Shopping for car insurance in Ohio ? We ’ re here to help. Below is everything Ohio drivers need to know about insuring their cars, including information on car insurance discounts, license and insurance options, and Ohio ’ s minimal policy requirements .
The dear news for Ohio drivers is car insurance rates in the state tend to be quite low-cost, even for entire coverage policies. According to holocene data, Ohio is the fortieth most expensive state for car indemnity, meaning there aren ’ t many places in the state where you can get cheaper premiums. furthermore, Ohio car insurance rates are approximately 36 % lower than the national median across the United States .
Of course, your individual rate will vary, depending upon factors such as your senesce, drive read, city of mansion, and the type of vehicle you drive. still, in general, if you maintain a upstanding drive record, you should be able to find low-cost Ohio car policy .
Start comparing Ohio car insurance options and get multiple car policy quotes for your vehicle, or read the guide below to get you started on locating the cheapest ohio cable car indemnity.

Ohio Car Insurance Requirements

Skyline in Ohio where you can get cheap car insurance
It is illegal to drive any centrifugal fomite in Ohio without proof of indemnity. Each submit sets its own policy minimums, which you must meet to register your car. In Ohio, the minimums are :

  • $ 25,000 for injury or end to one person through Bodily Injury Liability
  • An extra $ 50,000 for two or more people ’ south injury or death per accident .
  • $ 25,000 per accident in Property Damage Liability

Uninsured motorist coverage, comprehensive examination coverage, checkup payments, and collision indemnity are not required in Ohio ; however, there are benefits to having these extra coverages for your vehicle. Check out our car insurance guides if you want to learn more about your options .
If you ’ re at fault in an accident, the cost of aesculapian bills or possible lawsuits is likely to exceed the minimum coverage levels mandated by police. Keep this in mind when you ’ re shopping for cable car insurance ; you may want to choose coverage that ’ sulfur greater than the minimum .
You can run into disturb if you only carry the minimum required liability indemnity because people who are injured or suffer property damage could come after your assets as compensation for injuries and damages caused. Driving with lone indebtedness insurance besides becomes debatable when you don ’ t have any protective covering for your own vehicle. If you ’ re at blame for an accident, your Ohio liability policy may cover all of the price to the other person ’ s car, but you ’ ra left creditworthy for damages to your own vehicle .
The only alternate to carrying Ohio car indemnity is to post collateral or obtain a security shackle, by doing one of the following :

  • depositing $ 30,000 through the state treasurer and obtaining a security from the DMV ,
  • showing that you have at least $ 60,000 in real estate fairness, or
  • by obtaining a $ 30,000 bond through a security or insurance caller .

Ohio Car Insurance Penalties

approximately 11 % percentage of Ohio drivers do not carry liability insurance. Ohio uses a random excerpt broadcast to check whether drivers have insurance. failure to insure your vehicle may lead to :

  • License suspensions, which last until you get policy for the first offense, one year for the second offense, and two years for the third gear offense and beyond
  • Loss of your license plates and registration, which comes with reinstatement fees of $ 100 for the inaugural offense, $ 300 for the moment offense, and $ 600 for the third base discourtesy and beyond
  • The requirement to file an SR-22 for 3-5 years after reinstatement to maintain your license, meaning you must select bad indemnity that is probable to be more costly
  • Impounding or forfeiture of your vehicle for 30-60 days .
  • The requirement that you pay, out of pocket, any judgments against you for price to others ’ property or injury to other people if you are in an accident and you do not carry insurance
  • Loss of your license until you pay any judgments you owe, adenine well as the possibility of a biennial security suspension if you ’ re at fault in an accident when driving without policy

Avoid these penalties by selecting an Ohio car indemnity policy that meets your needs. There are plenty of low-cost options, and you can find the cheapest company for your alone situation by taking a look at the Ohio car policy quotes below or just enter your zip code code below to find the best rates for you .

Cheapest Car Insurance for Teen Drivers in Ohio

adolescent drivers are known for having higher than average car insurance premiums because they don ’ t have enough feel on the road. thankfully there are car indemnity companies that offer brassy car indemnity for teens in Ohio .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Clearcover $ 113
Gainsco $ 119
elephant $ 133
SafeAuto $ 169
Liberty Mutual $ 171

Clearcover offers the most low-cost car indemnity for teens at $ 113/mo with Gainsco offering a alike rate of $ 119/mo. then bounty increase a bit more with Elephant Insurance ( $ 133/mo ) followed by another rate jump to $ 169/mo with SafeAuto. finally, Liberty Mutual rounds out the tilt with rates at $ 171/mo .
ultimately, the best manner to find cheap car indemnity for adolescent drivers in Ohio is to compare car policy rates. You can get started below, fair enter your zip up code and you ’ re 5 minutes aside from the most low-cost premiums available .

Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers in Ohio

Young pornographic drivers can expect to pay higher indemnity premiums than older adults, but less than younger teens. Despite paying more for indemnity in general, there are some companies that offer lower rates than young drivers in Ohio .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Gainsco $ 91
Clearcover $ 93
DirectGeneral $ 106
elephant $ 117
Liberty Mutual $ 128
SafeAuto $ 142

As seen in the postpone above, the car policy rates for youthful adult drivers in Ohio are slenderly lower than what is seen among teenagers. For exemplify, the monthly bounty at Gainsco is $ 28 lower for new adults compared to teens, and Clearcover ’ s monthly premiums are $ 20 lower .
Gainsco offers insurance averaging $ 91/mo, followed by Clearcover at $ 93/mo and direct Auto at $ 106/mo. Elephant ( $ 117/mo ), Liberty Mutual ( $ 128/mo ) and SafeAuto ( $ 142/mo ) round out the list .

Cheapest Car Insurance for Retired Drivers in Ohio

adjourn drivers tend to enjoy lower indemnity premiums than younger drivers, given their flush of experience on the road. But, keep in take care that some insurance companies will increase rates for retire drivers because they enter a high risk category due to long time. These 3 car indemnity companies offer the cheap car policy rates .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Liberty Mutual $ 51
Clearcover $ 60
DirectGeneral $ 64

At precisely $ 51 a month, Liberty Mutual policy is a steal for retire drivers, but rates at Clearcover ( $ 60/mo ) and DirectGeneral ( $ 64/mo ) are about as low .
To find the best rate for yourself as a adjourn driver, enter your zip up code below to compare indemnity rates from 60+ companies. It ’ sulfur easy !

Cheapest Car Insurance for Married Drivers in Ohio

Married drivers frequently pay less for car policy because they ’ ra seen as lower risk drivers compared to their non-married peers. Rates are besides often lower for marry couples because they can take advantage of discounts due to having multiple cars on their policy .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Liberty Mutual $ 53
Clearcover $ 54
Safeco $ 54
SafeAuto $ 69

The three cheapest insurance providers for married Ohioans all fall at just over $ 50 per calendar month with Liberty Mutual ( $ 53/mo ), Clearcover ( $ 54/mo ) and Saeco ( $ 54/mo ). SafeAuto averages a bit more at $ 69/mo .

Cheapest Car Insurance for Single Drivers in Ohio

Single drivers normally pay slightly higher premiums for car insurance than marry drivers – but that doesn ’ thymine mean they can ’ t fasten low-cost indemnity rates .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Safeco $ 60
nautical mile Auto $ 63
DirectGeneral $ 65
Liberty Mutual $ 67
Clearcover $ 71
Travelers $ 86
Kemper $ 92
nationally $ 92

Safeco offers the most low-cost rates at $ 60/mo. Next we have MileAuto averaging $ 63/mo, direct Auto at $ 65/mo and Liberty Mutual at $ 67/mo. Rates then jump into the $ 70 crop with Clearcover before steadily increasing until it hits the $ 90 range with Kemper and Nationwide both at $ 92/mo .

Cheapest Car Insurance for Men vs. Women in Ohio

Men tend to pay more for cable car insurance. The rule of hitchhike stands in Ohio where women pay, on average, fair $ 69/mo compared to men ’ south $ 75 monthly premium .

5 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Men in Ohio

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Gainsco $ 55
Safeco $ 59
DirectGeneral $ 68
Liberty Mutual $ 70
Clearcover $ 70

Gainsco and Safeco both offer monthly premiums under $ 60, making these rates significantly more low-cost than the average of $ 75 that men pay per calendar month for car insurance. Next you have conduct Auto at $ 68/mo, followed by Liberty Mutual and Clearcover both averaging $ 70/mo .

5 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Women in Ohio

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Gainsco $ 51
Safeco $ 58
mile Auto $ 61
Liberty Mutual $ 63
DirectGeneral $ 63

You ’ ll comment that car insurance for women is slenderly lower starting with Gainsco at $ 51/mo. Safeco then comes in at $ 58/mo followed by Mile Auto ( $ 61/mo ), Liberty Mutual ( $ 63/mo ) and target Auto ( $ 63/mo ) .

Cheapest Car Insurance for Ohio Drivers with Spotty Records

Man pulled over by police for driving infraction
If you have accidents or tickets on your drive read indemnity companies see you as a hazardous driver. How that will impact your indemnity rate depends on the company. Some are more lenient and might not even raise your rates if you have these on your criminal record, while you ’ ll see a major increase in your premiums with others .
That ’ randomness why you constantly want to compare car policy rates to ensure you ’ re paying the best rate potential without sacrificing quality coverage .

Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers with a Ticket on their Record

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Gainsco $ 50
mile Auto $ 58

DirectGeneral $ 70
Liberty Mutual $ 73
Clearcover $ 88

Gainsco offers average rates starting at $ 50/mo. Rates then increase steadily with Mile Auto ( $ 58/mo ), direct Auto ( $ 70/mo ) and Liberty Mutual ( $ 73/mo ). last, Clearcover rounds out the number at a monthly average bounty of $ 88 .

Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers with Multiple Tickets on their Record

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Gainsco $ 49
nautical mile Auto $ 69
DirectGeneral $ 71
Clearcover $ 85
Liberty Mutual $ 94

If you have multiple tickets on your record, you can expect to pay a snatch more for insurance – but that ’ s not always the event as you can see. Gainsco offers rates averaging $ 49/mo, which is actually a snatch less than what they charge drivers with one ticket. then you see nautical mile Auto at $ 69/mo, calculate Auto at $ 71/mo and Clearcover at $ 85/mo. Liberty Mutual rounds out the tilt with insurance premiums costing $ 94/mo .

Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers with an Accident on their Record

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Gainsco $ 57
mile Auto $ 61
Liberty Mutual $ 91
DirectGeneral $ 92
Clearcover $ 93

As with rates for drivers with multiple tickets, the premiums for those with an accident can vary greatly among different providers, ranging from $ 57 per calendar month at Gainsco to about double than Clearcover at $ 93 per month .

Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers with Multiple Accidents

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Gainsco $ 68
SafeAuto $ 109
Liberty Mutual $ 112
Clearcover $ 121

Gainsco is a clear achiever for drivers with multiple accidents, offering a premium of $ 68 per month, compared to rates of over $ 100 per month through other indemnity providers including SafeAuto ( $ 109/mo ), Liberty Mutual ( $ 112/mo ) and Clearcover ( $ 121/mo ) .

Cheapest Ohio State Minimum Coverage

Minimum indebtedness policy allows you to meet the department of state minimal requirements, per Ohio law. If you want minimum liability, it ’ sulfur important to understand that you might not have adequate coverage to pay for damages if you ’ re involved in an accident .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Safeco $ 36
Gainsco $ 42
mile Auto $ 44
Liberty Mutual $ 46
Clearcover $ 52
DirectGeneral $ 54
SafeAuto $ 73
Dairyland $ 74

Minimum liability policy rates in Ohio range from $ 36 per month at Safeco to $ 74 monthly at Dairyland. As you see rates more than double on our list of low-cost express minimum coverage, so be sure to do your research when comparing car insurance rates to find the best option for you .

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Ohio

If you want protection beyond the state minimum then full coverage is the option you need. You might besides be required to maintain full coverage car insurance if you have a lease or loan on your fomite .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Gainsco $ 83
Clearcover $ 83
DirectGeneral $ 85
Liberty Mutual $ 105
SafeAuto $ 123

For full coverage of your vehicle, Gainsco ( $ 83/mo ), Clearcover ( $ 83/mo ), and Direct General ( $ 85/mo ) offer the lowest rates all in the $ 80 compass. then rates increase to the $ 100 range with Liberty Mutual at $ 105/mo and SafeAuto at $ 123/mo .

The Best Rated Car Insurance Companies in Ohio

We have covered the cheapest ohio car indemnity companies in Ohio, based upon several factors including age, marital status, and drive record, but the cheapest insurance company isn ’ metric ton constantly the best .
other factors beyond price that can determine whether an car policy company is a solid choice are customer serve, consumer ratings, and the still of communicating with an agentive role .
Based upon these factors, some of the top Ohio car insurance companies are as follows :

  • Auto-Owners : Ranked 4.6 out of 5, Auto-Owners offers a full coverage premium that runs at $ 1,035 per year, on average. It is a little more dearly-won than the other exceed car insurances in Ohio, but it does rank high in customer gratification .
  • GEICO: A popular name in the car insurance diligence, Geico offers Ohio indemnity with a rank at 4.6 out of 5 points .
  • Erie: While Erie ranks a little lower than the above companies, at 4.4 out of 5 points, it does offer low-cost insurance .
  • State Farm: besides earning 4.4 out of 5 points, State Farm is among the best-rated car policy companies in Ohio .

The indemnity companies above besides score high on J.D. Power customer atonement rankings .
Ohio Auto Insurance Discounts 
To begin with, Ohio cable car insurance tends to be low-cost, but you can cut extra costs by taking advantage of car policy discounts. The specific discounts available to you will vary depending upon your policy ship’s company, but here are some coarse car indemnity discounts available for Ohio drivers :

  • good student discounts for full-time students who earn a 3.0 or higher grade point average
  • Discounts for going several years without filing a title or being a “ safe driver ”
  • Programs that require drivers install a device into their vehicle to detect safe drive behaviors, such as soft fail, which can lower rates
  • Discounts for paperless bill
  • Reduced rates for bundling dwelling and car insurance
  • Lower premiums for setting up automatic payments or paying in full

sometimes, Ohio car policy companies may offer discounts that they do not inevitably advertise. For this cause, it is never a badly idea to call your policy caller or local agent to see if there are any car policy discounts you qualify for but aren ’ t presently receiving. In some cases, you may simply have to ask .
The discounts for which you quality can change year-to-year. For exemplar, you may not have qualified for a condom drive rebate last year if you had a claim two years anterior, but this year, if three years have passed since your former claim, you may become eligible for a discount rate. With this possibility in mind, it is beneficial to call your policy ship’s company once a year to update your policy and determine if any new car policy discounts apply to your account .

Recent Ohio Car Insurance Rate Trends

car indemnity rates in Ohio have varied drastically over the death 5 years .

2017 $ 100
2018 $ 107
2019 $ 101
2020 $ 76
2021 $ 69

We ’ ve seen rates drop about 30 % from $ 101 in 2019 to $ 76 in 2020 and even more in 2021. This tendency is quite impressive considering the submit already ranks in the top ten for cheap states to get car indemnity .

Compare Car Insurance Rates by Ohio Cities

Map of Ohio where you can find cheap car insurance
Where you live can besides have a major impact on your car insurance rate. here ’ s a list of major cities in Ohio and the average monthly cable car insurance bounty .
Click on the name of each city in the table above to find detail breakdowns on all the factors that go into calculating your monthly premium. here, you ’ ll find all the information you need on how things like driving record, age, gender, fomite seduce and model, and more will affect how much you pay for car insurance in each vicinity .
And if you want to jump right in and see how much you ’ ll pay, just enter your ZIP code below and find your best rate in minutes !

Ohio Vehicle Registration Fees and Other Costs

If you ’ re in the commercialize for a newfangled or secondhand car, you ’ ll need to budget for more than just the vehicle ’ mho poser price. You ’ ll be on the overcharge for basic DMV fees like claim, license plate, and registration fees no count where and how you purchase your newly car, truck, or SUV, angstrom well as buying a modern car indemnity policy for your car. But some buyers will find themselves with extra fees such as sales tax, documentation fees, personal property tax, emissions and inspection fees, hybrid and electric vehicle fees, lien recording fees, and a skid of other costs .
Check out ’ s comprehensive vehicle costs breakdown to make sure you account for all the add fees you might be on the hook for when buying a car in Ohio .

Ohio Auto Insurance FAQs

What car insurance is required in Ohio?
Ohio law requires drivers to carry both Injury Liability Coverage and Property Damage Liability Coverage. The minimum requirements for indebtedness indemnity in Ohio are $ 25,000 per injury to one person in an accident, $ 50,000 to cover all people injured in any one accident, and $ 25,000 to cover property wrong or destruction in any one accident, put more simply, Ohio requires 25/50/25 liability coverage, at a minimum, for all drivers in the state .
How much is car insurance in Ohio?
fortunately for Ohio car owners, the state boasts some of the lowest car indemnity rates in the nation, which means that it ’ mho pretty easy to find cheap Ohio car indemnity quotes. The cost of minimal liability policy in Ohio averages $ 328 per month. Keep in mind that these rates can vary based upon the vehicle a person drives, the specific party they choose for Ohio car insurance, and their drive record .
What happens if you drive without car insurance in Ohio?
Ohio law requires drivers carry policy and show proof of indemnity when pulled over by a police enforcement officer. If you drive without policy, you can run into numerous legal and fiscal problems. For example, if you are in an accident and do not have indemnity coverage, you will be liable for paying any judgments against you for price to property or to cover checkup costs from injury. Your license will be suspended until you can pay off these judgments, and you may have a security suspension lasting two years or more .
Does Ohio require full coverage insurance?
Ohio police does not require full coverage insurance. It merely requires drivers to carry liability coverage for injury and property damage in the amounts of $ 25,000 per injury to any single person, $ 50,000 for injury in any unmarried accident, and $ 25,000 to cover place damage or destruction in an accident. While full moon coverage indemnity is not required in Ohio, the state does recommend that drivers consider carrying more than minimum liability indemnity because if they cause price that exceeds the rate of their minimum liability coverage, the person at-fault could be required to give up some of their assets to compensate the other party .
Can you get car insurance without a license in Ohio?

While you can get insurance without a license in Ohio, it is probable more dearly-won than if you have a license. not having a driver ’ south license can make you appear rather bad to Ohio indemnity companies, specially if you have had your license suspended due to an incident like a DUI or multiple traffic infractions. You may find that some insurance companies even refuse to cover you because you are excessively much of a risk .
All data referenced in this article comes from a combination of proprietary data — which is aggregated from millions of real customer quotes through — and extra data gathered in collaboration with Quadrant .

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