Yes, State Farm does offer policy for new drivers, including teenagers and older adults with no driving experience. State Farm ’ s policy rates for new drivers are calculated the lapp direction as for all early drivers : by considering the customer ’ south coverage selections, their vehicle, and their personal details. however, insurance rates for newfangled drivers are normally more expensive than for drivers with a longer drive criminal record since insurance providers consider newfangled drivers more of a risk .
To help new drivers keep their first premiums low-cost, State Farm offers a variety of new-driver discounts. They include a commodity student discount rate, a student-away-at-school rebate, the Steer Clear rebate, and the Drive Safe & Save dismiss. Steer Clear is a safe driver train program for teens and young adults, while Drive Safe & Save is a telematics plan that rewards condom driving habits over clock time. Whether you ’ re a new driver yourself, or you want to add an inexperienced driver to your policy, it ’ s important to take advantage of these discount options.

Cost of State Farm Insurance for New Drivers

Age                                                           Average Premium                                   
16 $ 2,258
17 $ 1,990
18 $ 1,868

To give you an mind of how much a fresh driver might expect to pay with some of the largest policy companies in the state, including State Farm, WalletHub calculated the average annual premium for fresh drivers ( ages 16-18 ) in California .

  • State Farm: $2,039
  • Liberty Mutual: $2,262
  • Progressive: $1,957
  • Allstate: $2,642
  • Geico: $3,142

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