Whether it ‘s your best friend, your sister or the prodigal son pleading to borrow the cable car, we all sometimes lend our wheels to friends and class .
If you ‘d like to plowshare your car ( or are pestered into it ), adding a named driver onto your policy will give you peace of mind. It ‘ll mean person else can drive your car and you ‘ll both be covered if anything happens .
Find out what a named driver is, and how and when to add one to your policy .
Handing over car keys to a named driver

What is named driver insurance?

When you tell your insurance company that there ‘ll be another person driving your car sometimes, and you add them to your policy, this is called named driver policy. It ‘s sometimes referred to as extra driver policy or second driver policy .

What cover does a named driver have?

If you ‘ve got a comprehensive policy policy, then all drivers on your policy will have the same level of cover .

How do I add a named driver to my insurance?

Adding person to your car indemnity is simple. You equitable need to get in touch with your insurance company and let them know the details of your extra driver ( south ) .
Make indisputable to include wax details of any convictions and claims they might have or you could be committing insurance fraud .

How much does adding a driver to car insurance cost?

There is n’t a specify price. When you contact your insurance company to let them know you ‘ll be adding a driver, they ‘ll consider :

  • How old the named driver is.
  • The marital and employment status of the new driver.
  • Their relationship to you, the policyholder.
  • If they drive any other vehicles. Some insurers might give a discount if the additional driver uses another car as they’d be considered more experienced.
  • What type of licence they have and how long they’ve had it.
  • Any information about disabilities or other conditions reported to the DVLA.
  • Any claims or convictions in their driving history.

There will credibly be a fee to pay to adjust your policy to include a named driver, but this should just be a small one-off amount. The fee could be made of two parts : the premium increase, and an admin fee .

Will a named driver affect any no-claims discount I might have?

once you ‘ve added extra drivers to your policy, your no-claims discount will still build up as normal.

If a named driver on your policy has an accident where they ‘re at fault it ‘ll probably affect your bonus because, although it was n’t you who was driving, you ‘ll have to make a claim on your policy and your insurance company will need to pay out .
If you ‘re the named driver, having a few years of driving on person ‘s policy could besides benefit you. If you take out your own policy after being a named driver on one of ours, we offer a named driver no claims dismiss .

Can named driver insurance lower my premiums?

Yes, if you ‘re a scholar, young driver, or you ‘ve good recently passed your screen and are quite new to driving, naming a more have driver could lower the cost of your indemnity .


Something to watch out for when adding named drivers to your policy is that you do n’t end up fronting. A type of policy imposter, front is where drivers try to save on their insurance by having a car insured in a more experience driver ‘s diagnose – most likely a rear or defender – with a young driver as a ‘named driver ‘ .
Fronting could void your policy and head to a prosecution for driving without indemnity, and possibly even a fraud charge. To avoid falling foul of fronting fraud make certain that the main driver named on the policy is the person who drives the cable car most. If it ‘s not that clear-cut, it ‘s best to get in partake with your insurance company so they can advise you .

Adding a named driver vs temporary car insurance

If person will be driving your car for merely a few days, you could suggest they take out irregular car indemnity. This could be utilitarian if you ‘re lending your car to a friend or have a node coming to stay who might borrow it. It ‘ll save you adding them to your policy and paying admin fees .
short-change term insurance can run from 1 to 28 days, though some can extend to up to 90 days. You can get a quote on-line, and coverage starts about american samoa soon as you make your payment.

If person has to drive your car in a rush – and you do n’t have clock to add them to your policy or they do n’t have time to buy irregular indemnity – they could however be insured to drive your car through driving other cars ‘ indemnity if they have a car insurance policy in their own mention. Intended to be used in emergency situations, many comprehensive indemnity policies will cover you for driving person else ‘s car, but it only provides 3rd party only cover .
This should n’t be used regularly and some drivers – such as those under 25 or those with driving convictions – are likely to be excluded from having this level of covering .
Thinking of taking out a car insurance policy with us, or adding a named driver if you’re already a customer? Get in touch today.

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