You may have anywhere from 2 to 30 days to tell your policy company that you bought a new car if you are already insured, depending on financing and coverage details. If you don ’ t have car insurance already, you ’ ll need to get a new policy before you can legally drive your fresh cable car. Most car dealerships require … read broad answer proof of indemnity to drive off the batch, so you ’ ll have to do some design. Either manner, it ’ second fresh to get car insurance quotes for unlike vehicles before buying one. That direction, you ’ ll have a sense of which make and model is likely to increase or decrease your agio the most. At the very least, it ’ sulfur something to take into history when picking your fresh car.

If you have an existing car policy policy, there are two common decorate periods for getting policy on a newly car :

  • 2 to 4 days is common if you are adding a new cable car to an existing policy. Most car indemnity companies will extend coverage to the new car in good faith, since it is normally required to get a lend. such policies are designed to allow you to drive your modern car home and make a cry to your insurance company promptly thereafter .
  • 7 to 30 days is common if you are replacing a brood vehicle with a fresh car you purchased outright. In these cases, you can probably expect to have the like level of coverage as earlier. If you had liability-only coverage on the car you ’ re replace, your new car would besides have liability-only coverage .

Your policy term will transfer to the new fomite in most cases, so you won ’ thymine have to start over with a new six-month or annual policy.

If you are financing or leasing a newly cable car, you may besides want to consider adding gap insurance to your policy. Gap policy will help pay the deviation between the car ’ s market prize and what you owe on your loanword. Although collision coverage will pay fair marketplace value for a totaled cable car, that may end up being less than you owe if you total your fresh car right away. No matter how a lot time your policy caller gives you to get insurance on a new car, it ’ south best to reach out ampere soon as possible. coverage specifics vary widely depending on express laws, policy ship’s company rules, and individual policy provisions. If you miss a deadline, you could end up driving uninsured, which could result in legal fees, higher car insurance premiums, loss of your driver ’ mho license, and more .show less

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