excessively much as the parts are not much expensive. Plus you can always replace the car on your own, the actual cost value of the car is not going to be besides much .
In this shell, buying fully coverage insurance will not be a ache decision. This is because the cost of the agio is going to be more than the measure of the cable car .

monetary value of adding a adolescent to your car policy policy

Confused if you should add your adolescent to your policy or you should buy a distinguish policy for him or her ?
We have a childlike solution for you, you can merely ask your company for the three different types of quotations .
Ask for car insurance quotes for parents without teenagers, with teenagers, and then a separate policy for your adolescent. You will get a net idea of how much you will have to pay in each case .
As per the analysis by RateForce, adding a adolescent driver to your policy is half ampere expensive as buying a offprint policy for the same adolescent driver. Hence adding your adolescent driver to your policy is a brassy alternative for you .
The average car policy rate for a adolescent driver for a offprint policy is $ 3865. On the other hand, the average cost of adding a adolescent driver to your existing policy will be $ 1690. This is about half of the individual policy for a adolescent driver .
On average, the annual cost of car policy for a rear without a adolescent is $ 2980. While the annual average car insurance price with a adolescent driver will be $ 5740. And if the parent wants to buy a branch policy then the annual modal cost will be $ 7530. This is the average deviation between the different cable car policy rates for different profiles .

difference between adolescent cable car policy and young driver car insurance

This is besides a identical important section to cover for all the parents and the adolescent and young drivers. Most parents get confused between adolescent car insurance and unseasoned driver car indemnity. They believe that both are the same. It is significant to understand that adolescent cable car indemnity is unlike from car indemnity for young drivers .
adolescent car insurance is for the teenagers that are legally eligible to drive ; drivers between 16 years and 19 years old. While young drivers are the ones between 21 years and 25 years of age .
With age the rate of cable car policy keeps decreasing, hence adolescent drivers get higher insurance rates than young drivers. Some national insurance companies still consider adolescent drivers and young drivers the same. It can be a bite expensive for youthful drivers and a morsel low-cost for adolescent drivers. So it is always better to make it authorize with your mailman. Before buying your policy, ask the insurance company about adolescent drivers and young drivers .
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Cheapest cable car policy for teens by state

Yes, you read it correctly. Car indemnity rates can vary a lot for different states, cities, and even localities. The area where the driver lives play a major function in the car policy price. A driver be in Hawaii might get lower insurance rates as compared to a driver in California. therefore it is important to check the car insurance rates for different states before buying your house .
indemnity companies check respective factors for each state to decide the insurance agio for the driver. These factors include the condition of the road, the climate type, and the crime rate of the state. The company then analyses all these factors and then decides what the indemnity rate will be for the driver. For example, if a state has high crime rates then the chances of car stealing are higher. Hence the company will provide higher policy quotes .
here is the list of crown states of our state along with the list of median car insurance rates for full coverage, basic premium, and minimal indebtedness. This tilt will help you to get a clear word picture of how the states can increase or decrease the insurance rates .

State Full Coverage Insurance Basic Premium Insurance State Minimum Liability Insurance
Alabama $4,305 $3,977 $2,811
Alaska $4,453 $4,009 $1,753
California $3,203 $3,153 $2,104
Colorado $4,708 $4,052 $2,654
Florida $5,619 $5,490 $2,318
Georgia $3,722 $3,182 $3,513
Illinois $3,150 $4,004 $2,592
Kentucky $5,615 $5,280 $4,673
Michigan $5,442 $4,761 $4,247
Missouri $3,213 $3,230 $3,073
New York $4,923 $3,837 $2,176
Texas $5,229 $4,250 $4,021
Washington $2,132 $1,950 $1,246

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Auto policy for teens by sex

car policy companies do not believe in sex equality when it comes to providing indemnity policy rates. The gender of the driver impacts a bunch on the car indemnity cost for any state, city, or area. On average, we can say that a male adolescent driver has to pay $ 380 extra american samoa compared to a female adolescent driver .
As per the insurance carriers around the nation, female drivers have much clean phonograph record and zero to one at-fault accident on record. On the other hand, male drivers have a high phone number of DUIs and at-fault accidents on their records. Plus they tend to cross the travel rapidly limit more as compared to female drivers .
As a consequence, indemnity companies find female drivers a lot safer customers than male drivers. On average, the female adolescent driver pays $ 3180 for minimal coverage, while a male driver pays $ 3975 for minimum coverage. Let ’ s see the breakdown of this to have a absolved visualize .

Auto insurance for male teenage drivers

Adding your son to your policy will be more expensive for you than adding a daughter to the same policy. The reason we have discussed above ; male adolescent drivers confront higher risks as compared to female adolescent drivers .
The average cable car insurance monetary value for a adolescent driver with a son is $ 1875. Again it varies for different companies. hence we have the below list of all the top insurance national companies that can provide adolescent cable car insurance to male drivers :

Auto insurance rates for female teenage drivers

Adding a daughter to your existing policy will besides increase your indemnity premium to a huge extent. But it might not be that much expensive for the drivers of the USA. Adding a adolescent daughter can increase your indemnity rates by $ 1098 annually. And this is much lower than the average policy cost for a male adolescent driver .
The reason behind this is ; as per insurance carriers around the area, female drivers are much safe as compared to male drivers. But these rates vary for different cable car insurance companies. Let ’ s have a attend at the top car insurance companies in our area and their rates for female adolescent drivers .

Auto Insurance Company Annual Car Insurance Premium
Farmers $2,144
GEICO $1,952
Allstate $2,343
Nationwide $1,727
Progressive $2,103
State Farm $1,905
Liberty Mutual $1,904
Amica $2,099
USAA $1,463

How to save on car indemnity for adolescent drivers ?

The high rates of car policy can be besides expensive for some drivers. specially when you have to add a adolescent driver to your policy. Hence we can understand that you must be searching for some ways to save some money. here are some ways you can try to get the cheapest car indemnity rates for adolescent drivers :

1. Get as many discounts as possible

The best part of getting adolescent car policy is you can apply for a student deduction. Every company has its terms and conditions for student discounts. But on average, the driver should have at least an modal of B grade or higher to get qualified .
early than student discounts there are several early types of indemnity that a driver can combine. Discount types like multiple vehicles deduction, homeowners discount, or dear driver discount. By combining two or more cable car insurance discounts you can lower the policy premium to a great level .

2. Shop around and compare the rates

Another direction to get lower car policy rates for adolescent drivers is to check the rates from different policy companies. You can shop around in your city and ask for quotations from different companies .
And then you just have to compare the rates from all these companies to check which one has the cheapest rates. By combining the rates you ’ ll get a better idea of how different companies charge for the same policy. Yes, each company can have a unlike rate for the lapp driver. The reason behind this is simple, each car insurance ship’s company follows a different method and algorithm to calculate the rates .
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3. Utilize the latest technologies

technology and the latest devices are playing a major character in deciding the cable car insurance rates for different drivers. Nowadays car policy carriers use telematics to yield data about the driving habits of the drivers. This datum is playing a major character in deciding if the driver belongs to the bad class or dependable category .
indemnity companies connect the car to either a beacon-like device or an app. This helps them to store the refer to the drive habits. Based on this data the indemnity carrier can provide you a custom-make indemnity rate. But it is important to keep in mind that if the company finds out that your driving habits are dangerous then the rates can besides increase. indeed make sure you have that confidence in your driving skills before opting for this exemplar .

4. Add a teen driver to the parent’s policy

The best way to get the cheapest cable car policy for fresh drivers is to add them to their rear ’ s policy. There are some perplex benefits of staying in your parent ’ sulfur policy. Most of the time ; the parents have established credit scores. Hence they already have lower car insurance rates. Plus you ’ ll besides get other discounts like multiple cars discounts and even good and experience driver discounts. so combining all these discounts your insurance rates can get decreased to about 60 percentage of your existing rates .
furthermore, if the parents have paid for the car then it is compulsory to get an insurance policy under the rear ’ second list. In most cases for adolescent drivers ; parents bought the car for them. therefore they have no other choice than to add their policy under their parent ’ s existing policy .

5. Avoid high-value cars for the teen drivers

Yes, we know your adolescent son or daughter is asking for that high valued luxury car. But the indemnity rate for that car can about be double that of any low-valued car. Or you might want to add your pull the leg of to the policy of your existing high-value car. Again this can impact your indemnity rates .
The best strategy here is to provide a lower-valued vehicle to your kid. The actual cost measure of that vehicle will be humble hence your policy company will provide lower indemnity rates for the car .

faq About the Cheapest Car Insurance for First-Time Drivers

1. Can my teenager drive my car if he or she is not listed on the policy?

No, you can not allow your kids to drive the cable car until their names have been added to the policy. Letting anyone drive your car regularly without informing the policy company is deceitful and the result of this can be badly. If the person gets into an accident then the party can deny the claim .

2. Do teens need to get full coverage car insurance?

No, adolescent drivers can drive legally with the submit ’ s minimum required coverage. But full coverage insurance is recommended for teens to avoid huge repair bills .

3. Why is car insurance for 18 years old so expensive?

adolescent drivers are the riskiest drivers for every insurance company. The reason behind this is ; as per the policy companies around the nation, adolescent drivers have the highest participation in huge road accidents. Plus they get involved in careless repel and DUIs .

4. Which is the best company to buy car insurance for 17 years old?

Giving the recognition to one company will be unfair to other companies. Because each party has its method acting to calculate the insurance price. And each company has a different coverage in their policy. Some might cover collisions at $ 1400 while some might cover merely the minimal prerequisite is $ 1500. But the top five car insurance companies for adolescent drivers are ; Allstate, Progressive, Erie, Nationwide, and USAA .

5. Is it better to add the teen drivers to the parent’s policy?

Adding a adolescent driver to a rear ’ randomness policy can be a smart decision. Buying a distinguish policy for adolescent drivers can be way besides much expensive and slightly unnecessary. If your policy company allows adding your kid to your policy then avoid buying for double rates .


We hope our blog has helped you understand everything you need to know about car policy for new drivers.

We understand that the car indemnity rates for drivers between 16 years and 19 years can be excessively much for a normal person. That is why we have tried to cover all the crucial details that can help you to save some money .
hush, have some doubts about buying car policy for adolescent drivers ? We have an technical team for you. Get in touch with us today and discuss all your queries .
Editorial Guidelines: The above is meant as general information to help you understand the different aspects of auto insurance. This information does not refer to any specific auto insurance policy. Coverages and other features vary between insurers, vary by state, and are not available in all states. References to costs of coverages/repair, average or typical premiums, amounts of losses, deductibles, etc., are indicative and may not apply to your situation. We encourage you to speak to our insurance representative and to read your policy contract to fully understand your coverages.

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