Cheapest liability auto insurance companies in Texas

If you ‘re looking for the cheapest cable car indemnity possible, you could buy a policy that entirely meets Texas minimal state of matter requirements for indebtedness policy. For minimum indebtedness, State Farm offers the cheapest rate in Texas at $450 per year. That ‘s 32 % cheaper than the average cost of minimal coverage in Texas, which is $ 666 per annum .
other bum options include USAA and Geico, though USAA is merely available to current and former military members and their families .
Cheapest car insurance companies in Texas

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Cheapest Texas auto insurance companies for minimum coverage


Annual rate

Monthly rate

State Farm $450 $38
Geico $603 $50
Dairyland $776 $65
Chubb $819 $68
Nationwide $873 $73
USAA* $477 $40

The median monthly cost of car policy in Texas is $ 56 per for a minimum indebtedness policy .
Minimum liability policies are bum, but they may not protect you much after an accident
For example, the bodily injury liability terminus ad quem for Texas policies is only $ 60,000 per accident, which may not cover the costs of injuries in a major crash. And minimum liability policies do n’t cover damage to your cable car, which falls under the comprehensive examination and collision policy included in a full coverage policy .

Cheapest full coverage auto insurance: State Farm

There is no unmarried definition of a full coverage policy, but the term normally refers to car insurance that includes comprehensive examination and collision policy. In Texas, the average annual cost of a entire coverage policy is $ 1,872. The cheapest policy companies for full coverage are the same as those for minimal indebtedness : USAA, Geico and State Farm .

  • State Farm: This is the cheapest insurer overall. A full coverage policy from State Farm costs an average of $1,094 per year.
  • USAA: Full coverage policies with USAA cost an average of $1,403 per year, though you must qualify for membership.
  • Geico: At $1,448 per year, Geico is still at least $789 per year cheaper than any other insurer but State Farm and USAA.

Full coverage policies can have huge variations in prices across insurers. For exemplify, Dairyland policies cost an average of $ 2,649 per class in Texas, about two and a half times vitamin a expensive as State Farm. The variation in prices means that when you look for quotes for a wax coverage policy, you should compare multiple companies .

Cheapest Texas auto insurance companies for full coverage


Annual rate

Monthly rate

State Farm $1,094 $91
Geico $1,448 $121
Chubb $2,237 $186
Nationwide $2,400 $200
Dairyland $2,649 $221
USAA* $1,403 $117

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