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Things to Know

  • GEICO doesn’t sell rental car insurance, but your regular GEICO insurance policy will cover you when you rent a car
  • You can buy additional rental insurance from the rental car agency and qualify for discounts because of your GEICO car insurance policy
  • Rental coverage options include loss or collision damage waivers, personal effects protection, and personal accident coverage

If you ’ re renting a car for work, vacation, or a road stumble, you need insurance to cover you while you ’ ra driving the rental car. Does your existing policy policy cover you ? Or do you need to buy rental car policy ? Can you buy rental car policy through standard cable car insurance companies ? What ’ s the deviation between rental car policy and standard cable car insurance coverage ? Does GEICO cover rental cars ?
Some car insurance companies offer lease car indemnity. In some cases, your existing policy may cover you, but it ’ s a good idea to check with your insurance company to determine coverage. In this article, we ’ ll take a spirit at GEICO lease car policy coverage, whether you can buy it, what it covers, and more. Read on to find out everything you need to know .
Before we jump into this overview of GEICO rental cable car insurance coverage, why not take a here and now to enter your ZIP code in the rate comparison tool to get free quotes from top companies ?

What are the GEICO car rental insurance basics?

Your standard GEICO car insurance policy will protect you when you obtain and drive a rental cable car. This means your GEICO insurance policy will protect you at the same levels when you rent a car as when you ’ ra driving your vehicle. however, the caller doesn ’ thymine sell a specific rental cable car policy .

What does GEICO car rental insurance include?

As we noted earlier, GEICO doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sell rental-specific car insurance, so GEICO car rental policy is your policy policy with GEICO. indeed, your lease coverage matches your personal coverage. If you have liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage, those will apply when you drive a rental car .

How much does GEICO rental car insurance cost, and can you get discounts?

Knowing that GEICO insurance rental coverage is included in standard GEICO car insurance, how a lot will you pay for coverage ? Take a look at this table for average GEICO insurance rates. You can search the table to see average monthly and annual rates in your department of state .
Average Monthly and Annual GEICO Car Insurance Rates by State

State Average Monthly Car Insurance Rate Average Annual Car Insurance Rate
Alaska $240.00 $2,879.96
Alabama $238.88 $2,866.60
Arkansas $290.39 $3,484.63
Arizona $188.73 $2,264.71
California $240.47 $2,885.65
Colorado $257.64 $3,091.69
Connecticut $256.14 $3,073.66
District of Columbia $307.73 $3,692.81
Delaware $310.61 $3,727.29
Florida $315.30 $3,783.63
Georgia $248.10 $2,977.20
Hawaii $279.91 $3,358.86
Iowa $191.35 $2,296.16
Idaho $230.89 $2,770.68
Illinois $231.60 $2,779.16
Indiana $188.42 $2,261.07
Kansas $268.39 $3,220.65
Kentucky $386.13 $4,633.59
Louisiana $512.88 $6,154.60
Maine $235.25 $2,823.05
Maryland $319.39 $3,832.63
Massachusetts $125.85 $1,510.17
Michigan $535.84 $6,430.11
Minnesota $291.54 $3,498.54
Missouri $240.44 $2,885.33
Mississippi $340.60 $4,087.21
Montana $300.20 $3,602.35
North Carolina $244.72 $2,936.69
North Dakota $222.35 $2,668.24
Nebraska $319.79 $3,837.49
New Hampshire $134.58 $1,615.02
New Jersey $229.58 $2,754.94
New Mexico $371.53 $4,458.30
Nevada $305.17 $3,662.09
New York $202.35 $2,428.24
Ohio $155.60 $1,867.19
Oklahoma $286.44 $3,437.34
Oregon $268.34 $3,220.12
Pennsylvania $217.10 $2,605.22
Rhode Island $466.89 $5,602.63
South Carolina $264.83 $3,178.01
South Dakota $245.02 $2,940.29
Tennessee $273.62 $3,283.42
Texas $271.94 $3,263.28
Utah $247.13 $2,965.57
Virginia $171.79 $2,061.53
Vermont $182.98 $2,195.71
Washington $214.05 $2,568.65
West Virginia $176.73 $2,120.80
Wisconsin $327.18 $3,926.20
Wyoming $291.38 $3,496.56
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Start Now → You can save on your rates by asking about discounts for safe drive, having a claim-free drive criminal record, being affiliated with specific organizations, and more. If you choose to buy rental car indemnity ( more about what this includes later ), you may besides qualify for rental car discounts if GEICO insures you. For exemplar, if GEICO insures you

  • Enterprise offers discounts of up to 50% for rental cars
  • Alamo offers discounts of up to 20% for rental cars
  • National Car Rental offers discounts of up to 20% for rental cars

The claim discount rate you may qualify for will vary based on what kind of fomite you ’ rhenium rental, how hanker you need it, and other rental factors .
You can read our GEICO cable car insurance review for more information on the company if you ’ re presently shopping or want to learn more .

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When do you need rental car policy ?

Suppose you don ’ t have enough car insurance coverage to protect you when you ’ re renting a car, or your feel that your standard coverage won ’ t be sufficient when driving your lease. In that case, you can opt to purchase rental cable car indemnity for the duration of your rental abridge .

You can typically buy rental cable car policy through the ship’s company you ’ re renting the vehicle. You can besides check to see if it ’ second available through your credit circuit board party, and in some cases, you may be able to work with your car indemnity company to add supernumerary protection while you ’ re driving your lease car .

What kind of rental car insurance coverage should you buy?

The kind of rental car indemnity coverage you need depends on your circumstances. If you decide to buy car indemnity specifically for lease cars, your options include :

  • Loss or Collision Damage Waiver
  • Liability Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Personal Effects Coverage

With a loss or collision damage release, you ’ ll be protected if your lease cable car is either damaged or stolen. Loss or collision damage will waive your responsibility for the cost of the damages or substitute of the missing fomite .
It can besides include fiscal security for lost profits to the lease car representation when the fomite can ’ metric ton be rented because it ’ sulfur being repaired or is missing. If the damages to your rental car result from your poor people or heedless drive, the release may not apply, but your coverage could take over .
Liability insurance is self-explanatory and provides distinctive coverage up your purchase charge ( at least the state minimum ). personal accident policy offers coverage for aesculapian costs resulting from an accident ( this may be crucial if you don ’ metric ton have personal injury auspices ). last, personal effects coverage provides fiscal reimbursement for belongings that are stolen from your rental car .

GEICO Rental Car Insurance Coverage: The Bottom Line

Being insured by GEICO, your standard car policy policy will cover you when you drive a lease car. If you decide to buy extra lease coverage ( like a collision or personnel casualty wrong release or personal effects coverage ), you can purchase it through the rental means or your citation card company. With GEICO policy, you may qualify for discounts on your rental indemnity through companies like Enterprise and Alamo .
Whether you decide on GEICO rental car policy coverage or not, you can save on indemnity rates by comparing quotes from at least three companies. You can get started by using your ZIP code in our rate comparison instrument to obtain exempt car policy quotes from companies in your area right nowadays .

Frequently Asked Questions for GEICO Rental Car Insurance Coverage

Are you still looking for information on GEICO rental cable car insurance coverage ? Read through these frequently asked questions .

#1 – What is rental reimbursement, and is it different than rental car insurance?

lease reimbursement is an extra option you can include on your policy that provides funds to rent a vehicle if your car is repaired after a cover accident. Limits on this coverage typically have either a sum prize or number of days you can be reimbursed for a rental cable car. GEICO does offer lease reimbursement, so you can speak to the company about adding it to your policy if you ’ d like to include it in your coverage .

#2 – Does GEICO cover car rentals with Turo?

GEICO typically does cover car rentals through Turo, even though it is an app that allows drivers to rent other people ’ s cars. however, this coverage option can vary by express, sol be indisputable to speak with GEICO to confirm coverage is available where you live ( or will be renting through Turo ) to ensure you ’ ll be covered. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Turo ( and companies like it ) may besides offer coverage.

#3 – Can you get rental car insurance through your credit card?

many credit card companies offer coverage for vehicles. typically, if the card you rent the car on includes coverage, it will apply. however, what is included in the rental coverage varies by the citation tease company and circuit board character .
Credit wag companies that offer rental cable car insurance coverage options include Capital One, Chase, and American Express. however, as we already noted, much only specific cards include rental coverage, so wear ’ thyroxine assume you have it merely because you have a card from one of these companies. You ’ ll indigence to check with your credit poster company to find out if lease car insurance is included with your card, and if so, how much.

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