It can be unmanageable for bad drivers to find brassy cable car indemnity. Drivers who have been in an accident or have a history of traffic tickets, a DUI/DWI, or bad credit are labeled bad by insurers. And if you ‘re a bad driver, you could pay thousands of dollars more for car insurance per class than person with a clean drive record. Compare rates and denounce low-cost car insurance today Start calculator We don ’ thyroxine sell your information to third parties.

fortunately, it ‘s even possible for bad drivers to find low-cost insurance with a few companies. Our analysis found that most bad drivers can find brassy car policy from State Farm. Nationwide and Direct Auto may besides offer brassy bad policy depending on your drive record .

The cheapest bad car insurance companies

Although many insurers charge bad drivers rates that are much more expensive than average, some companies still offer brassy coverage to people with bad repel records. We found that State Farm is normally the cheapest car insurance for bad drivers. With State Farm, bad drivers pay an average of 57 % more than a driver without any violations on their records. Despite this steep price increase, State Farm is the brassy on our list of bad car indemnity companies, at an average cost of $ 1,951 per year for a full-coverage policy — $ 409 lower than the second-cheapest choice, GEICO .A bar graph of the cheapest car insurance companies for high-risk drivers Compare rates and shop low-cost cable car insurance today Start calculator We don ’ triiodothyronine sell your information to third base parties. While State Farm is the cheapest choice for bad indemnity, it ‘s not the only indemnity company that offers low-cost coverage to drivers with red flags in their drive history. Most big indemnity companies sell insurance for bad drivers. GEICO and Nationwide are two companies that may besides have low-cost bad car indemnity, depending on where you live. Some insurers are specifically known for offering coverage for bad drivers. bombastic bad car policy companies include National General, Direct Auto, and Dairyland. We found that National General is the cheapest of these companies. however, these bad car policy companies may be a better option for drivers with multiple violations on their records who ca n’t get covered elsewhere. besides called non-standard indemnity companies, they were more expensive than other companies for bad drivers with fair one violation .

company modal cost cost for bad driver remainder
State Farm $1,240 $1,951 57%
GEICO $1,179 $2,360 100%
Nationwide $1,569 $2,475 58%
National General $1,772 $2,863 62%
Allstate $1,991 $2,953 48%
Direct Auto $2,534 $3,185 26%
Dairyland $3,163 $4,021 27%

Best indemnity for bad drivers

State Farm

3.7 Policygenius rating How we score : Policygenius ’ ratings are determined by our column team. Our methodology takes multiple factors into report, including price, fiscal ratings, quality of customer avail, and early product-specific features .State Farm logo The best car insurance for most bad drivers is State Farm, which has cheap car policy rates for drivers with different violations on their records, along with its highly rated customer service. Read our wax review of State Farm ‘s car policy Get quotes Along with having the cheapest rates for most bad drivers, State Farm ranks above other large insurers, like GEICO, Nationwide, and Allstate, in J.D. Power ‘s claims satisfaction cogitation. It besides has a big local bearing that allows bad drivers to manage their policies and ask questions in person or or on-line. The best bad car insurance for :

  • Drivers with an accident : State grow
  • Drivers with a speeding tag : express farm
  • Drivers with a DUI or DWI : state grow
  • Drivers with bad credit : nationally

While State Farm is the best car insurance for most bad drivers, Nationwide is actually the best and cheapest choice for bad drivers with bad credit. Nationwide ‘s median rates for drivers with bad credit are $ 1,133 cheaper per class than State Farm ‘s .

party clean record At-fault accident Bad credit couple Speeding ticket
State Farm $1,240 $1,445 $3,338 $1,652 $1,370
GEICO $1,179 $2,063 $2,219 $3,044 $2,113
Nationwide $1,569 $2,461 $2,205 $3,298 $1,935
Allstate $1,991 $3,080 $3,335 $3,047 $2,350
National General $1,772 $3,903 $2,520 $2,559 $2,469
Direct Auto $2,534 $3,507 $2,919 $3,006 $3,306
Dairyland $3,163 $4,294 $4,653 $3,347 $3,788

ultimately, the best insurance for bad drivers depends on each person ‘s drive record. Since rates are determined differently by each company, it ‘s important to compare the cost of coverage if you ‘re a bad driver to find the most low-cost insurance .

modal cost of bad car indemnity

To find the average cost of car policy for bad drivers, Policygenius calculated rates for drivers with a variety show of violations on their records. Across all violations, bad cable car indemnity monetary value drivers an average of ​​ $ 2,596 per year. This is 44 % more expensive than a comparable driver with a clean record. All bad driving does not affect your insurance rates evenly. We found that the most expensive bad is a hit and run, which can raise your future indemnity premiums by 100 % if you ‘re the perpetrator. A not at-fault accident, a army for the liberation of rwanda less severe model of bad behavior than a hit and run, only raises your rates by an average of 4 % .

Traffic irreverence cost dispute
Hit and Run $3,614 100%
DUI $3,555 97%
Driving with a suspended license $3,443 91%
Reckless Driving $3,404 89%
Racing $3,378 87%
Bad credit $3,055 69%
Driving with an open container $2,765 53%
At-fault Accident $2,579 43%
Speeding Ticket $2,401 33%
Passing a school bus $2,332 29%
Improper passing $2,217 23%
Following too closely $2,197 22%
Failure to stop at a red light $2,192 21%
Failure to yield $2,187 21%
Illegal turn $2,177 21%
Driving without Lights $2,145 19%
Failure to show documents $2,141 19%
Driving with expired registration $2,132 18%
Not at-fault Accident $1,875 4%

Rates compared to the average cost of car insurance for a 30-year-old driver, which is $1,805 per year for full coverage. Ordered by cost increase from highest to lowest.

Average cost of high-risk car insurance, by state

Policygenius besides figured out the cheapest and most expensive states for car policy for bad drivers. According to our analysis, the worst department of state for bad drivers is Hawaii, where they pay an average of 168 % more for car insurance than a comparable driver with a clean read. Washington is the least expensive state of matter for bad drivers. In this department of state, bad drivers pay only 30 % more for coverage.

Combined average rates for drivers with one at-fault accident, DUI, speeding ticket, or bad credit. → Read more about what different types of drivers pay for car policy coverage

How to get cheap bad car insurance quotes

Since it ‘s harder for bad drivers to find bum car policy, it ‘s significant that drivers with bad records get quotes from multiple policy companies before choosing a policy. Shopping around is the best room to find the cheapest rates in your area if you ’ re a bad driver, but there ’ mho more you can do to get cheaper quotes. To get cheap bad policy quotes, you should besides consider :

  1. Raising your deductible : By raising your car indemnity deductible — the measure that ‘s subtracted from a physical damage claim — you can lower your overall cost of indemnity. A higher deductible shows policy companies that you ‘re unlikely to make a call, except for after expensive accidents. This can offset the perceived risk a bad driver carries of being a likely recur claimant .
  2. Signing up for condom drive courses : many insurance companies offer opportunities to save on car insurance if you ‘ve taken an approve defensive or dependable drive course. If your record has a history of accidents or tickets, taking a defensive drive class may help, in separate, to balance out the effects of those past violations .
  3. Bundling your car policy : If you ‘re a homeowner, think about getting your cable car policy and home insurance from the same company. Insurers normally reward this commit, called bunch, with a significant rebate. You can besides bundle your car policy with insurance for your motorcycle, RV, ATV, or boat .
  4. Improving your accredit score : Most agencies recommend strengthening your credit grudge over time by paying down debts — including your credit cards — and not frequently opening new lines of credit .

While these steps can help you find cheap quotes for bad car indemnity, you can besides lower your premiums over clock fair by driving safelyExpensive premiums for bad drivers do n’t concluding constantly. Your car insurance company typically only considers the last three to five years of your driving history. Every accident and dealings irreverence will finally fade aside — deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as you avoid any more accidents and tickets. ultimately, if you ‘re a high hazard driver you should shop around for coverage every time your policy is up for reclamation. Switching indemnity companies can result in lower rates, even if you were once classified as a bad driver. Compare rates and shop low-cost car policy today Start calculator We don ’ metric ton sell your information to third base parties .

alternate indemnity for high risk drivers who ca n’t get covered

Depending on where you live and the number of accidents or violations on your record, it may be virtually impossible to get cheap coverage in your area. If you ‘re having fuss finding coverage, you may be able to get car insurance with a non-standard indemnity policy or with a state-sponsored car design. A non-standard car indemnity policy covers people whose driving records make them more bad to insure. If you ca n’t get low-cost bad car indemnity from one of the major insurers, consider popular non-standard car insurance companies, like :

  • The General
  • State Auto
  • direct Auto
  • National General
  • Dairyland
  • Bristol West

alternatively, you can besides get cable car indemnity for bad drivers from your state ‘s bad insurance pond. These state-sponsored pools are designed to ensure that bad drivers carry enough insurance to meet the state ‘s minimum requirements ( although programs like this are only offered in a few states ). Participating companies must offer coverage to applicants, but since getting car policy this manner is normally much more expensive, this option is a last recourse. → Read more your options if you can ’ t afford car indemnity

Who is a bad driver ?

bad drivers normally have a history of dangerous driving behavior, including at-fault accidents, speeding tickets or early moving violations, or a DUI quotation. however, these are n’t the only people who insurers consider bad. You may besides be a bad driver if you :

  • Are unseasoned or inexperienced behind the bicycle
  • Have no recognition or a poor credit history
  • Live in an area with more uninsured drivers or car thefts than median
  • Have had a lapse in your policy coverage
  • Were caught driving uninsured or with a freeze license

No matter why you ‘re considered a bad driver, it ‘s likely that you will pay more for cable car indemnity than most people. → Read more about all of the factors that affect what you pay for coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any companies that don’t check your driving record?

Every cable car indemnity caller will consider your drive commemorate when you request a quote. however, each ship’s company weighs your driving history and other personal data differently when determining your rates. This means that some companies are more probably than others to offer cheap coverage to bad drivers .

Will big insurance companies insure a high-risk driver?

large indemnity companies, including State Farm, GEICO, Allstate, and others, will normally insure bad drivers. however, if you have multiple violations on your phonograph record, smaller, non-standard companies may be one of the few options you have .

How long do you stay on high-risk auto insurance?

Depending on your read, you could be a bad driver for a while. While accidents and traffic tickets normally stop negatively affecting your insurance after a few years, poor recognition score or multiple accidents could cause you to pay higher rates for a longer time. however, this is if your drive record differently stays clean during that time. Getting in another accident or adding a moving misdemeanor while considered high risk can be enough to extend the sum of time you have a bad drive commemorate .


Policygenius found the cheapest car policy options for bad drivers by calculating the premiums of drivers with one at-fault accident, speeding ticket, DUI, or history of inadequate credit. We averaged the premiums for each of these, then compared the overall change with the cost of coverage for a driver without any accidents, violations, and good credit. quadrant Information Services provided populace rate data for every ZIP code in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. These rates reflect the cost of a full-coverage policy with the following limits :

Our sample driver was a 30-year-old male driver, driving a 2017 Toyota Camry LE drive 10,000 miles/year. Some carriers may be represented by affiliates or subsidiaries. Rates provided are a sample of costs. Your actual quotes may differ .

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