If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s usually not a good idea to talk to the other driver’s car insurance company; at the very least, take caution.

After a car accident, you may receive a margin call from the other driver ‘s indemnity caller, regardless of how clear it may be that the early driver was at fault for the crash. even in situations where you ‘re at fault, the other driver ‘s insurance ship’s company could hush contact you. Either way, you need to be careful with the information you provide to the other driver ‘s car policy company. Read on to learn more .

You Are Not Required to Speak With the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

Let ‘s quickly answer the question that the style of this article poses : No, you are not legally required to speak with the other insurance caller ‘s representative. Speaking to your own policy company after a car accident is a different fib, however .
now the question is whether you should speak with the early driver ‘s policy company. The suffice is less straightforward and will depend on the facts of your accident. generally speaking, you should n’t talk to the early indemnity company when there is the potential for anyone involved in the accident ( you, the other driver, a passenger ) making a claim for unplayful personal injuries. You besides should n’t speak with the other driver ‘s insurance company if you have a car accident lawyer or adjuster from your own insurance company who can speak on your behalf.

Having said that, in some situations, it may make sense to speak with the other indemnity company .

When Is it a Good Idea to Speak with the Other Insurance Company?

It may be a dependable idea to speak with the other insurance company in the rare exemplify where the other driver was clearly at mistake, but has either refused to speak with, or has lied to, their own insurance company. In that case, the other policy company may have no estimate who was at fault, and will probably not be mindful of the extent of your car accident injuries and/or your fomite damage. In those circumstances, if you do n’t speak with the other driver ‘s car policy ship’s company, it will be a long time before you get a settlement assay from the other indemnity ship’s company, if at all .
ideally, your lawyer or a representative from your own car policy company will talk to the early driver ‘s insurance company, but this is n’t always potential or practical, specially if it was a very minor accident. so communicating this data will sometimes fall on you. In these situations, you have to be careful what you say.

Tips When Talking with the Other Driver’s Car Insurance Company

first, constantly remember that the primary finish of the other driver ‘s cable car policy company is to pay out arsenic little money as possible. The company does not have your interests in thinker. It wants to find evidence that you were at fault for the accident, and that your damages or injuries are child ( or nonexistent ). so, you should n’t tell the insurance company that you feel fine or that your injuries are minor. even if you believe this is the event, some car accident injuries do n’t show up proper away, and minor injuries can turn out to be a lot more good than expected .
second gear, anything you say to the other driver ‘s car indemnity company can serve as a basis for refusing to pay you anything, or reducing the value of your claim .
Third, alone answer the question asked. Do not volunteer extra information or agree to have your statement recorded, whether it ‘s over the phone or in writing. The aim of a commemorate or written statement is to lock you into a certain adaptation of events, including the extent of your injuries or property wrong. however, what you know or feel can easily change barely days after the accident.

Fourth, do not guess or speculate as to what happened. If you do n’t know, it ‘s all right to tell the car policy party that .
finally, if you need to provide more than equitable basic, objective details about the accident ( beyond the date of the accident, where it occurred, names of any witnesses or the police military officer who prepared the police report ), ask to have your own car policy company ‘s adjuster on the line during the phone call. even better, just provide the detail information to your own car policy ‘s company ‘s adjuster and have your adjuster talk directly with the other driver ‘s insurance company. Getting aid from your car insurance ship’s company ‘s adjuster may help prevent you from incidentally saying the amiss thing, or saying more than you have to .
bottom line : If you ‘re confident that any injuries and damages are minor and it ‘s clear the early driver was at fault, you ‘re probably better off speaking with the other driver ‘s car policy company. however, never give them any reason to interview who was at defect, or the extent of your injuries or damages. If there ‘s even a small prospect you could have significant injuries or damages, or the doubt of who caused the accident is in quarrel, it ‘s credibly smart to not speak with the early driver ‘s insurance company without legal representation .

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