When it comes to insurance, there ’ s something to be said for driving experience. indemnity companies use factors like accident statistics when citing rates for young drivers, and the younger the driver, the more probably they ’ re going to get in an accident. therefore, 19-year-olds pay higher rates than many older drivers, but there are still some strategies you can use to help save money.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost for a 19-Year-Old?

The best car insurance for a 19-year-old will give you a combination of solid coverage and affordability. For 19-year-old drivers looking to get insured on their own, the costs are on the expensive side, but they ’ re still probable going to be lower than what you might see for a 16-year-old driver in the same side. In fact, the younger driver would pay an average of about $ 2,500 more than a 19-year-old.

tip icon CAR INSURANCE COST FOR A 19-YEAR-OLD VS 16-YEAR-OLD A 19-year-old would pay an average of about $2,500 less than a 16-year-old.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for 19-Year-Old Drivers

Companies use many factors when setting car insurance rates, and for 19-year-old drivers who don ’ t have the benefit of an established drive history, prices can get quite senior high school. however, there will hush be variations from company to company as each one uses a singular set of requirements and data points to determine rates. For exercise, even among the cheapest car policy companies for 19-year-olds, there ’ sulfur hush a $ 1,059 gap in average annual premiums between the cheapest and most costly options.

Cheapest Companies for an Individual 19-Year-Old Policy

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  • company annual premium
  • 1. state of matter grow $ 2,462
  • 2. Allstate $ 2,467
  • 3. GEICO $ 2,473
  • 4. progressive $ 3,415
  • 5. countrywide $ 3,521

Car Choice Matters When Insuring a Young Driver

One of the factors policy companies consider when setting rates is the type of car that ’ s being insured. In general, more expensive high-performance cars will drive up your rates, while cheaper, safer vehicles could help you save money. For a 19-year-old driver looking to buy a cable car — or who is deciding between multiple class vehicles — going for something elder with a high gear safety fink, like a Honda Civic, is a capital option. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a good place to start your search for the safest cars.

Strategies to Save Money on Car Insurance for a 19-Year-Old

Although it can be expensive for a 19-year-old to get their own insurance policy, there are strategies you can use to reduce the costs. For example, adding that unseasoned driver to a family policy can mean significant savings, if that ’ s an option. here are some other ideas to consider :

Compare Quotes for the Best Policy

As noted above, the best car indemnity for a 19-year-old will vary based on many factors. That ’ mho why it ’ randomness crucial to compare quotes if you can. That way, you ’ ll understand your options and are well prepared to choose the best policy for you. According to MoneyGeek ’ randomness studies, doing so can cut costs by about 50 % per year. Loading …

Ensure a Clean Driving Record

As with any driver, having accidents and tickets in your driving history will drive up costs. It ’ s particularly vital for 19-year-old drivers to maintain a clean drive record if they want to keep their rates equally low as potential.

Find Companies That Offer Teen Discounts

19-year-old drivers should take advantage of any and all discounts available to them. And for those shopping around, that means seeking out things like good-student discounts which reward young drivers attaining certain scholastic achievements. For example, State Farm offers up to a 25 % good-student dismiss to drivers with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, attain a grade average of B or better, rank scholastically in the top 20 % of their class, or make the Dean ’ south List or honor roll. ( Be aware that these requirements may vary by localization. )

early options to look for are things like defensive driving courses, which can help lower premiums while besides reducing accident rates. even if these courses don ’ triiodothyronine align with a dismiss at your policy company, they can even translate to savings over clock.

Lower the Coverage Amount

Reducing the coverage amounts — like opting for liability-only car indemnity — will lower your car policy cost. This can be a effective option for drivers with an cheap car. however, it ’ randomness crucial to consider the potential consequences before going forward. For example, if you were to get in an accident, you typically wouldn ’ t be covered for damages to your vehicle, which could lead to costly repair bills late on.

Choose a Sedan Over a Sports Car

Some cars are going to cost you more to insure than others. For case, sports and luxury cars are typically on the higher end of the spectrum to insure — a Mustang will normally cost more than a Camry. That ’ sulfur something to consider if you ’ re looking to get a new vehicle.

Why Is Car Insurance So Expensive for a 19-Year-Old?

Younger drivers don ’ t have the benefit of a long, proved driving criminal record to help them save money on car indemnity. That means insurers turn to average tug statistics for 19-year-olds to estimate the likelihood of those drivers getting into an accident. And unfortunately for those drivers, the statistics are less forgiving than they are for drivers in their twenties.

Traffic Statistics for 19-Year-Old Drivers

In general, the statistics say that drivers tend to get into fewer accidents as they long time. therefore, a 16-year-old is more probably to get into an accident than a 19-year-old, while person in their early twenties is less probably to experience an accident than either of those younger drivers.

Driver Age fatal Crashes injury Crashes All Crashes
16–17 3.75 361 1,432
18–19 2.47 197 730
20–24 2.15 157 572

On average, younger drivers are at a higher gamble of getting into accidents. therefore, limiting the mileage for younger drivers can translate to safer drive and, subsequently, cheaper car policy for a 19-year-old driver. Younger drivers are going to be a riskier stake for policy companies, and that tends to drive up costs. Nineteen-year-olds actually have the highest modal deaths per head per annual miles drive, as compared to other senesce groups — even drivers aged 16–18. so if potential, driving less is both safer and less expensive. One option to consider is taking advantage of ‘ away from base ’ discounts which typically reward young drivers who are away at college, without their car .Driver Deaths per Capita per Annual Miles Driven Loading …


MoneyGeek collected data for young drivers in this age range to determine and contextualize the average cost of car policy for 19-year-olds. Its methodology includes driving statistics from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, vitamin a well as the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration.

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