Allstate, Geico, Progressive and State Farm are the four largest car policy companies in the U.S. All have been in business for decades, enjoy strong fiscal forte ratings and are well known in the diligence. together, they held more than 50 % of the total market share of personal car ins`urance policies in 2020, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. They besides all scored eminent ratings in NerdWallet ’ s 2021 analysis of the best cable car indemnity companies.


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Get started on Nerdwallet compared these insurers to find the top-rated company in five categories : The rankings in each class are recapped at the bottom of the following section. hera ’ s a quick count at each ship’s company ’ second exceed traits — the categories in which it ranked first or second base in our in-depth comparison of the four largest insurers .

  • Allstate : coverage options, technical school, few complaints .
  • Geico : price, technical school, customer gratification .
  • progressive : coverage options, few complaints .
  • submit grow : Customer satisfaction, price .

How the 4 biggest insurers stack up

We looked at price, consumer complaints, customer atonement, coverage options, and apps and technology to see how the state ’ s four largest cable car insurance companies compare with one another.

Lowest premiums: Geico

For many, price is king and little else matters. If that describes you, Geico is worth checking out. Charging $ 200 less per class, on average, than the next-cheapest boastfully insurance company ( State Farm ), Geico ranks as the bum among the four companies in NerdWallet ’ south 2021 analysis. And with over 15 car indemnity discounts available, Geico offers more ways to save on your car insurance than State Farm, Progressive or Allstate. To rank by price, we used national average annual rates for a 40-year-old driver with a clean drive history. here are those rates :

  1. Geico : $ 1,268 per year .
  2. submit grow : $ 1,491 per year .
  3. progressive : $ 1,562 per year .
  4. Allstate : $ 2,381 per year .

These rates reflect wide coverage policy for drivers with dear credit. Full coverage international relations and security network ’ t a specific type of policy. quite, it includes a combination of coverage types including liability, comprehensive and collision, and any other indemnity required by the state. Rates can vary significantly based on individual factors such as driving history, old age, location and, in many states, citation history. note : California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan and Washington don ’ metric ton allow insurers to use credit rating when determining car indemnity rates. For exemplar, one caller might have the cheapest car indemnity quotation mark for a 35-year-old man living in Georgia, while another may offer a better rate for a 53-year-old womanhood populate in California. The alone direction to tell which company fits your needs best is to compare car indemnity quotes in your department of state.

Fewest complaints: Progressive

relative to its size, Progressive had the fewest complaints reported to state regulators for secret passenger car policy, according to three years ’ worth of data from the NAIC. But it wasn ’ t the alone large insurance company with well behavior : Allstate and Geico besides had fewer complaints than expected relative to their size, which is measured by premiums written. State Farm had conclusion to the expect total of complaints for car insurance.

Highest customer satisfaction: State Farm

State farm customers are not only the most satisfied with customer indemnity claims, but besides report better overall satisfaction, according to J.D. Power ’ randomness 2020 U.S. Auto Insurance Study and Consumer Reports ’ 2019 car indemnity ratings ( the most holocene sketch available ). Satisfaction surveys include price, claims and customer service questions.

Most coverage options: Allstate

Out of 12 optional coverage needs we looked for — such as opening indemnity and accident forgiveness — Allstate offered nine. Progressive was a close second, offering eight of the 12 optional types of coverage. hera are some early differences :

  • Allstate is the only one of the four carriers to offer pay-per-mile insurance, a type of policy where you pay a base rate plus a per-mile rate .
  • Allstate offers new-car successor. This coverage pays for the value of a brand-new car of the same form and model ( minus the deductible ) if your car is totaled in a cover loss. alternatively, Progressive offers break insurance, which pays for the dispute between the value of a car at the time it ’ mho totaled or stolen and the libra of its loanword or lease. Because the coverage is similar, insurers normally offer entirely one or the other, if at all. State Farm and Geico offer neither .
  • Of the big four, only Geico offers mechanical breakdown indemnity .

Most tech-friendly: Geico

Consumers expect legato on-line experiences and slick apps for many services, and policy is no exception. Geico stands out for having :

  • An in-app vehicle care feature to monitor your car ’ s sustenance .
  • Locators in the app for natural gas and parking .
  • Lyft consolidation so you can hail a rideshare car from the app .

The other three adult insurers have some alike engineering features, but Geico has the most. All four companies offer apps that could save you money through the use of telematic technology. If you opt in, the company will track your driving behavior with a fluid app or device that plugs into your car ’ s diagnostic port. safe drivers may pay lower rates, get discounts or gain rewards, but Geico ’ south and Progressive ’ sulfur options may penalize hazardous behaviors with higher rates .

See what you could save on car insurance

well compare personalized rates to see how much switch over car policy could save you.

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Recap: How the insurers compare


  1. Geico .
  2. department of state farm .
  3. Progressive .
  4. Allstate .


  1. Progressive .
  2. Allstate .
  3. Geico .
  4. state farm .


  1. department of state farm .
  2. Geico .
  3. Allstate .
  4. Progressive .

Coverage options

  1. Allstate .
  2. Progressive .
  3. Geico .
  4. state farm .


  1. Geico .
  2. Allstate .
  3. state farm .
  4. Progressive .

Extra features

If you ’ rhenium looking for a particular feature from an policy company, you may find it with some and not others. These are some of the options that set the four largest car insurers apart from one another. Some cost extra ; others are included at no extra charge when you buy a policy. Star ratings come from NerdWallet ’ second 2021 ranking of the best car insurance companies .

company coverage options technical school

4.5 NerdWallet military rank

NerdWallet’s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formula takes into account consumer complaint and customer satisfaction data.

  • Accident forgiveness .
  • New-car substitution .
  • deductible rewards .
  • Reward for accident avoidance .
  • Sound system coverage .
  • Pay-per-mile insurance .
  • Parking locator .
  • Gas price locator .

4.5 NerdWallet evaluation

NerdWallet’s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formula takes into account consumer complaint and customer satisfaction data.

  • Accident forgiveness .
  • mechanical breakdown coverage .
  • Parking locator .
  • Gas locator .
  • Lyft consolidation in app .
  • cable car maintenance alerts .

5.0 NerdWallet rat

NerdWallet’s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formula takes into account consumer complaint and customer satisfaction data.

  • Gap policy .
  • Accident forgiveness .
  • deductible rewards .
  • custom parts coverage .
  • n/a .
state grow

5.0 NerdWallet evaluation

NerdWallet’s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formula takes into account consumer complaint and customer satisfaction data.

N/A .
  • Steer Clear train app for young drivers .

Price comparisons of all 4 companies

Take a look at these tete-a-tete price comparisons of each of the four biggest car indemnity companies to help decide which insurance company is right for you. We looked at average annual car insurance rates to give you an theme of how much you ’ five hundred pay with each insurance company.

Geico vs. Progressive

When you consider Geico versus Progressive, think about whether you prefer moo prices or need extra options. Geico has lower average rates in our analyses, while progressive offers coverage that Geico doesn ’ thymine, such as opening coverage. Geico has more full-bodied technology and app offerings than Progressive. Both companies get fewer than the ask number of complaints to policy regulators, relative to their size .

Geico progressive
good driver, good credit $ 1,268 $ 1,562
good driver, hapless credit $ 1,766 $ 3,302
driver with late at-fault accident $ 1,991 $ 2,556
minimum coverage $ 380 $ 577

State Farm vs. Allstate

If you ’ re choosing between Allstate and State Farm, you ’ re picking from two companies that get relatively few complaints to state regulators for insurers of their size. state farm has lower median prices in our analyses, although you should get quotes to be certain it ’ second cheaper for you. Allstate offers features that aren ’ metric ton available from State Farm, such as accident forgiveness, pay-per-mile and new-car replacement policy .

Allstate state grow
dependable driver, good credit $ 2,381 $ 1,491
good driver, poor credit $ 3,356 $ 3,130
driver with recent at-fault accident $ 3,367 $ 1,925
minimum coverage $ 759 $ 550

Geico vs. State Farm

Geico and State Farm are both cheaper, on average, than Allstate or Progressive, according to our analysis. hush, Geico ranked cheaper than State Farm in three out of the four monetary value comparisons below. Geico besides has the boundary for technical school options like an app officiate to monitor your car ’ s maintenance. State Farm beat Geico for customer atonement, but fair barely .

Geico department of state farm
effective driver, good credit $ 1,268 $ 1,491
dependable driver, poor credit $ 1,766 $ 3,130
driver with late at-fault accident $ 1,991 $ 1,925
minimal coverage $ 380 $ 550

See what you could save on car insurance

easily compare personalized rates to see how a lot switch car insurance could save you.

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Allstate vs. Geico

When you ’ re choosing between Allstate and Geico, you can expect enough of technical school options. Among the four largest insurers, Geico has the most features in its apps, and Allstate is a impregnable second. Both offer more technical school and apps than progressive or State Farm. If price is your main concern, Geico may be right for you. NerdWallet ’ randomness analysis of insurance rates found Geico is systematically cheaper than Allstate, on average. But if you ’ ra looking for specific coverage options, Allstate may have what you need. Allstate offers a few options that Geico doesn ’ thymine, including new-car surrogate indemnity .

Allstate Geico
well driver, full credit $ 2,381 $ 1,268
commodity driver, poor credit $ 3,356 $ 1,766
driver with recent at-fault accident $ 3,367 $ 1,991
minimal coverage $ 759 $ 380

Progressive vs. Allstate

Among the top four insurers, Allstate and Progressive stand out most for their coverage options. At either of these companies, you can get coverage for custom parts or stereo, and you can lower your deductible by staying accident-free. Those options aren ’ thymine available from Geico or State Farm. Progressive has fewer complaints to express indemnity regulators and sometimes, but not always, beats Allstate on price. Since their rates are often alike, it ’ sulfur worth getting quotes from both insurers to know which will be cheaper for you .

Allstate progressive
good driver, good recognition $ 2,381 $ 1,562
estimable driver, poor people accredit $ 3,356 $ 3,302
driver with late at-fault accident $ 3,367 $ 2,556
minimum coverage $ 759 $ 577

Progressive vs. State Farm

When choosing between Progressive and State Farm, think about whether you want more coverage options, or whether price matters more. state farm is cheaper, on average, than Progressive. On the other hand, Progressive offers several coverage options that aren ’ t available from State Farm, including gap indemnity, accident forgiveness and coverage for custom parts and equipment .

progressive state of matter farm
good driver, good credit $ 1,562 $ 1,491
good driver, poor credit $ 3,302 $ 3,130
driver with late at-fault accident $ 2,556 $ 1,925
minimum coverage $ 577 $ 550

Frequently asked questions

Who are the top five insurance companies?

The five largest cable car insurance companies in the state are State Farm, Geico, Progressive, Allstate and USAA, according to the NAIC. Although USAA is the fifth-largest carrier in the area, it is available only to military, veterans and their families.

Which insurance company is best at paying claims?

Of the four largest insurers, State Farm has the highest rate for customer satisfaction with car claims based on a 2020 J.D. Power car policy claims study.

Is State Farm cheaper than Geico?

average annual car insurance rates for good drivers are cheaper from Geico than from State Farm, according to NerdWallet ’ sulfur 2021 rates analysis. however, State Farm has cheaper annual rates on average for drivers with a late car accident. Remember, these are lone averages. Because factors like your gender, location and vehicle affect your rates, you should constantly shop around to find the lowest price.

Is Geico a good insurance company?

Geico has systematically ranked on NerdWallet ’ second best car indemnity companies list, and has the cheapest rates on average for beneficial drivers among the state ’ sulfur largest insurers .

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