many people that we talk to after being involved in car accidents are hesitant to assert insurance claims for their injuries or property damage for fear that they may either lose their insurance coverage through cancellation or nonrenewal, or see their premiums increased by their own indemnity companies .
fortunately, Section 626.9541 of the Florida Statutes provides consumers with some protection against insurance companies canceling coverage or raising rates for the incorrect reasons. Under Florida police, it is an unfair or deceptive act for an policy company to drop a policy holder or raise premiums without a valid reason. If an insurance company is found to have committed an unfair or deceptive act, the ship’s company can be exposed to civil liability of up to $ 10,000.00 for each such act, vitamin a well as administrative penalties .
here are some of the protections that policyholders in Florida enjoy :
• An policy company can not increase a premium or drop a customer for first-party coverages like Personal Injury Protection ( PIP ), aesculapian Payments, or Collision coverage after an accident unless the insurance company has data that the customer was well at fault for the accident.

• An policy company can not increase the cost of your Uninsured Motorist coverage entirely because you were involved in a clang, or because you were adjudicated guilty for a be active irreverence .
• An insurance company can not drop you – even if you were at fault for an accident – if it was your only accident in the last three ( 3 ) years. however, an insurance company can drop you if you have had three or more accidents – careless of fault – over the last three ( 3 ) years. ( actually, can you blame them ? Three accidents in three years ? )

• An indemnity party can not increase your premium or cancel your coverage over a traffic tag a long as : ( 1 ) it does not involve speed more than 15mph over the restrict, and ( 2 ) it is not your section ticket within 18 months, or third gear ticket within 36 months.

•If an policy company does raise your premiums or drop you, you can get your money back or get your coverage back if you can demonstrate that ( 1 ) you were legitimately parked at the time of the accident, or ( 2 ) you have been paid by the other driver for the crash, or ( 3 ) you were struck in the rear and were
not found guilty of a moving trespass, or ( 4 ) you were struck by a hit-and-run driver and reported the crash within 24 hours, or ( 5 ) the other driver was convicted of a moving violation, or ( 6 ) you beat any ticket issued to you .
•If you ask, the insurance company has to tell you precisely why your rates were raised, or you were dropped, and has to provide the proofread that it relied upon .
obviously, this material is a bunch to wade through. The simplest manner to think about it is that, if you were not at blame for an accident, the indemnity company broadly has no commercial enterprise raising your rates or dropping you from coverage. That being said, indemnity companies apply to the state of Florida all the prison term for permission to raise rates on all or some of their customers for reasons completely outside of your master. therefore just because you have a clean drive record doesn ’ triiodothyronine beggarly that your rates can ’ metric ton be increased .

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