Pennsylvania drivers tend to pay about 5 % less than the national average for car insurance, but that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate average you can find bad savings. We ’ ve analyze millions of real-life quotes on to break down median costs, the best discounts, and ways you can save some dangerous cash on your monthly circular. Keep reading to see how much you should be paying for car insurance in Pennsylvania .
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How to Find Cheap Car Insurance in PA in 2022

woman driving down Pennsylvania road
If you ’ re a Pennsylvania driver, you might be wondering how to lower your cable car policy premium. With so many options available, finding a reliable policy supplier that offers low-cost rates can be challenging. But look no foster. We ’ ve put together a comprehensive guide featuring the most low-cost car policy companies in the submit careless of your personal drive history.

Whether you ’ re a new driver or retiree, unmarried, or married, or have a perfect or patched drive record, here are the cheapest car insurance companies you can turn to if you want to save on your agio .
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The Cheapest Car Insurance for PA Teens

A adolescent getting their driver ’ s license is an exciting milestone. unfortunately, it can come with a hefty price tag. policy companies often charge teens and their parents an increase pace to take on the risk of a newer driver. thankfully there are still low-cost options available to get your adolescent the coverage they need when getting out on the road .
hera ’ s a tilt of the cheapest policy companies for adolescent drivers in Pennsylvania .

Auto Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Clearcover $102
Plymouth Rock $160
Liberty Mutual $177
Direct Auto $184
Jupiter $185
Safe Auto $200

As you can see, there are enough of bang-up options out there to insure your adolescent driver. With Clearcover coming in at just $ 102 per month, they ’ re distinctly the most low-cost choice available. The rate jumps to $ 160/mo with Plymouth Rock, and steadily increases with the remaining companies on the list. SafeAuto rounds out this list at $ 200 which is about double over the price of Clearcover .

Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers in Pennsylvania

You ’ ll continue to see higher than modal car insurance rates until you turn 25. sol, young drivers 18-24 can expect to pay higher rates for car insurance, but less than in their adolescent years. typically young drivers will see higher insurance premiums, but with these low-cost options, you won ’ t have to worry about overpaying a a lot .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Clearcover $115
Answer Financial $116
Verti $134
Liberty Mutual $144
Direct Auto $160
Plymouth Rock $161
Good2Go $162
Safe Auto $164
Jupiter $202

a lot like the cheapest option for adolescent drivers, Clearcover offers the most low-cost rate for youthful drivers at fair $ 115/mo. While this is a slender bump in premium from adolescent driver coverage, the remainder is child and will still provide you with a comprehensive examination car insurance policy that won ’ thyroxine break the bank. Rates remain alike to Clearcover with Answer Financial at $ 116/mo .
then you begin to see rates increase with Verti ( $ 134/mo ) and Liberty Mutual ( $ 144/mo ). direct Auto, Plymouth Rock, Good2Go and Safe Auto range between $ 160/mo and $ 164/mo. last, Jupiter rounds out the number at a fiddling over $ 200/mo .
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Cheapest Policies for Retired Drivers in PA

once you hit retirement old age, you can enjoy your golden years without having to worry about oeuvre. But, if you ’ re still driving, cable car insurance is an expense you have to consider. While indemnity rates much creep up once you hit 65, with a bit of research, you can keep your rates abject. here ’ s a list of the cheapest car policy companies available to retirees in Pennsylvania .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Metromile $68
Liberty Mutual $71
Clearcover $73
Direct Auto $84
Plymouth Rock $102

While Metromile is a relatively raw provider, their advanced policy model allows drivers to pay by how a lot they drive. And with policies starting at just $ 68 per month, this is a big option for retirees who don ’ metric ton drive arsenic much as they once did. Liberty Mutual ( $ 71/mo ) comes in at a close second, followed by Clearcover ( $ 73/mo ). Rates jump more substantially with steer Auto at $ 84/mo and Plymouth Rock at $ 102/mo .

Most Affordable Car Insurance for Married Pennsylvanians

If you ’ ra married, you can look forward to great rates on your car indemnity. Check out these 8 low-cost options that can get you and your spouse the coverage you need without breaking the bank .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Clearcover $68
Good2Go $79
Liberty Mutual $81
Answer Financial $84
Metromile $85
Safe Auto $89
Plymouth Rock $101
Verti $109

With indeed many companies to choose from, you can ’ thyroxine go incorrectly with any of these options .
Those looking for the cheapest rate potential should surely consider Clearcover at $ 68/mo. Good2Go is the following most low-cost option at $ 79/mo, followed by Liberty Mutual ( $ 81/mo ), Answer Financial ( $ 84/mo ), Metromile ( $ 85/mo ) and safe Auto ( $ 89/mo ) .
Rates jump more significantly with the last two insurance companies on our list. Plymouth Rock averages $ 101/mo and Verti averages $ 109/mo .

Cheaper Car Insurance for PA Residents with Bad Driving Records

police officer writing a ticket
typically, if you have a history of car accidents or traffic violations you ’ ll see an increase in your monthly insurance premiums. hera ’ s a list of some companies that can offer you liability coverage at an low-cost rate—even with a few hiccups on your record .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Answer Financial $74
Safeco $79
Clearcover $89
Good2Go $90
Liberty Mutual $95
Direct Auto $100
CSAA $107
Metromile $108
Plymouth Rock $109
Safe Auto $112

overall these are antic options for Pennsylvania drivers who might not have the best tug read. These are all very reputable companies that offer their drivers maximal coverage ranging from Answer Financial at $ 74/mo to safe Auto at $ 112 per calendar month .

Top 5 Cheapest Companies for Drivers with 1 Ticket

equitable because you ’ ve recently been hit with a dealings trespass doesn ’ thyroxine average you need to overpay for your car indemnity. hera are the 5 brassy companies for Pennsylvania drivers with just a ticket on their record .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Clearcover $79
Good2Go $86
Liberty Mutual $90
Answer Financial $91
Metromile $93

Starting at just $ 79 per calendar month, Clearcover is once again the cheapest indemnity option in this category. The other companies on this list have rates that are similar in comparison. Rates top out with Metromile at $ 93/mo .

Top 5 Cheapest Companies for Drivers with Multiple Tickets

If you ’ ve had more than one ticket, you might be thinking there ’ s no way you ’ ll be able to find an low-cost policy supplier. however, that ’ s not true. There are enough of cheaper options available regardless of how many tickets you have on your record .
here ’ s a list of the 5 cheapest options available to drivers with multiple tickets .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Good2Go $82
Verti $93
Answer Financial $94
Clearcover $99
Liberty Mutual $105

Whether you ’ ra looking for thoroughly coverage for just $ 82 per calendar month, or you ’ re bequeath to extend your budget to $ 105 per month, you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go improper with any of these companies. Those looking for decent coverage at the lowest possible price could look into Good2Go. If you need a policy that ’ s a short more comprehensive, then Liberty Mutual could be your best count .

Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers with an Accident on their Record

much like having a ticket, having accidents on your record can besides raise your car policy rates if you ’ re not with the right company. here ’ s a list of reputable insurers that can provide you with the coverage you need careless of your accident history .

Top 5 Cheapest Companies for Drivers with 1 Accident

If you have an accident on your drive record you can however find highly low-cost rates for car indemnity in Pennsylvania. here ’ s a list of the companies that offer car insurance at the cheapest rates even if you ’ ve been in an accident .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Clearcover $93
Good2Go $104
Liberty Mutual $112
Metromile $122
Safe Auto $123

once again, Clearcover ( $ 93/mo ) comes in with the lowest rates available to Pennsylvania drivers looking for low-cost coverage. Those with one accident on their record could besides consider any of the other companies listed .

Top 5 Cheapest Companies for Drivers with Multiple Accidents

If you have a history of multiple recent accidents, you might think there ’ s no way to save on car policy, however, we ’ ve found the cheapest companies that can offer you low-cost coverage without having to overspend. here are the cheapest car insurance companies for drivers with multiple accidents in Pennsylvania .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Good2Go $89
Verti $109
Plymouth Rock $124
Safe Auto $143
Liberty Mutual $159

overall Good2Go is the most low-cost choice with premiums starting at just $ 89 per month. Rates increase steadily with the other companies on this tilt. Verti costs an extra $ 20/mo at $ 109/mo. future is Plymouth Rock at $ 124/mo. Rates for the final 2 companies on the list are safe Auto at $ 143/mo and Liberty Mutual at $ 159/mo .
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Cheapest Pennsylvania State Minimum Coverage

Everyone in Pennsylvania is required to carry minimum coverage indemnity. here ’ s the list of car indemnity companies providing the cheapest state minimum coverage .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Safeco $42
Answer Financial $61
Clearcover $62
Metromile $63
Liberty Mutual $64
Direct Auto $70
Good2Go $72
Plymouth Rock $75
Verti $78
Safe Auto $92

Safeco offers the most low-cost car indemnity coverage at $ 42/mo. adjacent you see rates jump about $ 20/mo with Answer Financial ( $ 61/mo ), Clearcover ( $ 62/mo ), Metromile ( $ 63/mo ) and Liberty Mutual ( $ 64/mo ). Rates then slenderly increase with direct Auto ( $ 70/mo ), Good2Go ( $ 72/mo ), Plymouth Rock ( $ 75/mo ) and Verti ( $ 78/mo ). Auto policy premiums are the highest with safe Auto at $ 92/mo .

The Best Rates for Full Coverage in PA

If you ’ re looking for more comprehensive coverage to protect you in the event of an accident, we recommend full coverage car indemnity. here ’ s a tilt of the cheapest full coverage options available in Pennsylvania .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Direct Auto $118
Plymouth Rock $124
Verti $138
Clearcover $142
Liberty Mutual $153
Metromile $156
Safe Auto $186

direct Auto offers the most low-cost rate for fully coverage cable car policy at precisely $ 118/mo. Plymouth Rock comes in next at $ 124/mo. The remaining options on this tilt of cheapest broad coverage car insurance are Verti ( $ 138/mo ), Clearcover ( $ 142/mo ), Liberty Mutual ( $ 153/mo ) and Metromile ( $ 156/mo ). The most expensive option is condom Auto at $ 186/mo .

Cheapest Companies for Men vs. Women

Rates are typically slenderly higher for men compared to women because men are more likely to engage in what ’ mho considered heedless driving behavior. This deviation in rates is more obtrusive when you ’ ra younger and becomes more nominal as you age. Regardless of gender, here are the cheapest car policy companies for both men and women in Pennsylvania .

Top 5 Cheapest Companies for Men in PA

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Safeco $77/mo
Answer Financial $80/mo
Clearcover $85/mo
Good2Go $86/mo
Liberty Mutual $90/mo

Safeco offers the most low-cost car policy rates at $ 77/mo. The remaining options on the list offer similar premiums with Safeco at $ 80/mo, Clearcover at $ 85/mo, Good2Go at $ 86/mo and Liberty Mutual at $ 90/mo. Any of these are bang-up low-cost options for men looking to save on their monthly premiums.

Top 5 Cheapest Companies for Women in PA

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Answer Financial $71/mo
Safeco $77/mo
Clearcover $87/mo
Good2Go $92/mo
Liberty Mutual $97/mo

Answer Financial offers the cheapest car insurance rates for women at $ 71/mo. As you can see the most low-cost rate for women is $ 6/mo less than that for men. Rates then increase slightly with Safeco at $ 77/mo. The deviation between the final 3 on the list is $ 10 with Clearcover at $ 87/mo, Good2Go at $ 92/mo and Liberty Mutual at $ 97/mo .

The Cheapest Cities in PA for Car Insurance

now that we ’ ve broken down the cheapest car policy rates by class, we ’ d like to take this opportunity to list the cheapest rates available for each city in Pennsylvania. While this tilt doesn ’ metric ton include every township in the submit, it does include the major cities .
By clicking on the name of each city, you can find a comprehensive dislocation of all the factors that will determine your monthly agio. These links will provide you with the information you need regarding how things like your repel record, senesce, gender and vehicle make and model can factor into how much you pay for your car policy in each city .
And if you want to jump good in and see how much you ’ ll give, plainly enter your ZIP code below and find your best rate in minutes !
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The Best Pennsylvania Car Insurance Companies in 2022

nowadays that we ’ ve gone over the most low-cost options for car policy in the great state of Pennsylvania, we ’ d like to take this opportunity to cover some of the the highest-rated companies that offer coverage in the submit .
According to studies conducted by respective on-line platforms including and these are the best car policy providers based on customer satisfaction scores and average rates .
Erie Insurance
Erie Insurance has an overall rate of 7.5 out of 10 .
Their coverage rat is 8.0 and their cost rating is 9.0
One of their main draw is their key signature Erie Rate Lock. This prevents premiums from increasing after a claim. aside from this advanced policy feature, they besides rank highly in customer satisfaction and offer broad standard coverage for all drivers. Their only drawback is they lack digital tools for their customers .
Nationwide Insurance
countrywide Insurance has an overall evaluation of 8.2 out of 10 .
Their coverage military rank is 9.0 and their cost evaluation is 7.0 .
Allstate has an average customer and claims gratification score of 851 out of 1,000 making them # 14 on the J.D. Power Pennsylvania Survey .
When you choose Allstate policy, you can take advantage of tons of beneficial programs like their safe Driving Bonus Check plan and their deductible Rewards. The Allstate Milewise program is besides available in Pennsylvania allowing you to pay based on how much you drive .
progressive Insurance has a customer and claims gratification score of 828 out of 1,000 making them come in # 9 on the J.D. Power Pennsylvania Survey .
This reputable indemnity party is known to deliver in the most important areas related to car indemnity including having a solid reputation, an expansive discount program, potent customer service, and reasonable pricing .

The Best Car Insurance Discounts in Pennsylvania

A man counting the money he saved on his car insurance
Consumers looking to save extra money on their premiums can do so through the many incentives policy companies offer. Some considerations that can help you get discounted rates include your driving history, the car you own, and your relationship with your policy company .
Discounts are normally granted to those who combine multiple policies, case good drive habits, or have an affiliation with certain employers or educational institutions partnered with the policy caller .
The adept news is Pennsylvania drivers of all experience levels and backgrounds can qualify for a broad range of savings. The major discounts offered by Pennsylvania insurers typically fall into one of three categories—policy discounts, driver discounts, and vehicle discounts .

Discount Qualification Savings Potential
Good Driver Discount Drivers with a clean record and no claims history save on insurance. 10-30%
Driver Education Discount Insurance companies are required by state law to provide a discount to older drivers who complete an approved defensive driving course. Drivers must be 50 years of age or older to qualify. 5-10%
Continuously Insured Discount This is for drivers who have been insured for 6 months or more 5-25%
Billing and Payment Discounts If you pay for your policy in full, set up automatic payments, pay online, or go paperless, you can save. 2-25%
Policy Bundling Discount Insuring multiple vehicles or getting different policy types (like home and auto) from the same company can earn you a discount. 1-12%
Good Student Discount Young drivers with a “B” average or higher are eligible for discounts. 5-20%
Usage Based Discount Some insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who monitor their driving habits with an electronic device attached to their car and/or smartphone. 1-30%
Safety Feature Discount Cars featuring multiple airbags, anti-lock brakes, daytime running lights, and other safety add-ons can save on car insurance. 2-30%
Anti-Theft System Discount Car alarms, LoJack, steering wheel locks, or other anti-theft features can make comprehensive coverage more affordable. 5-25%

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Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Laws

If you drive in Pennsylvania, you will need :

  • $15,000 in bodily injury liability per person and $30,000 per accident. If someone gets hurt in an accident, you’ll be legally liable for bodily injury liability, covering the costs of medical treatment and damages.
  • $5,000 in property damage liability, which pays for damage to someone else’s property in an accident you’re responsible for.

$5,000 in first-party medical expense benefits. These benefits can pay aesculapian bills for you and early people covered by the policy, no matter who ’ randomness responsible for the accident .

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in PA

If you allow your car policy to lapse for less than 31 days and don ’ triiodothyronine drive, you should be ticket. But if you go longer than that and continue to drive, you could be in trouble .
Driving without indemnity in Pennsylvania can result in your registration and license being suspended for three months. You can avoid this by paying a $ 500 civil penalty plus a restitution tip. If caught by the police without proper policy, you ’ ll be topic to a minimum $ 300 fine for driving without insurance .
With that said, it ’ sulfur authoritative to make certain you ’ re insured with the minimum coverage required to be a legal driver in the state .

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance FAQs

What car insurance is required in Pennsylvania? 
This is an crucial and common question. All Pennsylvanians will need up to $ 15,000 in bodily injury liability per person and $ 30,000 per accident. Pennsylvania drivers besides need to carry a minimal of $ 5,000 in property price liability. The concluding minimal coverage necessity is $ 5,000 in first-party medical expense benefits .
What happens if you drive without insurance in Pennsylvania?
Driving without policy in Pennsylvania can result in your registration and license being suspended for three months along with paying a $ 300+ tip. You can avoid this by paying a $ 500 civil penalty plus a restoration tip .
Does Pennsylvania require full coverage car insurance?

Pennsylvania police requires all Pennsylvania motor vehicle owners to maintain vehicle indebtedness policy ( fiscal province ) on a presently registered vehicle. Vehicle indebtedness insurance covers the property damage or injuries you may cause others in an accident. a long as you have this minimal coverage, you ’ ll be compliant with Pennsylvania law .
Can you get car insurance without a license in Pennsylvania? 
Getting car policy without a license in Pennsylvania can be ambitious, but thankfully it ’ s not impossible .

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