Have you asked yourself recently, “ Can I have car insurance from a different state than the state of matter I live in ? ” If so, you ’ re not alone. many drivers are looking for ways to save money on car policy. Below, we provide answers to this wonder and show you how to remain in estimable standing with your insurance provider .
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Is It Possible to Get Auto Insurance from a State Other Than the One I Live In?

You may be wondering why person would even want to get car insurance from a different country. The primary reason is that insurance requirements vary from state to express. Some jurisdictions merely require drivers to have liability coverage, even if they are silent paying for their vehicle. That can translate into big savings. however, the risks of having insurance from another state far preponderate any potential rewards .
generally, your car policy policy should reflect your current state of residency. Under convention circumstances, using an savoir-faire early than your own is considered indemnity fraud. indemnity imposter is punishable by brawny fines and even jail meter .

Why Is Out-of-State Insurance Considered Insurance Fraud?

indemnity providers collect a kind of information to set rates. One piece of information insurers use is your energy code and address. That is because where you live has a significant impact on your chances of filing a call .
For model, person that lives in a rural part of Tennessee with minimal cars on the road is not that probable to be involved in a barge in. On the other hand, a driver who resides in business district New York is constantly exposed to heavy amounts of traffic daily and may therefore pose a higher gamble of being involved in a crash .
If you provide your indemnity party with inaccurate information, then it renders the company ineffective to assess your hazard by rights. That is why out-of-state insurance is considered a form of fraud. If you want to avoid any fines or potential criminal charges, be sure to inform your insurance ship’s company of your new address when you have moved. You should besides notify the DMV of any changes in your residency so that it can update your vehicle adjustment information .

Are There Any Exceptions for Out-of-State Insurance?

There are a few exceptions that may allow for out-of-state insurance coverage :

Seasonal Residents

seasonal worker residents such as snowbirds and impermanent workers may maintain out-of-state policy since they are not making a permanent move .
indemnity should be purchased for your primary state of mansion. however, you must familiarize yourself with the laws in each state that you will be residing in. States like Georgia require you to register your vehicle there if you will be living there for 30 days or more .

College Students

college students are besides eligible for out-of-state indemnity. A college address is considered impermanent, allowing students to remain on their parents ’ insurance, even if the school is located in a different submit .

Military Personnel

Out-of-state indemnity is besides an option for military personnel who frequently move for work. If you ’ re in the military, you should purchase policy for your basal state of mansion .

Dual-State Residents

Dual-state residents are another common exception for out-of-state insurance. normally, these residents should purchase car policy from the state where their fomite is registered. Another option is to buy policy in the state where they spend the majority of the year. For case, they may spend a few months in a tropical vacation home and the rest of the year in a cool submit like Michigan or Maine .

Will My Car Insurance Provide Coverage When I’m Driving Out of State?

Yes, your cable car policy will provide coverage while you are driving out of department of state. As mentioned earlier, some states may require that you register your fomite there if you stay in that jurisdiction for an exsert amount of time.

however, if you are making a permanent move to a new submit, you must notify your car insurance party of the change. If you have relocated and have not informed your car indemnity company, the company may drop your policy or refuse to honor a call .

How to Change My Address for Auto Insurance

Changing your address with your indemnity party is a square procedure. You can speak with your local policy agentive role or call the customer service department. many providers even allow you to make changes online or through a mobile app .
If you are relocating to a newfangled state, it is a great time to shop around for better indemnity rates. Another supplier may offer better coverage or cheaper rates in your newfangled state. Remember, it is release to obtain quotes on a new policy, and it never hurts to weigh your options. Doing so might save you hundreds in insurance costs .

Our Recommendations for Auto Insurance

If you ’ rhenium looking for a new car insurance policy, we recommend USAA and GEICO. These providers topped our industry-wide review of every major car insurance company in the area. Get a few release quotes so you can compare coverage and price .


USAA: Best for Military Families

USAA is known for providing customers with an especial service feel. Our experts rated it the Best for Military Families and awarded USAA a score of 8.9 out of 10.0. USAA offers everything from mileage-based plans to full coverage car insurance. unfortunately, the insurance company only provides coverage for military personnel and their contiguous syndicate members, so not everyone is eligible .

GEICO: Best Overall

If you want to partner with the Best Overall policy supplier, then GEICO may be the company you ’ ve been looking for. Our experts awarded it a seduce of 9.5 out of 10.0. GEICO beat the competition and has a stellar reputation in the policy industry. This supplier offers everything addition coverage including rideshare insurance and mechanical dislocation coverage .

FAQ: Can I Have Auto Insurance from a Different State Than the State I Live In?

Can I get a title for a car in a state other than where I live?

No, you should entirely get a title for your fomite in the country that you live in. If you buy a car out of state, you should be able to obtain a irregular license plate so that you can drive back to your home state .

Can my registration and my driver’s license be from two different states?

technically yes, your adjustment and driver ’ sulfur license can be from unlike states. For example, you might have obtained your license in Florida initially and then purchased a cable car in California. In this scenario, you would have a Florida license and a California adjustment. however, it is a good mind to obtain a license in your permanent state of residence equally soon as possible .

Am I able to stay on my parents’ auto insurance if I live in a different state?

typically, no. You will merely be allowed to remain on your parents ’ car indemnity coverage if you live in the same family. If you permanently relocate to another state, you will need your own indemnity policy. however, if you are attending college in a different state, you can remain on your parents ’ policy .

Can I drive a car registered in another state?

Yes, you can drive a fomite that is registered in another submit. however, your vehicle must be by rights insured. If you relocate to another state, you will need to provide your policy company with this modern information. While the company may adjust your rates, you will not have to register your vehicle in the fresh state immediately.

If I want to insure two cars, can I insure them in two different states?

No, both vehicles registered in your name should be insured in the state that you live in. This is because indemnity rates are based on a variety show of factors, including where you live. If you input faithlessly information to insure one of your vehicles in another state, this is considered a kind of indemnity imposter .


The Detroit Bureau collects data from every major car policy supplier to formulate rankings of the best insurers. Our in-depth denounce system considers market share, coverage, car policy rate estimates generated by Quadrant Information Services, customer atonement, and ratings from industry experts. Each insurance company receives a leaden score in four categories and an overall sexual conquest out of 10.0 .
We recommend car indemnity companies based on these rankings, but we besides encourage you to perform your own research and comparison quotes to find the best coverage .

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