cable car indemnity premiums can be cryptic at the best of times. If you move, buy a newfangled car or plainly get older, prices can go up or down without a lot of explanation.


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Get started on While those premium changes may feel arbitrary, the price you pay ultimately ties back to a handful of facts about you. Age and sex are two of the most common factors that affect your car policy rate. And while not all states let insurers use these factors the same manner, most allow them to be contribution of the equation.

Charts: Average car insurance rates by age and gender

car insurance rates across the country vary based on where you live, but national averages can give you an idea of what you might pay. To find how insurance price differs on average by long time and gender, NerdWallet looked at rates from the five largest car insurance companies in the U.S. — State Farm, Geico, Progressive, Allstate and USAA – across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Full coverage car insurance rates by age and gender

Full coverage car policy is a style of car policy, not a specific product. Full coverage policies add extra coverage on exceed of state minimal requirements. The rates below reflect a policy with comprehensive examination and collision indemnity along with indebtedness, uninsured motorist coverage and other state-required coverage where needed .

age female male
20 $ 3,127 $ 3,561
30 $ 1,667 $ 1,697
35 $ 1,621 $ 1,634
40 $ 1,584 $ 1,589
50 $ 1,474 $ 1,485
60 $ 1,421 $ 1,438

Minimum coverage car insurance rates by age and gender

Minimum coverage car policy is precisely what it sounds like — the least possible coverage that fulfills a state ’ south requirements. That means policies will differ in coverage based on where you live. The rates below reflect national averages for minimum coverage, so actual rates can vary widely by state .

old age female male
20 $ 1,125 $ 1,246
30 $ 577 $ 572
35 $ 564 $ 555
40 $ 554 $ 545
50 $ 522

$ 518
60 $ 510 $ 511

Why age affects your car insurance rates

As many new drivers have discovered, being young is an easy manner to pay more for car insurance. There are at least two reasons for that higher price. First, young drivers have less experience — something car indemnity companies often use to determine premiums. Second, studies have shown younger drivers are much more probable to be in accidents. This results in the high average car policy rates for young drivers in the graph below . These rates are for individual insurance policies, which are typically higher than rates for family policies with new drivers. however, the accident rate for young drivers helps explain why car indemnity for 20-somethings can put such a dent in your wallet. Some states, like Massachusetts, have rules against age-based rates. still, evening if your country doesn ’ thymine let companies to base rates on old age, you might pay more when you ’ rhenium new. Most states do allow insurers to use driving know as a factor in determining rates, so cable car indemnity for new drivers can be costly, careless of old age. If you ’ ve been driving for only a class or two, you ’ re probably to pay more than person who has been behind the rack for a decade.

How gender affects your car insurance rates

On top of your senesce, many companies consider your gender in setting your cable car policy price. Our analysis found that starting at age 20, men pay higher average policy rates. By age 30, women and men pay about peer rates, but the price gap never rightfully closes. Across all old age groups, men pay more than women on modal. In this case, there ’ s some data to back up charging young men more. A survey from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, or IIHS, found male drivers of all ages are 63 % more likely than female drivers to be involved in a fateful crash. Younger men are even more prone to fatal accidents, with rates for male drivers ages 16 to 19 about doubly those for female drivers of the same senesce.

Fatal crash rate per 100 million miles driven

age Males Females
16-19 6.4 3.3
20-29 3.9 1.6
30-59 1.6 1.1
60-67 1.5 1.0
70+ 2.8 2.1
Figures from the IIHS based on analysis of the U.S. Department of Transportation ‘s Fatality Analysis Reporting System 2017 data .

States that don’t allow auto insurance rates based on gender

not all states allow insurers to set rates based on gender. California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina and Pennsylvania all have statewide bans on using gender as a gene in car insurance rates .

See what you could save on car insurance

easily compare personalized rates to see how much switch over car policy could save you.

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Typical car insurance rates by age and gender

When you stack age and gender in concert, you end up with even more disparity in car indemnity rates. For case, in our report, we found that median rates for a 20-year-old male driver are 14 % higher than for a 20-year-old female driver. By senesce 30, this deviation goes down to just 2 %. again, this datum is based on a national average of the five biggest car insurers, so car insurance rates in your state may be much lower. It ’ second one of the reasons we constantly recommend shopping around to compare car indemnity rates .

How insurance companies set your rates

You ’ re likely to see different rates from about every insurance company because each of them uses the information they have about you a small differently. Some wish more about your driving history, while some caution more about the car you drive. Auto indemnity companies are besides limited by rules for setting car insurance rates that differ in each department of state. States right future to each other can have big swings in average costs due to local laws. For exemplify, a 35-year-old driver in Florida is looking at an modal annual rate of $ 2,775 for fully coverage. Cross the course into Georgia, and that lapp driver gets an average pace drop of over $ 1,000, down to $ 1,698. As a resultant role, where you live is one of the biggest factors in the price you ultimately pay. To get an idea of what to expect, check out modal car insurance rates in your department of state. note : In this article, NerdWallet uses the term “ gender. ” We recognize that this is different than sex. Gender is how you identify within society, while sex refers to certain biological attributes.

Some insurers don ’ triiodothyronine recognize this eminence and use the terms interchangeably. This means when applying for car indemnity, they may ask for your gender, when they actually mean arouse. They may besides ask for designation that doesn ’ metric ton reflect your sex accurately. For example, a company may want the “ gender ” you list on your policy application to match the sex listed on your driver ’ randomness license. For more details, read Getting Car Insurance as a transgender or Nonbinary Driver .

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