Violations on your motor vehicle report, specially a DUI or multiple travel rapidly tickets, tell your insurance company that you ‘re more probable to have an accident than a driver with no violations. The more violations you have, the higher your risk to file a claim—resulting in car rate increases. evening a child moving misdemeanor could increase the cost of your car policy. Keep in beware that policy companies wo n’t increase your rate due to a non-moving violation like a parking ticket. If you ‘re wondering, “ Why is my car policy so high ? ” you may have experienced one or more of the factors below. While most of these factors are manageable, there are occasions when your pace could increase, or even decrease, for reasons beyond your control. even accidents that you did n’t cause can increase your rate in some states. merely like with violations, at-fault accidents on your drive record bespeak you ‘re at risk for another, and policy companies will price you accordingly. You may ask, will my insurance go up if I file a call for an accident that is n’t my mistake ? In some cases, yes—even accidents you did n’t cause can increase your rate in states that allow it, as insurers have data revealing that some drivers have a leaning for not-at-fault accidents.

Comprehensive claims

Depending on your insurance company and the express where you live, your rate may increase for incidents out of your control condition. These incidents are called comprehensive claims and include larceny and vandalism, hitting an animal, ardor, glass breakage ( including a crack windshield ), hail/weather-related damage, and early acts of nature .

Adding vehicles and drivers

If you purchase a more expensive cable car, your rate is probable to go up a your new ride may be more probably to be stolen and cost more to repair or replace than your previous fomite. Adding new drivers to your existing policy could besides drive up your price—especially teenagers or other family members with inadequate drive records .

Claims in your area

equally unfair as it may seem, you may see an car rate addition due to policy data in your nothing code. If your city has a high rate of larceny, accident, and weather-related claims, it becomes riskier for an policy company to cover drivers in your sphere. That risk can lead to an car indemnity price addition, evening if you have a perfect drive criminal record .


Changing the cover where your cable car is “ garaged ” ( kept overnight ) is a rare case where your rate could increase mid-policy without making changes to your coverages, vehicles, or covered drivers. If you ‘re moving out of state, you ‘ll require a modern policy. however, if you ‘re remaining in the same state, your rate could go up based on claims in your new zip up code .

Changes to your insurance score

If your indemnity sexual conquest changes, there ‘s a possibility your rate will excessively. A few states prohibit insurers from using your recognition score to determine your rate. Most insurers have data showing a link between credit history and your odds of filing a claim .


While aged discounts may be available depending on your insurance company and country, your rate could increase once you reach the senesce of 60. From a risk position, insurance companies frequently view elder drivers in the same way as adolescent drivers.

Learn more about how your long time can impact your indemnity rate .

Lapse in insurance

If you ‘re looking to reinstate a policy or start a new one and are coming off a period of being uninsured, you ‘re often going to pay more for indemnity .

Loss of discounts

If you were earning discounts for having no tickets or accidents on your drive record, your car rate increase will be double. not only will you be charged for the violation and accident, but you ‘ll besides lose any consociate discounts. other coarse discounts you could lose if your position changes include ones for being a homeowner, going paperless, and having more than one product insured with the same company .

If you ‘ve lost a dismiss, there are calm other ways to lower your policy ‘s rate. Check out early tips on how to get bum car insurance.

Why did my car insurance go up after renewal?

tied drivers with a blank phonograph record might see an increase in their policy renewal price. As mentioned above, car rate increases are sometimes based on factors out of your master, such as claims in your slide fastener code. Or, if you ‘ve added a raw driver or fomite to your policy, your rate could besides increase at reclamation time .

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