The amount you ‘ll save when buying a multi-car insurance policy varies by insurance company. We compared rates from the clear cable car indemnity companies and found that the best discount rate came from Geico, which offers a rescue of up to 25 % for insuring multiple vehicles with them. But we recommend getting several quotes, as a multi-car deduction is only one aspect of getting the best price on your car policy .

Which car insurance companies have the biggest multi-car discounts?

We surveyed nine top indemnity companies and found that they all offered a discount when you insure multiple cars. Some companies listed a particular discount share you ‘d receive when insuring more than one vehicle, while others just stated that a dismiss exists .
Of the companies who gave a specific dismiss percentage, Geico had the best savings : drivers will save up to 25 % by insuring their vehicles through the company. State Farm besides had a big multi-car deduction of 20 % off .

We besides found that insurance companies Allstate, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide and USAA offered multi-car discounts ; however, the insurers did n’t specify how much .
additionally, you should take these percentage discounts with a grain of salt, because the available discounts are n’t inevitably starting from the like foundation price .
Imagine Company A offers you a 30 % deduction from the base price of $ 400 per month on policy for two cars. meanwhile, Company B only offers you a 10 % discount rate, but its base price is $ 300 per month. In this case, Company B will have a lower effective price .

Base price (2 cars)

Percent discount

Net price

Company A $400/month 30% $280
Company B $300/month 10% $270

A multi-car rebate is not the only way to get a cheaper car insurance policy. You might besides be eligible for other discounts, like for full drive or customer commitment, that might make one insurance company a better cope than another. The only way to be certain you ‘re getting the cheapest price is to collect quotes from several indemnity companies and purchase the one that has the lowest cost .

Other benefits to a multi-car insurance policy

Another benefit of a multi-car indemnity policy is the ability to stack insurance coverages. For states where it ‘s available, stacking coverage allows you to take advantage of the total come of your coverage any meter .
For case, if you have two cars and choose to stack your $ 50,000 uninsured motorist ( UIM ) coverage, you efficaciously have a $ 100,000 UIM policy protecting you at all times — normally at a lower monetary value than a non-stacked policy with the same sum specify. The option to stack certain coverages varies by state of matter, but the most coarse options are UIM and personal injury protection ( PIP ) coverage.

Having a multi-car indemnity policy besides streamlines the march of paying for your insurance. You entirely have one recurring payment to make and one policy renewal date to keep track of. This benefit does n’t save you money directly, but it can save you time and attempt .

How does a multi-car insurance policy work?

For the most share, a multi-car policy policy works the lapp way as a policy with only one cable car on it. When you ‘re filling out the quotation form, you ‘ll provide information about the cars you own and who drives them. Some car policy companies ask who the primary driver is for each car, which is the primary fomite for each driver, or both. car insurance companies will mechanically apply any multi-vehicle discount to your quote as you apply for it .
Some coverages are shared by every driver on a policy, while others apply only to one vehicle. For example, liability coverage is shared by every vehicle ( and every driver ) on your policy. meanwhile, comprehensive and collision coverage can be set differently for every vehicle. This way, you can carry full protective covering on your brand-new Acura, without paying extra for coverage on your adolescent driver ‘s 15-year-old Toyota Camry .

Coverages shared among cars

Coverages set for each car

Liability (bodily injury and property damage) Comprehensive
PIP/Medpay Collision
Uninsured/underinsured motorist Emergency road service
Rental reimbursement

Who can I put on a multi-car insurance policy?

You can share a multi-car insurance policy with anyone you live with. This includes your spouse, children, other syndicate members and tied roommates. In fact, it ‘s a good estimate to list anyone on your policy who lives with you and may occasionally drive your car. If your roommate crashes your car and is n’t listed on your policy, you probably would n’t be able to make a claim to your car indemnity to cover the damage .

How to get the cheapest multi-car insurance quotes

If you good want to purchase multi-car indemnity deoxyadenosine monophosphate quickly as possible, you can simply call your policy agent or go on-line and add your new vehicle to your policy — it ‘ll only take a few minutes. however, buying a new car is an excellent time to shop around for multiple quotes from car insurance companies because they constantly change how they evaluate rates, and your current company may not offer the lowest price now that you have multiple cars .
car insurance companies have worked to make the march of getting quotes online easier, specially for multiple vehicles. But the action calm involves a lot of insistent data entry. You can speed up the work by collecting the following information ahead of time :

Information to have ready when getting a multi-car insurance policy

  • Car VIN numbers
  • Approximate weekly or yearly mileage for each vehicle
  • Who drives each car the most
  • Driver’s license and Social Security number for each driver

For longer numbers like VINs and driver ’ randomness license numbers, you can save even more time by recording them digitally and pasting them into the appropriate fields, preferably than transcribing them by hand .

How many cars can I insure on one insurance policy?

Every policy ship’s company we checked with allows you to insure multiple vehicles, but not every company will allow the same number of cars on an on-line quote. We found that Geico lets you add the most cars ( nine ) of any major insurance caller, but every company allows you to have at least four cars on your policy .


Maximum number of cars

Geico 9
Progressive 8
Farmers 5
Allstate 4
Liberty Mutual 4
Nationwide 4
State Farm 4
Travelers 4

If you need to insure 10 or more vehicles, you may be able to add extra cars to your policy by working with an agent immediately or by purchasing a commercial car indemnity policy .

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