Factors That Affect Four Wheeler Insurance Premium

thus, you have finally bought your dream car. You have insured it equally well. You finally drive your cable car down to your function to share this pleasant news with your colleagues and friends. Just then a friend of yours asks you about the premium you pay every calendar month. And when you share, he reveals that his premiums are relatively lesser in monetary value. Both of you have bought a car at exchangeable times but you end up wondering how the remainder in premiums stems in the first place .
It ’ second simple. car indemnity prices are not generic. mean, indemnity companies do not offer a one-size-fits-all policy to their customers. A lot of factors go into retainer that directly affect or influence how much you pay as a premium for your car ’ sulfur policy .
To give you a quick mind, here are some of the most big factors considered.

Car Type

The do and manufacturer of your car are important factors that affect your car indemnity premium. Car policy companies maintain a discriminate composition of claim ratios of divers cable car manufacturers and their models. This is a all-important divisor as cable car models with more claims ratio normally tend to have higher premiums .
besides, high-end and luxury cars have a importantly high four cyclist insurance premium when compared to their mid-range and low-end counterparts .
apart from this, your car ’ mho fuel type and accessories ( or modifications ) besides affect your bounty rates. Your policy premium is likely to be higher if your car runs on diesel or CNG. equally far as modifications are concerned, they are by and large not included in an indemnity policy. And you would end up paying more if you intend to insure them ampere well. This includes spoilers, rails, paint job and more .

Insured Declared Value

Your cable car has a market value set by your insurance company. This is called an Insured Declared Value or IDV. Due to the regular clothing and rip of spare parts and your car caused by ageing, your car loses its market rate with the enactment of time. This in-turn reduces your car ’ south IDV .
This IDV has a direct influence on your four cyclist indemnity premium. The more your car ’ mho IDV, the higher the policy bounty .
The general formula to determine your car ’ randomness IDV is this –
Insured Declared Value = your car manufacturer’s listed price or selling price – your car’s depreciation.

To the recipe, add the costs you incurred in getting car accessories to your car ’ mho sell monetary value if you have modified your car .
To help you understand better, here is a postpone that shows in contingent the depreciation share with deference to the addition in the car ’ s old age .

Car’s Age Depreciation %
< 6 Months 0
6 Months – 1 Year 5%
1 – 2 Years 10%
2 – 3 Years 15%
3 – 4 Years 25%
4 – 5 Years 35%
5 – 10 Years 40%
> 10 Years 50%

Location Of Registration/Zone

Where you live or buy a cable car vastly influences your four wheeler indemnity bounty. If you live in a zone or city with outstanding dealings, you are more likely to pay a higher agio. That ’ randomness why premiums tend to be higher in metropolitan and tier-2 cities, where traffic is normally high .

Type Of Coverage

The type of policy policy you have availed for your cable car has a steer affect on your insurance premium. If you have chosen a basic car policy policy like third-party policy, your agio will be low. And if you choose a comprehensive examination four wheeler policy with add-ons to ensure maximum risk coverage, you are bound to pay a higher agio .

Additional Covers

besides called add-ons, these are extra benefits you attribute to your car indemnity for utmost benefits. broadly, add-ons address specific and alone aspects of cable car protection that are not included in an policy policy. If you opt for engine defender, personal baggage protection, key and lock protection, 24/7 topographic point aid and more to your car insurance, your premium will be higher .

No Claims Bonus

A No Claims Bonus is besides known as an NCB. This is offered by your policy company as a reward for not availing an indemnity come for a specific period of time. Depending on your insurance company, this duration varies. This bonus only increases with the increase in the number of years you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate claimed any indemnity. And this bonus can fetch you discounts on your four wheeler insurance premium, thereby decreasing the price you pay every calendar month .
For case, if you don ’ triiodothyronine claim policy for two consecutive years, you are likely to get a discount of up to 25 % on your policy premium. To get an extensive idea about No Claims Bonus, check out the table below.

Claim-Free Years Discount
One 20%
Two Consecutive 25%
Three Consecutive 35%
Four Consecutive 40% * Terms and Conditions apply
Five Consecutive 50% * Terms and Conditions apply

Voluntary Excess

voluntary surfeit is when you step advancing to pay supernumerary for your car insurance to share a dowry of your car ’ mho risks. In voluntary excess, you voluntarily pay excess to your car policy policy so that when you have to make a claim, this come is deducted by your insurance company and the remaining amount of your claim is taken care of by your policy caller. This is otherwise called deductibles. For exemplify, let ’ s wear you buy car insurance on-line. When buying you have paid a voluntary overindulgence of Rs. 4500. now when the value of your claims is Rs. 9000. Your policy party will bear the half of the respect and you the early half. The benefit of availing a voluntary overindulgence is it allows you to get discounts on your cable car premiums. then, depending on this, your four cyclist policy bounty would be higher or lower. Depending on how much you have paid as an overindulgence voluntarily, you are eligible for a specific discount rate slab. The mesa below gives you a holistic opinion of this .

Voluntary Excess Discount
Rs. 2,500 20% discount on premium (up to Rs. 750)
Rs. 5,000 25% discount on premium (up to Rs. 1,500)
Rs. 7,500 30% discount on premium (up to Rs. 2,000)
Rs. 15,000 35% discount on premium (up to Rs. 2,500)

Anti-Theft Features

Anti-theft features include any security systems or digital locks installed for an total layer of your car ’ mho security system. When you have such accessories installed, your four cyclist policy premium is more likely to go down .

Special Discounts

There are several discounts which you can avail from your four wheeler insurance supplier. When you avail such discounts, your premiums are bound to reduce relatively. With Bajaj Allianz, you can avail the be discounts when you –

  • are associated with a recognized automobile association as a member
  • have anti-theft features and devices installed in your car
  • have opted for voluntary excess

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