Maruti Eeco is an eight-seater MPV ( Multi-Purpose Vehicle ) launched by the indian car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki. The car was launched in January 2010 at the Auto Expo in Mumbai as an all-new five-door C segment broad family car with a 1200cc highly fuel-efficient locomotive. It is based on the Versa platform, and the tagline for the Eeco “ Happiness Family Size ” suits well due to its size and its 5-seater and 7-seater variants. Maruti Eeco has been touted by the party as a dual-use cable car as apart from family uses, it can besides be used for running businesses. From its launch in 2010, the Eeco has sold around 6.5 hundred thousand units and enjoys an 87 % market partake in the indian avant-garde segment. Currently, Eeco is available in 12 different variants. This flexibility of the car made it a popular attraction to consumers in India and is a testimony to the growing expertness of Maruti Suzuki in producing vehicles for the amerind commercialize .


Engine The Maruti Eeco is equipped with a mighty 1200cc, 1.2-litre BSVI compliant fuel engine that gives 16.11 km/l of fuel efficiency and delivers a torsion of 101Nm at 3000 revolutions per minute and 73 bhp of raw power at 6000 revolutions per minute. This four-cylinder engine was designed by Maruti engineers to provide fuel efficiency and meet the drive requirements of an indian driver. To keep the discharge degree and fuel consumption first gear, the engineers designed a hard-hitting injection system with optimize injectors to allow for better atomization. The locomotive is able to deliver baron and torsion due to its low friction design piston, rings, and gloomy syrupy engine oil.

Exteriors Maruti has designed its Eeco by combining the two greatest needs of any indian driver – size and functionality. The look is trendy and the body graphics give it a mod look. The 155/R13LT sized tubeless tyres give a smooth ride and give a solid clasp while driving in difficult indian roads besides. The dimensions of the fomite are ergonomically designed to give ample headroom and legroom to all the passengers and the slither doors give easy entrance and exit options to all passengers in the car tied on cramp indian roads. Interiors The Maruti Eeco is available in assorted fashionable shades, which gives a professional search to the vehicle. The inside of the vehicle is adorned with many convenience features such as a CNG conversion substitution, multi-trip meter, digital console, reclining seats, etc. The integrated headrests and the digital meter bunch help the driver to drive with ease and add to the overall consolation of the passengers. Safety The Maruti Eeco is ELV ( end of Life for Vehicles ) compliant, and it is among the first cars in the C-segment to be called ‘Green Cars ‘. The superior suspension allows the driver to drive safely even on pugnacious indian roads, and the turning radius of 4.5 meters allows greater driving quilt and handling. For its passenger base hit, the car is besides equipped with a driver and co-driver seat belt reminders, ABS with EBD, airbags, and a high-speed alert arrangement .

Premium for Maruti Eeco Car Insurance

The premium rates for any car policy are based on a number of factors, like its model random variable, the car makeup, the year of manufacture, and the policy company. Refer the table below for an calculate of the Maruti Eeco car insurance premium rate, IDV, and the monetary value of Zero Depreciation .

VARIANT Price of the Car IDV* Zero Depreciation (Add On)* Premium*
MARUTI EECO 5 STR ( 1196 two hundred ) Rs.3,81,000 Rs.2,61,983 Rs.1,441 Rs.12,544
Rs.2,59,200 Rs.1,426 Rs.13,543
MARUTI EECO 7 STR ( 1196 milliliter ) Rs.4,10,000 Rs.2,78,572 Rs.1,532 Rs.12,735

*The values are calculated on the basis of the city ( Delhi ) and year of registration ( 2020 ) .

Inclusions & Exclusions

When you purchase a car indemnity policy, you need to carefully read the inclusions and exclusions in the policy document. normally, car indemnity policies are of two major types : Third-party liability-only policy and the comprehensive examination package policy.

Inclusions Third-party liability only policy:

  • Under this policy, any damage done to the third person or to his property due to the insured vehicle is covered.

Comprehensive package policy: Any damage or loss to the vehicle or the insure individual due to the take after reasons is covered :

  • Natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, typhoons, cyclones, etc.
  • Man-made external acts like terrorist activities, burglary, strikes, riots, theft, etc.

Exclusions Third-Party liability only policy: injury to the driver or the see vehicle is excluded from the policy as it only covers the third-party.

Permanent exclusions list (irrespective of the policy type):

Damage or loss due to the driver and owner’s wrongdoing like:

    • Driving under the influence of alcohol.
    • Not carrying a valid driving license.
    • Intentional accident by the driver.
    • Driving under the legal age.
    • Driving while the policy has lapsed.
  • Consequential loss due to normal wear and tear of the vehicle.
  • Loss due to war and nuclear risks.

Add-ons Features

One matter to remember while purchasing any car indemnity policy is that your regular policy does not provide complete coverage to your vehicle. There are some all-important elements that are provided as addition covers that can be purchased by paying an extra agio. Some of these addition features are :

  • Zero Depreciation Cover: Generally, when your car meets with an accident, you get compensated on the depreciated value of your car. Under the zero depreciation cover, you can claim the full value of your car, without factoring in the depreciation value.
  • 24×7 Road Assistance: We all undergo unexpected emergencies while driving. If your vehicle breaks down, or if you suffer a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere, this add-on cover provides complete assistance.
  • Consumables Cover: Under this cover, you get compensated against the damage done to the consumable parts of your vehicle such as engine oil, brake oil, lubricants, AC refrigerant, ball bearings, etc. This cover can be useful as with heavy usage, these consumable parts can undergo considerable wear and tear.
  • Non-electrical Accessories Cover: Under this cover, you are compensated against the losses occurring to the non-electrical parts of your vehicle such as the CNG kit, alloy wheels, interior fittings, seat cover, etc.

Maruti Eeco Car Insurance Renewal Process Renewing an indemnity policy is arsenic important as purchasing one. If you do n’t renew your policy in time, you may lose on the critical cover that it provides. To help you accomplish a timely reclamation of your policy, you can use the ‘s chopine that is IRDAI approve and is designed to search, compare, buy, and renew your car indemnity policy. The stick to steps will help you in this gaze :

  1. Scroll up on this page and look for the form on the right-hand top corner.
  2. On the form, enter the registration number of your car and click on ‘Get Quotes’. Alternatively, if you want to proceed without your car number, you can click on “Proceed without your car number” and enter the other important details such as the Car Make, Variant, RTO Code, and Reg. Year. Choose the “Renewal” radio button before you click “Continue”.
  3. Choose from the available list of quotes.
  4. After making a suitable choice, you will be redirected to the payment page of the insurance provider’s online portal.
  5. On the insurance company’s page, make the payment using the available payment options and the soft copy of the statement will be forwarded to you.

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