For a sample driver, GEICO offers the cheap car policy policies in the state of matter. however, your car policy rate depends on factors like driving history, coverage measure, old age and credit score. Travelers offers the most low-cost car indemnity plans for people looking for a entire coverage policy in Mississippi and drivers with a traffic slate. If you have a military background, USAA is the cheapest car indemnity supplier for you in Mississippi .iconribbon cheap car policy

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The Cheapest Car Insurance in Mississippi

Cheapest Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Mississippi

The most low-cost car insurance in Mississippi is a minimum indebtedness coverage policy. This meets the mandatary limits of the state. The cheapest minimum liability car indemnity coverage in Mississippi is offered by :

  • GEICO: $382 per year
  • Mississippi Farm Bureau: $410 per year

USAA is the most low-cost cable car indemnity option for military at roughly $ 296 per year but is only applicable to former and current members of the military. The ship’s company with the highest minimum coverage rates is Metlife, which costs $ 782 per year .

Cheapest Minimum Car Insurance in Mississippi
  • company per annum monthly
  • 1 .USAA $ 296 $ 25
  • 2 .GEICO $ 382 $ 32
  • 3. Mississippi Farm Bureau $ 410 $ 34
  • 4 .Nationwide $ 433 $ 36
  • 5 .State Farm $ 479 $ 40
  • 6 .Allstate $ 490 $ 41
  • 7 .Travelers $ 520 $ 43
  • 8 .Progressive $ 688 $ 57
  • 9 .MetLife $ 782 $ 65

These prices are merely estimates based on rates for an average Mississippi driver and should not be used to compare policy prices .Insurance Rates

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Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Mississippi

A full coverage policy offers better liability limits than a liability-only policy. The policy comes with comprehensive examination and collision coverage, which protects you from most road or off-road accidents. A full-coverage policy costs more due to the high limits and add protection. To find the best rates, you may need to compare car policy quotes from respective companies. Companies with the lowest average rates for broad coverage in Mississippi are :

  • Travelers: $879 per year
  • Mississippi Farm Bureau: $887 per year

USAA is the most low-cost choice at an median of $ 646 per year but is merely available for military members, veterans and their families. Progressive is the most expensive choice, costing $ 1,523 per class .

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Mississippi
  • company per annum monthly
  • 1 .USAA $ 646 $ 54
  • 2 .Travelers $ 879 $ 73
  • 3. Mississippi Farm Bureau $ 887 $ 74
  • 4 .GEICO $ 918 $ 77
  • 5 .State Farm $ 1,043 $ 87
  • 6 .Allstate $ 1,052 $ 88
  • 7 .Nationwide $ 1,077 $ 90
  • 8 .MetLife $ 1,515 $ 126
  • 9 .Progressive $ 1,523 $ 127

Your costs may be higher or lower than the prices listed. These figures are for a policy with comprehensive and collision indemnity with $ 100,000 bodily injury indebtedness coverage per person, $ 300,000 bodily wound liability coverage per accident and $ 100,000 property damage coverage per accident.

How to Compare Cheap Mississippi Car Insurance Quotes Online

Most indemnity companies in Mississippi allow customers to request quotes through their websites .

  • Determine the level of coverage you need before you start shopping to ensure that you remain consistent with your limits across all insurers. If you get a quote for $100,000 in bodily liability insurance per accident from Travelers, use the same number when getting quotes from other insurers.
  • Using the MoneyGeek price data can help you to identify the best insurance company websites to contact. Without entering personal information, you can get an estimate for an average driver through MoneyGeek’s car insurance calculator. However, there is a need for more details to get a personalized quote.
  • According to MoneyGeek, the most inexpensive companies in Mississippi that may be worth exploring first are USAA, GEICO and Mississippi Farm Bureau.

Auto Insurance Calculator

state Mississippi historic period 30-65 drive record clean credit score excellent Vehicle Type compact Vehicle year 2020 Liability Coverage state Min Comprehensive and Collision Insurance none sex female

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates

Click the section of the wheel in your price range to see options. humble end on average gamey end Click your prefer monetary value scope to see party options. Click an insurance company below to visit their reappraisal page or continue to your personalized quotation mark. company median annual Rates 1 .USAA $ 305 2 .GEICO $ 399 3. Mississippi Farm Bureau $ 400 4 .Nationwide $ 450

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With a DUI in Mississippi

Mississippi drivers with serious traffic violations, such as a DUI, will pay higher cable car indemnity premiums. On average, if you have a DUI, you will be charged an average of $ 1,953 per year compared to drivers with a fairly history who pay $ 1,112. The cheapest providers of full coverage car indemnity in Mississippi for drivers with a DUI are :

  • State Farm: $1,127 per year
  • Travelers: $1,378 per year

USAA is the second most low-cost option at roughly $ 1,138 per year but is merely offered to military members. In comparison, the most low-cost rates for drivers with clean records come from USAA and Travelers .

Average Car Insurance Rates With a DUI
  • party per annum monthly
  • 1 .State Farm $ 1,127 $ 94
  • 2 .USAA $ 1,138 $ 95
  • 3 .Travelers $ 1,378 $ 115
  • 4. Mississippi Farm Bureau $ 1,463 $ 122
  • 5 .Allstate $ 1,471 $ 123
  • 6 .Nationwide $ 1,781 $ 148
  • 7 .Progressive $ 2,149 $ 179
  • 8 .GEICO $ 2,926 $ 244
  • 9 .MetLife $ 3,330 $ 278

1,755 people died from 2009-2018 in alcohol-related car accidents in Mississippi. 1.4 % of drivers in Mississippi say they have driven after drinking besides much within the past 30 days .
The consequences of having a DUI in Mississippi could include up to 48 hours in imprison plus fines ranging from $ 250 to $ 1,000. however, the fiscal price could be higher due to legal expenses ampere well as higher cable car policy rates. The effects of a DUI could linger retentive after the legalities have been resolved, but that does not mean you can not find brassy car insurance with a DUI in Mississippi. To find low-cost insurance, you should talk with several Mississippi car insurance companies and get personalized quotes. Each company weighs the effects of a DUI differently, so shopping round could result in big savings.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Mississippi for Drivers With an At-Fault Accident

car indemnity costs in Mississippi are higher for people who have an at-fault accident on their record. They pay an average of $ 1,670 per year for a cable car indemnity policy. The most low-cost car indemnity companies in Mississippi for drivers with an at-fault accident are :

  • Travelers: $997 per year
  • Mississippi Farm Bureau: $1,139 per year

USAA is another cheaper option at an average cost of $ 888 per class, but merely military members and their families and veterans are eligible for its car policies .

Cheapest Car Insurance With an At-Fault Accident
  • ship’s company annually monthly
  • 1 .USAA $ 888 $ 74
  • 2.

    Travelers $ 997 $ 83

  • 3. Mississippi Farm Bureau $ 1,139 $ 95
  • 4 .State Farm $ 1,254 $ 105
  • 5 .Allstate $ 1,389 $ 116
  • 6 .Nationwide $ 1,497 $ 125
  • 7 .GEICO $ 1,574 $ 131
  • 8 .Progressive $ 2,662 $ 222
  • 9 .MetLife $ 3,636 $ 303

Speeding or distracted drive tickets can result in higher car policy rates because many Mississippi car indemnity companies see these drivers as a higher risk. The same holds true for drivers involved in accidents related to distracted drive. In 2018 in Mississippi, there were 597 accidents involving distracted drive. The effects of a accelerate or distracted driving tag may disappear promptly for first-time offenders but could last much longer for drivers with more than one of these tickets on their driving phonograph record. therefore, to find brassy car insurance with a ticket in Mississippi, address with several Mississippi cable car policy companies and get personalized quotes. Each company evaluates tickets differently, then having a number of quotes could help you find bum indemnity. Mississippi

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Mississippi for Drivers With Bad Credit

Mississippi drivers with poor recognition scores pay higher car indemnity rates than those with beneficial recognition scores. The average price for good scorers is $ 1,112 per year. Drivers with low scores pay an modal of $ 1,862. indemnity companies that offer the best broad coverage rates for drivers with poor credit scores in Mississippi are :

  • Nationwide: $1,389 per year
  • GEICO: $1,437 per year

USAA is the cheapest option at roughly $ 1,120 per year but is only offered to military personnel. To compare, the most low-cost companies for drivers with good credit scores are USAA and Travelers .

Average Car Insurance Rates for Drivers With Bad Credit
  • company annually monthly
  • 1 .USAA $ 1,120 $ 93
  • 2 .Nationwide $ 1,389 $ 116
  • 3 .GEICO $ 1,437 $ 120
  • 4 .Travelers $ 1,495 $ 125
  • 5. Mississippi Farm Bureau $ 1,520 $ 127
  • 6 .Allstate $ 1,688 $ 141
  • 7 .State Farm $ 2,003 $ 167
  • 8 .Progressive $ 2,574 $ 215
  • 9 .MetLife $ 2,801 $ 233

many Mississippi car indemnity companies utilize recognition scores in evaluating drivers who apply for car insurance quotes. The rule of hitchhike is, the higher the accredit score, the lower the hazard the driver will file a claim. In Mississippi, the average credit score is 667. Although a gloomy credit score can result in higher car insurance rates, this can be a impermanent situation. By working to raise your credit score – a mark of 700 or higher is considered a good score–you can take steps to reduce your cable car policy rates. Seeking out personalized quotes from several Mississippi car indemnity quotes can result in finding bum policy.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Mississippi for Seniors

elder drivers in Mississippi pay more for car policy than middle-aged drivers and young adults. While early drivers pay an average of $ 1,112 per year, aged drivers pay roughly $ 1,147 annually. The most low-cost companies for aged drivers in Mississippi are :

  • Mississippi Farm Bureau: $801 per year
  • State Farm: $1,017 per year

USAA is the cheapest choice for seniors at roughly $ 715 per class. however, it is merely available to military families. Although Travelers is the second bum for drivers with a clean drive read, Mississippi Farm Bureau offers lower rates for seniors. USAA is the cheap for both demographics .

Average Car Insurance Rates for Seniors
  • company annually monthly
  • 1 .USAA $ 715 $ 60
  • 2. Mississippi Farm Bureau $ 801 $ 67
  • 3 .State Farm $ 1,017 $ 85
  • 4 .GEICO $ 1,069 $ 89
  • 5 .Travelers $ 1,070 $ 89
  • 6 .Nationwide $ 1,090 $ 91
  • 7 .Allstate $ 1,100 $ 92
  • 8 .MetLife $ 1,343 $ 112
  • 9 .Progressive $ 1,683 $ 140

Although Mississippi does not have any drive restrictions for seniors, there is cause for their safety on the road. As senior drivers get older, their physical and mental capabilities may adversely affect their drive skills. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2017 there were 133 fatal traffic crashes involving drivers ages 65 and older. This could affect car insurance rates for seniors. To help seniors find the cheapest cable car indemnity in Mississippi, they should seek out personalized quotes based on their own individual circumstances from a count of Mississippi car insurance companies.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Mississippi for Young Drivers

Since young drivers have less have on the road, indemnity providers consider them riskier, so they pay more for car insurance. In Mississippi, a 16-year-old pays an average of $ 3,072 per class, while a 25-year-old pay $ 1,244 annually for a car insurance policy. MoneyGeek ’ south data shows that the bum car insurance companies on average for young drivers in the 16-25 class age range in Mississippi are Allstate and GEICO. For drivers 23 and over, GEICO is the better option .

Annual Car Insurance In Mississippi for Young Drivers

scroll for moreswipe icon

  • age average cost Cheapest ship’s company company monetary value
  • 16




  • 17




  • 18




  • 19




  • 20




  • 21




  • 22




  • 23




  • 24




  • 25




Mississippi has a graduated driver ‘s license course of study for teens, which base hit experts recommend to help teens gain driving experience under the safest conditions. Teens are notoriously expensive to insure because they are considered bad drivers, largely due to their miss of experience behind the wheel and their hotheaded behavior. When your child starts college, it ‘s a good estimate to call your policy ship’s company to inform them of any switch in live conditions or driving habits. besides, talk with your insurance company regarding available discounts for students who get good grades. While rates for both high school and college students can be lower for parents who add their teens to an existing family policy, the rates hush may go up given students are considered bad drivers.

Insurance Rate Information for Military Drivers and Veterans

If you are one of the more than 11,000 active-duty military personnel who live in Mississippi and you are deployed for a long period with your vehicle left unused at home, be surely to notify your insurance company and ask about discounts or whether you can suspend all or part of your coverage. If money is tight, you may want to cancel your coverage while you are aside. Mississippi jurisprudence does not allow an policy company to increase your rate if you canceled or did n’t renew your policy because you were called to active agent duty — american samoa long as your car was not used during the cancellation period. however, you will be responsible for the costs if your car is damaged or stolen in your absence, therefore be indisputable it is in a secure position. If you are a Mississippi resident temporarily deployed out of state, you can renew your license by mail. otherwise, you will have 90 days after discharge to renew your license upon your return to Mississippi. If you are a resident of another submit temporarily stationed in Mississippi, you and your syndicate can continue to drive with your license and registration from home .

Average Rates for Mississippi service members

male 25 years


50 years


female 25 years


50 years


Car Insurance in Mississippi: What You Need to Know

Everyone who drives in Mississippi needs to have liability indemnity or show another form of fiscal responsibility. If you ca n’t get an insurance company to cover you because of your driving history or risk profile, you can apply for insurance from the Mississippi Automobile Insurance Plan. The plan provides liability insurance to bad drivers who ca n’t get an indemnity policy on their own. To be eligible for the design, you must apply and certify that you have attempted to obtain policy during the past two months but could not get a policy. Assigned risk indemnity costs more, so try to get your own policy before resorting to the assigned risk pool .

Proof of Insurance in Mississippi

You are required to carry proof of indemnity in your car at all times. This can be a paper transcript or an electronic version of your insurance card on your fluid device. You risk a citation and fine if you have policy but ca n’t prove it. A patrol officer can not pull you over only to check your insurance wag, but he or she can ask for it if they pull you over for any other reason .

Minimum Liability Insurance Requirements in Mississippi

The minimum sum of liability coverage required to drive in Mississippi legally is :

  • $25,000 for injuries to one person
  • $50,000 for injuries per accident
  • $25,000 in property damage liability

Alternatives to Insurance in Mississippi

Most people choose to purchase a car insurance policy, but there are alternatives. You could buy a bond or make a $ 15,000 cash deposit with the state. however, if you ‘re at defect in an accident that costs more than your adhesiveness or cash deposit, you may still be liable for the difference .

How Much Coverage Do You Need in Mississippi?

The law sets the minimum come of indebtedness insurance you must have, but experts recommend getting liability coverage of $ 100,000 per injury and $ 300,000 per accident. Often, this may only cost a few more dollars per calendar month. early common types of car indemnity include :

  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage: This coverage could come in handy in a state like Mississippi, where such a high percentage of drivers are uninsured. It covers your medical expenses if you are in an accident and the person at fault is uninsured.
  • Collision/Comprehensive Coverage: If you have a new car with a loan, your lender will probably require you to have collision and comprehensive insurance.
  • Medical Coverage: If you don’t already have good health insurance, this could save you a lot of money if you’re injured in an accident.

If you decide you want a certain type of coverage, but the price tag seems excessively eminent, consider increasing your deductible. Talk with your indemnity agent about what is mighty for you.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Mississippi by City

car indemnity costs in Mississippi vary greatly depending on location in the department of state. Residents of some cities receive expensive car policy quotes due to a assortment of factors. For exemplar, the average cost of a full coverage car policy in the capital city of Jackson is $ 1,112 per year. If you live in a suburb, your cost may be cheaper. Click on your city to find the average car policy rates in your area .

Average Insurance Rate by City in Mississippi

coil for more

  • City annually monthly
  • 1 .Jackson $ 1,112 $ 93

FAQs About Car Insurance in Mississippi

When looking for car policy in Mississippi, you may have several questions about the costs and coverage limits. here are some answers that may help .

USAA has the lowest cable car indemnity rates in Mississippi. however, it is merely available to early and current members of the military. GEICO is the second most low-cost option .

car indemnity costs an average of $ 1,112 per year or about $ 92 per month .

Full coverage car indemnity in Mississippi refers to indebtedness coverage plus comprehensive and collision insurance that protects drivers against road accidents and off-road incidents that are car-related .

You can lower your cable car indemnity costs in Mississippi by avoiding major traffic violations like speeding tickets and DUIs. besides, improving your recognition grudge can help .

Compare Auto Insurance Rates

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