Does my personal car insurance cover rental cars?

It ’ randomness going to vary depending on the personal car indemnity policy you have and why you ’ ve rented a car. occasionally some coverages will extend to a rental. Be certain to check what your deductible is on your personal car policy policy as well. You may want to consider rental cable car policy if that deductible is high .
What Travel Guard besides offers, that you may not get with your personal car insurance policy, is access to 24/7 aid services. When you purchase lease vehicle damage coverage through Travel Guard it comes with travel and roadside aid to help when you ’ re on the road and need it most .

Do I need rental car insurance if I’m renting a car abroad?

personal car insurance policies in the U.S. may not provide coverage if you ’ re renting a cable car overseas. Some countries require a minimum coverage total or types of coverage for a vehicle rental policy policy, therefore be certain to check specifics of the country you ’ ll be driving in .

What does the Travel Guard Rental Vehicle Damage Coverage cover?

Accidents can happen, and whether it ’ s a fender curve or a chip windshield you ’ ll probable want some imprint of rental fomite damage coverage. With rental Vehicle Damage Coverage, you have up to $ 35,000 or $ 50,000 ( depending on the coverage you choose, with a $ 250 deductible ) in primary forcible price coverage in the consequence there is cover price to the rental vehicle.

Do I get Roadside Assistance with Travel Guard Rental Vehicle Damage Coverage?

Yes ! You can hit the road knowing that you have entree to 24/7 wayside aid in the event that you need help. Our representatives can contact tow companies, arrange alternate transportation system, and coordinate rental vehicle returns ( and more ) all while you focus on your trip .
When you purchase our Deluxe plan, you get up to $ 50 of Roadside Assistance coverage per car. Your travel design may cover up to $ 50 for some of those annoying things that can happen on your road trip like needing a tow, lock-out aid, or flat-tire aid.

To what Travel Guard products can I add on rental vehicle damage coverage?

Check out our comparison plans page to see which addition coverages, including our rental fomite damage coverage, are available on our most democratic plans.

How much is Travel Guard’s rental car insurance? 

lease vehicle wrong coverage with your Travel Guard travel insurance plan is calculated by day. You enter the dates you ’ ll have your rental car as you go through purchasing your travel policy and you ’ ll see a quote for the rental car assign .

If you ’ rhenium looking for more information on Travel Guard lease vehicle damage coverage, or any of our products, our World Service Center representatives are available to answer questions any time at 800.826.5248 .

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