There are many different factors that impact your car insurance rate ; one of the most crucial factors is the express you live in. The average monetary value of full coverage car insurance in the U.S. is $ 1,555, which breaks down to $ 130 per calendar month. however, you might pay more or less than the home average depending on your localization. If you ’ ra shop for car insurance, knowing the average price in your state of matter is a good manner to determine how much you can expect to spend .

Average car insurance rates by state

Where you live impacts auto insurance rates

If you ’ ve always purchased car indemnity in more than one express, you know barely how significantly the rates can vary. And it ’ s not barely the country that impacts the cost of car indemnity. Your specific energy code can besides increase or decrease the measure of money you spend on coverage. Why do car policy rates fluctuate so much ? ultimately, it ’ second because drivers face certain risks based on where they live. The riskier the localization, the more policy companies charge for insurance. Risks include everything from the number of uninsured drivers in a state, to the crime rate in a certain vicinity.

What are the cheapest states for car insurance?

Everyone hopes they live in a express with bum car policy. Check to see if you live in the top 10 cheapest states for fully coverage indemnity :

  1. Maine
  2. Ohio
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Idaho
  5. Iowa
  6. Vermont
  7. Virginia
  8. New Hampshire
  9. Indiana
  10. North Dakota

In the U.S., the average price among the lead 10 least expensive states is about 30 % lower than the national average. This means that cable car indemnity in the 10 cheapest states is significantly more low-cost, specially for people with a dear drive history. There are a few reasons why these states offer the least expensive car policy. A few states—Maine, Vermont and North Dakota—have very few uninsured drivers, according to the Insurance Information Institute ( III ). additionally, many of these states are located in regions that are not prone to severe weather, like hurricanes, which can easily damage a vehicle .

Top 10 cheapest states for auto insurance

State Full coverage average premium State minimum liability only
Maine $831 $312
Ohio $998 $320
Wisconsin $1,049 $330
Idaho $1,055 $337
Iowa $1,122 $274
Vermont $1,123 $314
Virginia $1,136 $398
New Hampshire $1,137 $427
Indiana $1,187 $372
North Dakota $1,211 $349

Quadrant data services, 2020


Maine offers the cheap cable car policy in the country, in large part because it has the fewest total of uninsured drivers. The III reports that just 4.5 % of drivers in Maine don ’ t have cable car policy .


cable car policy in Ohio is brassy because the state of matter has a huge policy industry—much larger than many other states. In fact, the state ranks 6th for insurance employment in the state. Having thus many providers means that the average cost of car policy is lower than it would be in a more competitive state .


Wisconsin is largely rural, which means there are fewer drivers on the road, creating less risk overall. This has a incontrovertible impression on the monetary value of insurance. Surprisingly, Wisconsin does have a high numeral of uninsured drivers—about 14.3 % —which is the fifteenth highest country in the country .


Idaho is another rural state, with a pretty low uninsured driver rate of 8.2 %. Although some parts of Idaho experience winter blizzards, the state doesn ’ t share with much extreme weather year-round. These factors contribute to a lower cost of car insurance .


We ’ rhenium starting to see a tendency with the midwestern states, and Iowa is no exception. Iowa does get hit with tornadoes during certain months, but early than that, the weather risks in the state of matter are pretty first gear. The uninsured driver rate is 8.7 %, which helps to keep policy costs abject vitamin a well .


Besides Maine, Vermont is the most rural express in the state. It ’ mho besides ranked in the lead five states with the fewest number of uninsured drivers, according to the III .


Virginia is a highly populate department of state with millions of license drivers. But because the express broadly doesn ’ metric ton bargain with natural disasters and early inclimate weather, the car indemnity costs are low .

New Hampshire

cable car insurance international relations and security network ’ t legally required in New Hampshire, but drivers who do purchase indemnity can get a beneficial rate. The rates are low partially in an undertake to incentivize drivers to get indemnity and to prevent price from being a hindrance .


Indiana is another rural country with a relatively moo population density. There are about 180 indemnity companies in Indiana, thus due to the competitive commercialize, car indemnity costs are abject .

North Dakota

North Dakota is ranked seventh for the least number of uninsured drivers. As we ’ ve seen with other states, North Dakota is identical rural. Fargo, the most populated city, has less than 125,000 people. Lower population means indemnity companies assume less gamble, and can charge less for indemnity .

Top 5 cheapest states for state minimum coverage

now that we ’ ve reviewed the cheapest states for full coverage car policy, take a look below at the cheapest states for minimal coverage policy. When reviewing these rates, keep in mind that the U.S. national average for minimum liability car policy is $ 545 per year .

State Full coverage average premium State minimum liability only
Wyoming $1,335 $264
Iowa $1,122 $274
Maine $831 $312
South Dakota $1,597 $314
Vermont $1,123 $314

Quadrant data services, 2020

What are the most expensive states for car insurance?

unfortunately, car insurance international relations and security network ’ metric ton brassy in every submit. In fact, car coverage can be extremely expensive depend on where you live. here are the top 10 most expensive states for car insurance :

  1. Florida
  2. New York
  3. Louisiana
  4. Michigan
  5. Rhode Island
  6. California
  7. Texas
  8. Missouri
  9. Nevada
  10. Kentucky

again, let ’ s compare the modal monetary value of car indemnity in these states to the U.S. national average. The average american driver pays $ 1,555 for wide coverage indemnity, which means the rate among the top 10 most expensive states is about 37 % higher than the national average— a meaning increase. 37 % higher than the national average indeed what makes these states then expensive for cable car indemnity ? For one, many of these states are located in areas with extreme upwind. Texas, Louisiana and Florida in particular get hit with severe hurricanes and flooding which can cause car damage. additionally, Florida and Michigan fall within the circus tent four states with the highest number of uninsured drivers .

Top 10 most expensive states for auto insurance

State Full coverage average premium State minimum liability only
Florida $2,587 $948
New York $2,498 $1,295
Louisiana $2,351 $765
Michigan $2,105 $1,219
Rhode Island $2,066 $790
California $1,974 $611
Texas $1,974 $708
Missouri $1,955 $688
Nevada $1,903 $836
Kentucky $1,850 $738

Quadrant data services, 2020


Florida is the most expensive submit for cable car insurance for two primary reasons. First, hurricanes and implosion therapy are common, which can make comprehensive car insurance claims more likely. The department of state besides has the highest numeral of uninsured drivers, at 26.7 % .

New York

New York is a no-fault state, which mechanically increases the price of car indemnity. No-fault insurance fraud is besides increasingly coarse in the state, which has caused insurance rates to skyrocket .


Like Florida, Louisiana deals with extreme weather, which makes it more dearly-won to insure vehicles. Louisiana besides has a reasonably high count of uninsured drivers—about 13 % —which equates to more expensive cable car policy rates.


Michigan is a no-fault country, so drivers mechanically pay more for their car insurance because they must carry Personal Injury Protection ( PIP ). additionally, Michigan requires drivers to purchase inexhaustible life medical benefits, which offers capital coverage, but international relations and security network ’ t bum .

Rhode Island

The reason why Rhode Islanders pay so much for cable car policy might surprise you—it ’ mho because the state has very high car torso costs. As of 2016, the average cost of compensate parts and labor movement in the department of state was $ 405.83. That puts Rhode Island in the top four most expensive states for cable car repairs .


California is a huge department of state, with a large number of drivers. There are millions of drivers on the road at any given clock, normally in dense, city areas, which means the risk for accidents is senior high school. As a solution, insurance companies charge more to offset the high volume of claims .


similar to California, Texas is base to millions of drivers. In cities with a high gear population concentration, like Houston or Dallas, car accidents are more probable to happen. The higher the hazard for accidents, the more money policy companies charge. The state of matter is besides capable to higher risk of hurricanes, implosion therapy, and hail .


roughly 14 % of Missouri drivers don ’ t have policy, which means the cost of policy is high in the express. additionally, Missouri has a reasonably high rate of fatal traffic accidents .


Three-quarters of Nevada ’ s population lives in Clark County, which is home to Las Vegas. Due to the senior high school population density, car insurance in the country is very expensive .


When it comes to uninsured drivers, Kentucky falls somewhere in the center. But since Kentucky is a no-fault state, drivers are required to carry and pay for PIP policy. This results in costlier premiums .

Top 5 most expensive states for state minimum coverage

In the table below, we ’ ve highlighted the top five most expensive states for minimum coverage car insurance. For comparison, the national average cost of minimum coverage policy is $ 545 per year .

State Full coverage average premium State minimum liability only
New York $2,498 $1,295
Michigan $2,105 $1,219
Florida $2,587 $948
New Jersey $1,763 $912
Maryland $1,787 $858

Quadrant datum services, 2020

No-Fault States

Some states are known as no-fault states, which means that an insurance claim is required after every accident, regardless of defect. Because of this stipulation, all drivers in no-fault states must carry personal injury protection ( PIP ) with their car insurance policies. 12 U.S. states are no-fault :

  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Puerto Rico
  • Utah

Tort states

A tort state is known as an at-fault express. This means that the party who causes the accident is besides responsible for paying for the damages. The percentage of driver fault determines how much you pay, but the claim sum depends on police. While no-fault indemnity protects yourself and your place in a car accident, tort insurance will besides pay out the other driver ’ mho damages if you are at fault. It requires drivers to carry more indemnity than those in no-fault states. There are 37 states that are tort states :

Alabama Iowa Rhode Island
Alaska Mississippi South Carolina
Arizona Missouri South Dakota
Arkansas Montana Tennessee
California Nebraska Texas
Colorado Nevada Vermont
Connecticut New Hampshire Virginia
Delaware New Mexico Washington
Georgia New York West Virginia
Hawaii North Carolina Wisconsin
Idaho Ohio Wyoming
Illinois Oklahoma
Indiana Oregon

No pay, no play state

Non-insured drivers create problems not just for insurance companies but besides for the insured drivers who parcel the road with them. When these two types of see parties collide in an incident on the road, it ’ south often the cover person who ends up paying the consequences, whether it ’ mho for the accident or belated on, when it comes time to renew your policy. No-pay, no-play laws are a solution to this problem, preventing uninsured drivers from receiving compensation from insured, at-fault motorists. presently, 10 states are no pay, no play states .

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon

Other factors considered in your car insurance rate

Where you live international relations and security network ’ t the only factor considered for your car indemnity rate. One of the first things that an policy caller analyzes is the type of car that you own. For exercise, newer vehicles are much full of the latest condom features, which can help reduce the likelihood of an accident. other aspects that policy companies consider when price car policy policies include these factors :

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Driving record
  • Credit score
  • Claims history
  • Payment history
  • Prior insurance

Car insurance when moving to a different state

If you ’ re moving to a newfangled state, one of the inaugural things you should do is update your indemnity. here are a few things to keep in mind :

Car insurance laws

cable car indemnity laws are different in every department of state. therefore even if you ’ re making a short circuit move, say from Massachusetts to Rhode Island, the amount of car indemnity you need will change. For example, Massachusetts ’ minimum coverage is 20/40/5, whereas Rhode Island ’ s minimal coverage is 25/50/25. In that case, you would need to increase your coverage limit after you move. If you keep the minimum needed coverage in Massachusetts when you start driving in Rhode Island, you ’ re technically breaking the police and can get fined for driving without adequate insurance .

How to change car insurance when moving out of state

If you ’ re moving out of state, you have two options for car indemnity. You can either call your indemnity company and ask to get a fresh policy written in your fresh state, or trade providers. Remember that even if you stay with your existing supplier, your pace may increase. Shopping about for a modern supplier can help keep the monetary value low. If you decide to switch, here ’ s what to do :

  • Collect the information you’ll need to switch providers, including your license, insurance history, annual mileage, and the names of other drivers who will be on your policy.
  • Research providers in your new state, and pay attention to coverage options, discounts and customer service reviews.
  • Get quotes from a few different companies to compare rates.

How to update your registration

fomite registrations are processed through the department of motor vehicles ( DMV ) in your state. You can either go on-line or visit the DMV in person to update your adjustment after you move. You are normally required to present your driver ’ s license, proof of policy, and fomite title. Once the information is verified, you ’ ll receive raw registration documents and license plates .

The takeaway

  • Car insurance rates vary significantly between states
  • Factors like weather risks, uninsured drivers, and minimum coverage amounts can all impact the statewide average cost of car insurance
  • If you’re moving states, be prepared for your car insurance requirements (and your rate) to change

car policy is legally required in about every state, so it ’ s an ineluctable cost. Some drivers are golden adequate to live in a express with bum cable car indemnity, while others have to pay thousands of dollars a year. Knowing the average cost of car policy per state is helpful for a few reasons, but it ’ mho particularly authoritative if you ’ re planning to move states. Keep in mind that car indemnity laws vary, so you might have to purchase more coverage when you move.


coverage utilizes Quadrant Information Services to analyze quoted rates from thousands of energy codes in all 50 states, using the exceed 15 policy carriers to determine the median car policy premiums. Quoted rates are based on the profile of a 30 year old male and female with clean force records and adept credit. Both drivers insure a modern, finance 2018 Toyota Camry, and commute five days a workweek and drive 12,000 miles annually. Full coverage rates include the follow coverage details :

  • $100k bodily injury liability coverage per person
  • $300k bodily injury liability coverage per accident
  • $100k property damage liability coverage per accident
  • $500 collision coverage deductible
  • $500 comprehensive coverage deductible

state minimum rates include each express ’ mho minimum coverage requirements. These rates were publicly sourced from insurance company filings and should be used for comparative purposes only. Your quotes will be different .

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