You can trust the integrity of our balanced, independent fiscal advice. We may, however, experience recompense from the issuers of some products mentioned in this article. Opinions are the writer ‘s alone. This message has not been provided by, reviewed, approved or endorsed by any advertiser, unless otherwise noted below. When you have a home and a car, getting policy is a requirement. Your insurance policy can help you avoid unmanageable costs if something happens to your family or car and you can ’ thyroxine afford to replace it. For a monthly premium, you can reduce your risk in the consequence something happens. however, paying policy premiums can feel expensive. One way to get a cheaper rate is to bundle your indemnity policies. If you buy a base and car indemnity bunch, you can receive a rebate of up to 10 % or more, depending on the company and other factors. If you ’ re trying to figure out if you can save money, here are the best home and car policy bundles .

Best Home and Auto Insurance Bundle Overview

Brand Best For Bundle Discount Amount
Progressive Loyal policyholders Average of 12%
Allstate Personal service Up to 10% off auto premiums; up to 25% off home premiums
Nationwide Discounts Up to 25%
State Farm Claims process Up to 15%
USAA Full service Up to 10%
Liberty Mutual A second chance N/A

Best Home and Auto Insurance Bundles

Choosing the best home and car indemnity bunch requires some shop around. Contact different insurers and compare coverage options angstrom well as costs. here are some of the best home and car indemnity bundles.

Progressive: Loyal Policyholders

One of the most celebrated companies is progressive, and they offer discounted home and car insurance bundles that can save you money. Progressive is known for providing quotes for early insurers arsenic well as offering quotes for their own policies. It ’ s a way to get a feel for what ’ sulfur available and possibly get a discount rate equally well. Pros:

  • Several discounts available
  • Integrated with Google Home, making it easy to ask for help
  • Injury protection for traveling pets


  • Premiums aren’t always the lowest
  • The bundle process can be a little cumbersome

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Allstate: Best for Personal Service

While other companies offer the hypothesis of bundling more than one type of policy, Allstate limits it to two policies. You might be able to add a third policy to your home and car bundle with early insurers, but Allstate won ’ metric ton leave you to bundle more than two policies and one of them has to be an car indemnity policy. however, tied so, Allstate by and large gets good marks for customer overhaul and is known for its personal refer. Pros:

  • Outstanding customer service
  • User-friendly website
  • Steep discounts lead to competitive rates


  • Can only bundle two policies, not three
  • Your phone number will be shared with local agents
  • Premiums can be higher than average

Nationwide: Best for Discounts

Another long-familiar company that offers home and car indemnity bundles is Nationwide. In fact, there ’ s a bunch of flexibility in the different discounts available. It ’ s possible to bundle other types of indemnity, including boat insurance, with car and home policies. Nationwide is besides known for its service, abject prices, and discounts, even though the company international relations and security network ’ t particularly known for good customer service. Pros:

  • Live agents to help with the process
  • Accident forgiveness
  • Additional bundling available, including pet insurance


  • The claims process can be difficult
  • Spotty customer service, depending on the representative

State Farm: Best Claims Process

One of the largest insurers in the area is State Farm. The ship’s company is besides known for its customer service and claims march. State Farm besides offers the ability to bundle base and car policy. In addition to offering a kind of discounts on separate car policies, State Farm besides offers bundling discounts. There are thousands of State Farm agents all over the state, and they offer major policies to meet a kind of needs. Pros:

  • Access to a large network of face-to-face agents
  • Robust website and mobile app
  • Variety of insurance products and bundling options


  • Rates are sometimes higher-than-average
  • Agents can vary, so shop around for an agent that fits your needs
  • Not all products are available in all states

USAA: Best Full-Service

For those who qualify for an account with USAA, this can be one of the best places to get a home and car insurance bundle. The recognition union is known for its good overhaul and wide range of products. In accession to providing discounted bundles, USAA members can besides take caution of other bank needs. The main downside to USAA is that membership is limited. You have to be a member of the military, a seasoned, or a military family member in order to join the credit union and access the coverage. Pros:

  • Competitive rates
  • Other banking needs are available with USAA
  • Good customer service


  • Must meet membership requirements to access USAA products
  • Must be active-duty military to get the best deals

Liberty Mutual: Best for a Second Chance

For those who have had disturb getting coverage in the by, Liberty Mutual can be a good choice. In addition to offering a range of policy policies, Liberty Mutual besides provides a dismiss if you bundle home and car indemnity. Realize, though, that evening with a home and car policy bundle deduction, the cost of policy coverage with Liberty Mutual can be higher. however, if it ’ sulfur difficult to get coverage elsewhere, Liberty Mutual might be your best option.


  • Available to those who have trouble getting coverage
  • Affinity discounts for certain groups of people
  • Easy-to-use website to manage all aspects of your policy


  • Customer service isn’t as robust as some others
  • Higher premiums for second-chance policies

Bonus Option #1: Policygenius

Shopping about at each of these companies for the best policy could take more time than you have to spend. alternatively, you can visit Policygenius and let this time-saving tool do the oeuvre for you. Policygenius can compare policies for home and car and even mix and match options to find the best bargain for you. According to Policygenius, customers using their avail have saved an average of $ 1,167 per year. Pros:

  • Quickly compare different options
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Mix and match options to customize your policy


  • You might have to complete your application with a third-party
  • Doesn’t offer all options for all the states

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Bonus Option #2: Young Alfred

young Alfred is an insurance comparison site that can help you view quotes from some of the top insurers in the nation, such as Progressive, Travelers, and Lemonade. You can compare many types of policy, including home and car policy bundles. One alone feature of speech of Young Alfred is its free risk report joyride. This instrument analyzes your property and tells you what the highest risks in your area are. For example, it might find that the most common issues in your neighborhood are related to mold price and burst pipes. This lets you save more money by customizing your policy coverage, paying only for the protection that you need. Pros:

  • Customize your insurance and only pay for what you need
  • Compare quotes from top insurers
  • Risk report tool


  • The detailed application can be long and require a lot of information
  • Online-only, so it’s not ideal for those who want to work with an agent

Should You Bundle Your Home and Auto Policies?

As you decide whether to bundle your home and car indemnity, its crucial to consider your personal needs and compare your options. hera are some of the questions to ask yourself before you decide whether or not to bundle .

Is It Really Cheaper?

The first doubt to consider is whether the best dwelling and car policy bundle is actually less expensive than getting two separate policies from different companies. In some cases, even with a discount rate, getting a bundle policy international relations and security network ’ metric ton besides the least expensive choice. Before deciding to bundle, it ’ south important to compare your options from versatile sources. number out how much it costs to get discriminate policies from different companies, then compare that to a pile package. You might find, in some cases, that bundling won ’ t actually save you money .

Do You Have a High-Risk Asset?

sometimes, you might have a hard time insuring an asset that ’ mho considered hazardous. It might be a motorbike or a gravy boat, or possibly you have a bad family. If you ’ re volition to bundle your policies, you can build a deeper kinship with an insurance company and potentially get the coverage you need. If you want motorcycle coverage, but you ’ re having a intemperate time getting it, getting a home and car insurance pack might give you an open. sometimes, it ’ s less about the cost and more about your long-run needs. It might be worth it to pay a little more for a pack in order to get a preference for higher-risk indemnity .

Is It More Convenient?

last, decide if it would be more commodious to have your policies bundled with one company. If there ’ s not a big dispute in price, it might be worth it to pay a little more to have one bill for your property insurance. Carefully consider your preferences and needs and what is likely to work best for your position. If a bunch streamlines your bills and your finances, helping you better manage your money, it might make feel to bundle .

How to Get the Best Deal on a Home and Auto Bundle

If you ’ rhenium looking for the best conduct on home and car bundles, it ’ s a thoroughly theme to shop around. Get quotes from several unlike companies. Depending on the aircraft carrier, you might besides be able to get extra discounts if you add more policies to the bundle, including life insurance or pet policy. start by asking about different options and discounts, and then compare what you can get elsewhere .


here are some of the most common questions about bundling your home and car policy .

How much do you save by bundling home and auto insurance?

When you bundle multiple policies with one company, you ’ re much offered a discount rate. A holocene analyze by InsuranceQuotes suggests that you might be able to save a fiddling more than 16 % when you combine home and car policy into a pile .

Which types of insurance can be bundled together?

This depends on your insurance company. Some companies will only allow you to bundle two types of coverage, normally base and car insurance, while others will allow larger bundles. Depending on the company, you might see evening bigger discounts by putting all your property and liability policy coverage under one roof.

What are the advantages of bundling insurance policies?

While the policy discounts are frequently one of the biggest reasons to bundle your indemnity policies, there are other advantages that might be available, including the convenience of having only one indemnity company, a simplified claims process, and your agent can better aid you figure out where you might have gaps .

How We Came Up with this List

We reviewed several insurance companies to find different policies likely to fit a variety of needs. We considered ease of use, customer avail, discounts, and other factors that could be applied to different circumstances. You ’ re probable to find a policy that fits your requirements on this list .

Final Thoughts

The best home and car insurance bunch is the one that allows you to accomplish your goals. calculate out what coverage you need, and comparison shop to see which companies offer you the best measure for your money even if the premium international relations and security network ’ t the lowest .

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