Maruti Alto 800 Summary

Maruti Alto 800 is a roomy and convenient car. This 5-seater car delivers a mileage up to 31.59 km/kg with an locomotive capacitance of 796 milliliter. It is available with a manual transmittance and has a kick distance of 177 litres. It has dual front man airbags, Anti-lock brake organization, Child-safety locks, Remote keyless entry etc. It is offered in 6 different colors .

Maruti Alto 800 Car Insurance

Third party policy cover is a statutory requirement for every car owner as per Indian Motor Tariff. It covers you from losses and damages which are caused to a third party from your car. Owners not holding this brood have to pay a finely of Rs. 2,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months can be imposed on you .

Types of Car Insurance Plans

The succeed are the types of car insurance plans which can be opted by you :

  1. Third Party Cover – It is an essential and a mandatory insurance policy in motor insurance.It covers the expenses that are incurred by the car owner from a loss or damage caused by his car resulting in third party bodily injury, death/disability. It also offers coverage for damage to third party property and the limit is up to Rs. 7.5 lakh.
  2. Standalone Own-Damage Cover – This insurance plan provides coverage to your car from theft, accidental events or any damage/ loss due to fire. Various add-ons can be availed by you along with this cover.
  3. Comprehensive Cover – This policy offers an extensive coverage to both third party liabilities and own-damage. One can also opt for various add-ons along with the comprehensive cover such as Zero depreciation, NCB protection etc.

How to Buy Insurance for Maruti Alto 800 From InsuranceDekho

Get the best cable car policy plans at InsuranceDekho. All you have to do is follow the downstairs steps :

Step 1 : Visit the official web site InsuranceDekho

Step 2 : In the “ Get Your Quote ” section, enter your car ’ south number.

Step 3 : then you have to enter your name and mobile number to get car insurance quotes

Step 4 : Select a car insurance quotation mark based on your budget and necessity

Step 5 : once the requital is made for your choose insurance plan, you will get its policy document via electronic mail .

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Car Insurance Claim Process

Cashless Car Insurance Process

The cashless cable car policy summons gets your cable car repaired exempt of cost at your insurance company ’ south network garage and makes the insurance company to settle your compensate expenses. here is the cashless car policy call process for your Alto 800 car :

  • Inform your insurance company immediately after an accident or mishap by contacting the customer care team of your insurer or through their website or mobile app, if available.
  • Tell the police about the event in detail and lodge an FIR, mainly in case of accident, theft, etc.
  • Click some photos of damages sustained by your car, your bodily injuries, etc., after the accident to keep them as valid proof during the claim settlement.
  • Take your car to the nearest network garage for cashless repairs. You can contact your insurer to arrange towing facility if your car could not move.
  • After your car reaches the garage, your insurer will send a surveyor to assess the extent of damages sustained by your car. Here you will have to show all the relevant documents like car registration certificate, driving license, FIR, etc., to the surveyor.
  • The surveyor will prepare and submit a claim report stating the estimate of the claim amount. Based on the documents and surveyor’s report, your insurer will approve or reject your claim.
  • If the insurance company gives approval, the network garage will start repairing your car. Once the repair is completed, your insurer will settle the repair bills directly with the garage.

Reimbursement Car Insurance Process

With the reimbursement claim process, you will have to pay for the compensate bills initially and then your insurance company will reimburse it. here is the reimbursement car insurance claim summons for your Alto 800 car :

  • Intimate your insurance company about the incident and register your claim.
  • Take your insured car to any garage or workshop of your choice to get it repaired.
  • The surveyor of your insurance company will visit the garage to access the damages.
  • A claim estimate report will be prepared and submitted to your insurance company by the surveyor.
  • The garage will start repairing your damaged car and you will have to pay the generated repair bill.
  • Submit the original bills of repair issued by the garage and other relevant documents to your insurer with a claim form.
  • The insurance company will examine your repair bills and claim form and then will reimburse your repair cost.

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