Geico is the nation ’ s second-largest car policy company, known primarily for low rates offered directly to consumers on-line and over the telephone. It is available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. If you ’ re looking for an low-cost car insurance policy, and you ’ re comfortable managing your own accounts online when an agent international relations and security network ’ metric ton nearby, Geico might be right for you. Geico is among NerdWallet ’ sulfur Best Car insurance Companies.

Geico auto insurance coverage

When you ’ re shopping for car insurance, it ’ second important to understand what car insurance coverage you want and what you ’ re required to buy. Most states require car insurance in order to drive a fomite. Although minimum coverage requirements vary from state to express, they generally include liability policy and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

If you want extra protection, you may be concern in fully coverage indemnity. Full coverage international relations and security network ’ t a specific policy type ; it ‘s a combination of coverage types, like liability, collision and comprehensive examination indemnity. Check out the most common types of cable car indemnity coverage below to see how they work :

coverage type What it pays for Required ?
Bodily wound and property damage indebtedness Costs for injuries, deaths or property damage from an accident you caused . typically required .
Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage checkup and property damage costs after an accident with a driver who has insufficient indemnity or none at all . frequently required .
collision coverage animate expenses from traffic-related accidents, careless of who ‘s at mistake . A car loanword or lease may require it .
comprehensive examination coverage repair costs from events outside of your manipulate, including weather events, hitting an animal while driving, larceny and vandalism . A cable car lend or rent may require it .

In addition to typical car indemnity coverage choices, Geico offers mechanical breakdown coverage. This covers repairs to all mechanical parts of a new car, less than 15 months old and with fewer than 15,000 miles, except problems caused by wear and tear. There ’ s a $ 250 deductible. mechanical breakdown coverage is renewable for up to seven years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, and does not pay for even care, such as tuneups .with

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Auto insurance discounts

Geico has a long number of car indemnity discounts, so there ’ second a estimable chance you can find a price break in that applies to you. Although details vary by country, you may be eligible for discounts for :

  • Having safety equipment, like atmosphere bags, anti-lock brakes, day running lights or an anti-theft system .
  • Owning a vehicle that is three model years old or modern .
  • Driving for five years with no accidents .
  • Using seat belts .
  • Completing a defensive drive course, or driver ’ second education for a unseasoned driver .
  • Having adept grades, if you or person on your policy is a full-time scholar .
  • Participating in an hand brake deployment with the U.S. military .
  • Being an active or retire military service penis or a penis of the National Guard or Reserves .
  • Being an active or go to bed union employee .
  • Insuring more than one vehicle with Geico .
  • Buying a homeowners, renters, condominium or fluid home policy through Geico .
  • Being a extremity of organizations, such as alumnus associations or sports groups .

Pricing based on tracked driving habits

In many states, Geico offers a program called DriveEasy, which uses a smartphone app to track habits such as speed, arduous brake and using your phone while driving. You can get a deduction for safe drive, but in some states you may end up paying more if the app finds you to be a riskier driver.

Auto insurance buying guide

Before you compare car policy companies, you ’ ll need to collect some basic data. This includes the driving history of everyone who will be on the policy, vitamin a well as facts about your car, such as condom features and annual mileage driven. You ’ ll besides want to determine which types of coverage you need. For example, do you want merely the bare minimum policy that your department of state requires, or do you need more across-the-board coverage, such as gap policy or rideshare coverage ? Check that each company you ’ rhenium considering has the options you want. When comparing rates among insurers, make sure each is offering the lapp coverage limits and deductibles. You may not want to make your decision based on price alone. Look at how many consumer complaints each company has, as a high number of complaints could be a crimson sag about the quality of service you ‘ll receive. Depending on which party you choose, you may be able to buy insurance on-line, over the call or through an agent. For more guidance, see how to get cable car indemnity.

Complaints and customer satisfaction

Geico had finale to the expect numeral of complaints to state regulators relative to its size for car insurance, according to three years ’ worth of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Geico ranked in the in-between of the pack in two 2021 J.D. Power car indemnity studies .

2021 J.D. Power study Geico rate
Auto indemnity shop No. 4 out of 8 companies .
Auto insurance claims satisfaction No. 8 out of 18 companies .

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easily compare personalized rates to see how much interchange cable car indemnity could save you.

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Get started on Geico received an overall satisfaction seduce of 77 out of 100 by a pool of its customers in a NerdWallet survey conducted on-line in July 2021. To put that in position, the average seduce among seven insurers was 79, and the highest was 83.

More about Geico auto insurance

web site : You can learn about and get a quotation mark for many types of policy through Geico ’ s web site, and you can besides submit a title or make a payment. additionally, the site has a feature to help you find the cheapest gas station near you. App : Geico ’ s mobile offer for io and Android helps you keep lead of your policy and charge details, access your digital car insurance ID poster, give bills and submit claims. You can besides use the app to request wayside aid and track your car ’ second care history. Voice aid : Geico ’ s virtual assistant is a feature of its mobile app that can answer your indemnity questions and provide specific policy information. Your Geico report is besides accessible through Amazon ’ south Alexa and Google Assistant. Geico ’ s telephone number is 800-207-7847.

Homeowners and renters insurance from Geico

Geico offers home indemnity through partner companies. To learn more about the coverage options available, read our Geico homeowners indemnity review. Geico besides offers renters insurance through its partners. To read about this program, see NerdWallet ’ s Geico renters insurance review.

Other insurance from Geico

Geico sells the following types of policy :

  • Motorcycle policy .
  • indemnity for all-terrain vehicles .
  • recreational vehicle policy .
  • boat or personal watercraft indemnity .
  • commercial car indemnity .
  • umbrella insurance ( some policies sold by a third party ) .

Geico offers other policies through third base parties, including :

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