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Credit-based policy scores are a military rank factor used in most states to help determine cable car indemnity premiums. Statistics show that drivers with hapless credit tend to file more claims and be involved in more severe incidents compared to drivers with good credit. Bankrate ’ s policy column team analyzed car indemnity rates by state, insurance carrier and vehicle manufacturer, equally well as the driver ’ south age, drive record, sex ( where allowed ) and other common rate factors to determine the average price of car insurance. These car indemnity prices might help you understand how much your car policy policy could cost, which may be beneficial when looking for an car insurance company that fits your budget and coverage needs. The average car policy monetary value in the United States is $ 1,655 per year for wax coverage, or about $ 138 per month, according to 2022 data pulled from Quadrant Information Services. Minimum coverage costs an average of $ 480 per class. These are home average rates for drivers with blank records. however, car indemnity premiums vary based on more than a twelve factors, according to the Insurance Information Institute ( Triple-I ), including your location, the type of vehicle you drive and your tug record, so you may pay more or less than the national average .

How much does car insurance cost by state?

The answer to the question “ How much does car indemnity monetary value ? ” is a bite complicated. numerous factors can impact how much you pay, including the state of matter you live in. even within a state, your ZIP code can influence your premium ( except in California and Michigan ). Auto insurance rates are affected by respective local factors, including dealings volume, the likelihood of accidents and claims, and larceny and vandalism rates in your sphere .

  • Louisiana’s full coverage rates are the most expensive in the nation, with an average price of $2,712 per year.
  • Maine is the cheapest state for full coverage in the country, with an average annual premium of $884 per year.

What are the most expensive states for car insurance?

Louisiana has the highest average cable car policy rates in the U.S. at $ 2,712 per annum for full coverage, or about $ 226 per calendar month. other high cost states include Florida, Kentucky, Nevada and Michigan. Factors that contribute to more expensive insurance could include higher accident rates, angstrom good as higher price of living and repair .

Average cost of full coverage car insurance
State Annual cost Monthly cost
Louisiana $2,712 $226
Florida $2,588 $216
Kentucky $2,177 $181
Nevada $2,122 $177
Michigan $2,120 $177

What are the cheapest states for car insurance?

Maine has the lowest average rate for full moon coverage car insurance in the U.S., at $ 884 per class or about $ 74 per calendar month. The early lowest-cost states are Vermont, Idaho, Ohio and New Hampshire .

Average cost of full coverage car insurance
State Annual cost Monthly cost
Maine $884 $74
Vermont $1,011 $84
Idaho $1,100 $92
Ohio $1,164 $97
New Hampshire $1,166 $97

How much does car insurance cost by company?

Each car insurance party has its own proprietorship rate arrangement, so the cost of car indemnity varies from carrier wave to carrier. To find the best cable car policy company for your needs, get quotes from unlike car insurers to compare rates and features. Below is a table showcasing the average annual and monthly premiums for some of the largest cable car policy companies in the state by market share. We ’ ve given each indemnity party a Bankrate Score on a scale of 0.0 to 5.0. The Scores incorporate information about average prices, coverage offerings, discounts and third-party rankings. A higher Bankrate Score means the company scored higher in each rat category .Looking to save money on auto insurance?

Looking to save money on auto insurance?

Compare rates & save

How much does car insurance cost by age and gender?

Age is typically one of the biggest factors for how much you will pay for car indemnity, with young drivers paying the highest premiums. Auto insurers use actuarial data to determine that teens and young drivers — angstrom good as the aged — are more likely to get in an accident, so the car insurance costs that these drivers pay are typically higher to compensate for the greater risk. Note that your historic period should not affect your premium if you live in Hawaii, as country regulations ban using age as an car policy denounce factor. additionally, gender impacts your premium in most states. Men typically cost more to insure than women. Men generally engage in riskier drive behaviors than women and have a higher rate of accident badness, according to the Triple-I. however, not all states allow sex to be a factor in rates. If you live in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina or Pennsylvania, your sex should not affect how much you pay for cable car indemnity .

Average annual full coverage car insurance premium by age and gender
Male Female Difference Percent difference between rates
18-year-old* $5,646 $4,839 $807 14%
25-year-old $2,181 $2,036 $145 7%
40-year-old $1,648 $1,701 $53 3%
60-year-old $1,552 $1,537 $15 1%

*18-year-old driver rate reflects renters (not homeowners) calculated on their own policy.

What you need to know about driving records

After a drive violation, you may be deemed a bad driver, and your premium could increase accordingly. The austereness of your misdemeanor and how many incidents you have on your drive record will impact how much your car insurance premium increases. For exercise, the average fully coverage premium increases by over $ 1,400 per class after a DUI conviction but only by $ 388 per annum for a rush ticket .

  • Speeding ticket: Receiving a speeding ticket conviction may be one of the most common ways that your car insurance rate can be affected. The length of time your insurance may be surcharged and how long it stays on your driving record may depend on the speed at which you were traveling.
  • At-fault accident: Being involved in an at-fault accident will have an effect on your car insurance. The amount of time it will stay on your driving record depends on the severity of the accident and state regulations.
  • DUI conviction: As one of the most serious driving incidents, receiving a DUI conviction typically increases your car insurance premium more than an at-fault accident or speeding ticket. This also may stay on your driving record for as long as ten years.
Average cost of full coverage car insurance by driving record
Driving record Annual premium Monthly cost Increase above national average
Clean driving record $1,674 $140 $0
Speeding ticket $2,062 $172 $388
At-fault accident $2,311 $193 $637
DUI conviction $3,139 $262 $1,465

How much does car insurance cost by credit score?

statistically, drivers with poor credit charge more claims and have higher claim severity than drivers with adept credit, according to the Triple-I. This means that, in general, the better your credit rat, the lower your premium. Your insurance credit tier is determined by each car indemnity supplier and is based on versatile factors ; it probably won ’ thymine precisely match the scores from Experian, TransUnion or Equifax as it is a credit-based policy score, not a credit score. The mesa below showcases how credit can affect your annual full moon coverage car insurance premium. California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan and the state of Washington do not allow credit to be factored in when setting car indemnity rates .

Average cost of full coverage car insurance by credit score
Poor Average Good Excellent
National average $3,873 $1,865 $1,674 $1,487

How much does car insurance cost by vehicle type?

The character of fomite you drive has a significant impact on your car insurance premium. The price and handiness of parts, cost of labor movement, statistical likelihood of accidents and the vehicle ’ second guard and crash prevention features could all influence how a lot you pay for coverage. The vehicle makes and models in the postpone below are the five most popular vehicles in the country.

Some vehicle makes and models are considered more expensive to insure by policy companies. These shared features can include :

  • High-end vehicles, like luxury or sports cars: The high price tag of these vehicles often come with expensive parts and specialized knowledge to repair in the event of a claim. Sports cars also have higher speed maximums, which insurance companies may deem more expensive to insure because of the increased risk of accidents or harm.
  • Vehicle size: Larger cars can be more expensive to insure than sedans. In an accident, their increased size and weight may create more damage to other drivers and property. Most drivers who own a larger vehicle may also have space for more passengers, which also poses a risk in accidents.
  • Common, more affordable vehicles: Though these economy cars may be easier on a budget, their popularity and sheer number of them on the road contribute to the statistical likelihood that they will be involved in more accidents. They may also be easier for thieves to break into and steal, raising the cost of comprehensive claims that an insurance company would need to pay out.

Additional factors that affect car insurance rates

In accession to your state requirements, vehicle type, age ( except in Hawaii ), driving record and gender ( in most states ), respective other rating factors will impact your car indemnity premium .

  • Coverage selections: Your car insurance coverage options have a significant effect on your rate. If you select higher liability limits, choose lower deductible levels or take advantage of endorsements, your rates will likely be higher.
  • Insurance history: If you’ve had continuous car insurance for the length of time you’ve been licensed, you may pay lower rates. Lapses in your insurance history (unless you did not own a car during that time) can be an indication of high-risk behavior and may increase your premium.
  • Annual mileage: The more you drive, the more likely you are to get into an accident. Policyholders who drive fewer miles a year often qualify for lower rates (although this mileage designation varies by company).

How to find the best car insurance rates

buying car insurance doesn ’ triiodothyronine have to mean breaking the depository financial institution ; there are ways to save. Discounts are one of the best ways to lower your premium. Most major car indemnity carriers offer discounts. hera are some of the most common indemnity discounts in the U.S .

  • Claims-free: Drivers who have no auto claims on their record for the past several years typically qualify for savings.
  • Bundling insurance policies: You can often reduce your auto insurance premium when you bundle your car insurance policy with a home insurance policy, earning discounts on both policies.
  • Good student discounts: Many auto insurers offer discounts for young drivers who earn good grades in high school or college.
  • Paying in full: If you can afford to pay your car insurance premium in full, versus monthly or quarterly, it may reduce your premium.
  • Telematics: Most car insurance companies offer telematics programs where you can allow them to track your driving habits with an app or device for possible savings.

Because every car insurance company offers a different cortege of discounts, speaking with your policy agent or company representative may be the best way to learn about savings opportunities. additionally, getting quotes from respective car indemnity companies can help you compare rates. Each company sets its own rates, so the like coverage can cost vastly different amounts with unlike providers. Comparing quotes might help you find the lowest price for the coverage you need .

Frequently asked questions

    • minimum coverage refers to the state minimum coverage requirements for car indemnity. Most states require at least minimal levels of liability coverage, with some states besides requiring extra coverage types like personal injury protection ( PIP ) or uninsured motorist coverage. minimal coverage is normally associated with a cheaper premium but typically offers fiddling fiscal security to drivers in an accident.
      For this reason, policy professionals may recommend considering full coverage car policy depending on what vehicles you are insuring and what assets you have in your name. For case, if your vehicle is financed or leased, it ’ s likely that you will have to carry full coverage on your vehicle. Full coverage frequently refers to higher indebtedness limits and more coverage options, like collision and comprehensive, to cover your vehicle ’ mho wrong. Though more expensive than minimal coverage car indemnity, it offers more protection for assorted claims situations .
    • Full coverage car policy means you add coverage for damage to your vehicle by adding comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. In many circumstances, broad coverage car policy may be worth it. It is typically more expensive than minimum coverage, but it can help you pay for the price of your vehicle repairs or surrogate after a cover personnel casualty. Full coverage can be required if your car is financed or leased .
    • It might, but only if you change your coverage selections. Financing a vehicle doesn ’ t directly impact your car indemnity premiums, but your lender likely requires you to carry wide coverage, which can increase the price you pay. Once you pay off your loan, you could remove wax coverage and have a liability-only policy, which would likely reduce your bounty. however, you might want to talk to your agent beginning. Full coverage can be a dependable estimate even if you own your car instantaneously .
    • adolescent drivers have crash rates that are about four times higher than more experience drivers. To compensate for this hazard, car insurance companies typically charge more for adolescent drivers. In fact, teens are one of the most expensive age groups to insure .

      Average annual full coverage car insurance premium for 16-year-old drivers
      Average annual full coverage premium Percentage above national average
      2021 National average $1,674 0%
      16-year-old* +$2,531 51%

      *The 16-year-old rate reflects the premium increase in 2021 for adding the adolescent driver to their parents ’ car policy .

    • cable car indemnity rates, on average, steadily decrease as you long time, until about the long time of 70, when they slowly begin to increase again. however, your car indemnity may not decrease every class, since car policy rates are based on respective factors, including your geographic localization, fomite make and model and driving history. If you ’ ve been involved in an accident or been charged with a DUI, you may see major agio increases when you renew your policy. even if your personal characteristics and policy details don ’ triiodothyronine change, your agio may increase. Insurers charge new rates with the departments of insurance in the states they serve every year, so your agio may be topic to increases or decreases that reflect these new rates .


Bankrate utilizes Quadrant Information Services to analyze 2022 rates for all ZIP codes and carriers in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Quoted rates are based on a 40-year-old male and female driver with a clean drive read, good credit and the succeed wax coverage limits :

  • $100,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $300,000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $50,000 property damage liability per accident
  • $100,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per person
  • $300,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per accident
  • $500 collision deductible
  • $500 comprehensive deductible

To determine minimum coverage limits, Bankrate used minimum coverage that meets each department of state ’ sulfur requirements. Our base profile drivers own a 2020 Toyota Camry, commute five days a workweek and tug 12,000 miles per annum. These are sample rates and should only be used for comparative purposes. Age:
*2021 rates for 16-year-old are based on a driver of this age added to their parents ’ policy.
*2021 rates for 18-year-old are based on a driver of this old age that is a tenant ( not a homeowner ). Model: To determine the monetary value by vehicle type, we evaluated our 2021 nucleotide visibility with the follow vehicles applied : Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, Ram 1500, Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V and Toyota Camry ( base ). Incidents: Rates were calculated by evaluating our 2021 establish profile with the following incidents applied : clean criminal record ( base ), at-fault accident, individual speed ticket, one DUI conviction and lapse in coverage. Gender: The take after states do not use sex as a determining divisor in calculating premiums : California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania. Credit-Based Insurance Scores: These 2021 rates were calculated based on the following indemnity credit tiers assigned to our drivers : “ inadequate, average, full ( base ) and excellent. ” Insurance citation tiers factor in your official credit scores but are not pendent on that variable star alone. Five states prohibit using credit-based policy scores as a military rank factor in determining car insurance rates : California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan and Washington .

Bankrate scores

Bankrate Scores chiefly reflect a slant absolute of industry-standard ratings for fiscal forte and customer feel in addition to analysis of quoted annual premiums from Quadrant Information Services, spanning all 50 states and Washington, D.C. We know it is important for drivers to be convinced their fiscal protection covers the likeliest risks, is priced competitively and is provided by a financially-sound company with a history of positive customer digest.

To determine how well the best cable car insurance companies satisfy these priorities, third-party agency ratings from J.D. Power, AM Best, S & P, NAIC, and Moodys had the most affect on the companies ’ Bankrate Scores. As price is a common consideration for drivers, we analyzed quoted premiums based on 40-year-old male and female drivers with a 2019 Toyota Camry. This profile, assessed across more than 35,000 ZIP codes in the U.S., provided a basis on which drivers may compare each provider. While coverage options, insurance company handiness, affordability and customer experience are much the top priorities, Bankrate besides analyzed each insurance company ’ south on-line and mobile resources for policy management and claims handling. policy is quickly evolving to keep pace with our digital worldly concern, so these aspects besides carried weight unit in determining Bankrate Scores .

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