The average price of wax coverage car insurance in Texas is $ 1,840, but in Corpus Christi, drivers tend to pay more, with an average agio of $ 1,903 per year. With many Texas drivers paying rates above the national average, it ‘s crucial to shop around for the cheapest car insurance. ready to shop car policy ? Start calculator Policygenius can help you compare car indemnity options and make the right field choice for your situation.

Key Takeaways

  • The cheapest car insurance company in Corpus Christi is Texas Farm Bureau at an average price of $ 1,108 per class
  • Germania Insurance has the lowest median pace for drivers with bad credit, at $ 2,251 per year
  • Drivers in Corpus Christi must carry a minimum of $ 30,000 bodily injury liability for each hurt person, $ 60,000 bodily wound liability per accident, and $ 25,000 for property damage indebtedness per accident

Cheapest car insurance companies in Corpus Christi, TX

many car insurance companies are available in Corpus Christi, but they may calculate car policy premiums differently. Car insurance companies use a serial of factors to calculate the price of your insurance premium. This can include the coverage you choose, any discounts that apply to your policy, your driver ’ s history, and how frequently you drive. Based on these factors and more, these are the cheapest car insurance companies in Corpus Christi. company average monetary value JD Power Rating Texas Farm Bureau $ 1,108 — Germania Insurance $ 1,139 — department of state farm $ 1,188 881 GEICO $ 1,358 871 USAA $ 1,488 890

Cheapest car insurance rates by ZIP code in Corpus Christi, TX

The level of crime in your neighborhood is a major component that insurers consider when pricing your insurance policy. Your car indemnity supplier will look at crime levels within your vicinity, such as for larceny and vandalism, and they may impact the cost of your car policy. Another major consideration is how weather can affect your area and, more specifically, your ZIP code. Lower-lying areas of Corpus Christi can be more susceptible to flooding, increasing the risk of damage to your vehicle. These are the modal rates of car insurance by ZIP code in Corpus Christi. ZIP code average price 78401 $ 1,918 78402 $ 1,879 78404 $ 1,891 78405 $ 1,892 78406 $ 1,880 78407 $ 1,919 78408 $ 1,902 78409 $ 1,879

Choosing the right car insurance company in Corpus Christi, TX

The average cost of car indemnity in Corpus Christi is $ 1,903, but the cost of your car policy can vary significantly when choosing a car insurance company for your policy. Corpus Christi drivers may want to consider particular types of car insurance coverage, like flood policy for the area ’ sulfur storms and hurricanes. Discounts are besides an crucial circumstance, with many companies offering signature dismiss programs, like Allstate ’ s Drivewise or Nationwide ’ s SmartRide programs. many providers besides offer extra features and add-ons, like wayside aid coverage and rental car reimbursement. If you need help, Policygenius can help you compare options and choose the correctly car insurance for your situation .

Car insurance rates for drivers with driving violations in Corpus Christi, TX

Your drive phonograph record is a significant component in determining the cost of your car indemnity policy. When a car indemnity ship’s company sees certain behaviors on your phonograph record, you are probable to face higher rates for your indemnity premium. For exemplar, getting a policy if you ’ ve had a DUI can cost over $ 5,300 when you choose Texas Farm Bureau for your car indemnity, while drivers with a hit-and-run on their read could pay over $ 2,300 with USAA. These are significant increases from the average cost of Corpus Christi indemnity, which is $ 1,903 per class. violation Texas Farm Bureau Germania Insurance country farm GEICO USAA At-fault accident $ 1,944 $ 1,589 $ 1,434 $ 2,163 $ 2,400

duet $ 5,329 $ 2,730 $ 1,949 $ 2,398 $ 2,371 Suspended license $ 1,997 $ 2,159 $ 1,692 $ 2,398 $ 2,199 open container $ 5,329 $ 1,221 $ 1,847 $ 2,398 $ 1,796 Expired adjustment $ 1,219 $ 1,221 $ 1,203 $ 1,610 $ 1,796 Driving without lights $ 1,219 $ 1,221 $ 1,203 $ 1,610 $ 1,796 not showing documents $ 1,219 $ 1,221 $ 1,203 $ 1,610 $ 1,796 Running a red unaccented $ 1,219 $ 1,221 $ 1,203 $ 1,610 $ 1,796

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with bad credit in Corpus Christi, TX

Drivers with bad credit rating typically pay more for car insurance. When you have bad citation, cable car insurance companies may worry that payments will not always be made on time. Drivers with excellent credit typically show a history of timely payments, which can help an insurance company feel confident that the person will pay the car insurance premiums. additionally, drivers with good credit are generally believed to have a lower likelihood of an accident and a leave claim. Insurers may fear that drivers with bad credit could engage in more dangerous behaviors, like speeding or being involved in an accident, therefore increasing risk to the insurance company. caller Rates for drivers with bad credit Germania Insurance $ 2,251 state farm $ 2,460 Auto Club Group $ 2,670 USAA $ 2,762 Texas Farm Bureau $ 2,763 fix to shop cable car indemnity ? Start calculator

Buying car insurance in Corpus Christi, TX

Texas is an at-fault submit, which means that the party causing the accident is creditworthy for paying the damages for both parties involved. Some states, known as no-fault states, may alone require you to pay for your own damages, but in Texas, you assume liability for all parties when you are the one determine at fault. According to Texas ’ Modified Comparative Negligence jurisprudence, imply parties may not seek compensation if they are found more than 51 % responsible for the accident. Drivers in Corpus Christi are required by law to purchase a minimum total of car policy. This includes 30/60/25 coverage, which requires :

  • $ 30,000 bodily injury liability for each injured person
  • $ 60,000 bodily wound liability per accident
  • $ 25,000 for property damage indebtedness per accident

however, it is constantly a good estimate to buy more than just the ask amount of indemnity to ensure you are not financially at gamble should you experience a major loss. Texas particularly struggles with drunkard drive and other heedless behaviors that can make Corpus Christi roads identical dangerous. adequate cable car indemnity can help protect you far more than minimal indebtedness coverage if you happen to be involved in a major accident .

How to get cheap car insurance in Corpus Christi, TX

There are respective ways to save money and lower the cost of your car insurance :

  • Discounts : gain car policy discounts when you have safety devices, drive safely, or have low mileage .
  • payment rewards : Your insurance company may reward you when you pay in full, renew your policy early, or enroll in paperless statements .
  • life style : There are frequently student and military discounts that can lower your premium .
  • multiple policies : Bundle your car and home insurance with the lapp provider .

Always be sure to shop and compare quotes from multiple providers, so you can be sure to find the best car policy at the cheapest price .

Frequently asked questions

Which car insurance company is cheapest in Corpus Christi?

Based on average rates, Texas Farm Bureau is the cheapest cable car policy party in Corpus Christi at $ 1,108 per year. however, the cheapest caller for you may be different based on your singular needs .

How much car insurance do I need in Corpus Christi?

Drivers must purchase a minimum come of car policy to drive in Corpus Christi, including $ 30,000 of bodily injury indebtedness for each hurt person, $ 60,000 of bodily injury liability per accident, and $ 25,000 for property damage liability per accident .

How much does Corpus Christi car insurance cost?

The average cost of cable car insurance in Corpus Christi is $ 1,903 per year, more expensive than the modal monetary value of car policy in Texas, which is $ 1,840 per year. however, car indemnity costs are based on a series of individualized factors, so it ’ south important to shop around .


Policygenius has analyzed car insurance rates provided by Quadrant Information Services for every ZIP code in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C. For wax coverage policies, the following coverage limits were used :

  • Bodily injury indebtedness : 50/100
  • property damage liability : $ 50,000
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist : 50/100
  • comprehensive : $ 500 deductible
  • collision : $ 500 deductible

In some cases, extra coverages were added where required by submit or insurance company.

Rates for overall modal rate, rates by ZIP code, and cheapest companies determined using averages for single drivers ages 30, 35, and 45. Our sample vehicle was a 2017 Toyota Camry LE repel 10,000 miles/year. Rates for driving violations and “ Poor ” recognition determined using average rates for a single male 30-year-old driver with a credit seduce under 578. Some carriers may be represented by affiliates or subsidiaries. Rates provided are a sample of costs. Your actual quotes may differ .

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