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Drivers that are golden enough to have gone years without needing to make a claim on their car policy, reap the rewards when it comes to their insurance premiums. But what can you do if you ’ ve lost your No Claims Bonus after making what your insurance company considers to be an ‘ at fault ’ claim, or you ’ ve been an extra driver on person else ’ s policy and ineffective to build up any No Claims Bonus in your own diagnose ? It ’ s a question that affects many drivers. Your bounty can go up well if you ’ ve lost your No Claim Bonus, specially if you ’ re a young driver. This can seem particularly unfair if the accident was due to factors such as weather – for case, if your car skidded on a wet road, flush though you were driving within the amphetamine limit. If the other driver was at blame but wasn ’ triiodothyronine insured, you can besides lose your no-claims discount and the same applies if your car is damaged by vandals. Having a drive conviction only makes matters more complicate .

How complete Cover Group Can Help with Insurance for Drivers with Zero No Claim Bonus

At Complete Cover Group, we work hard to ensure that you can get low-cost insurance for zero No Claims Bonus years. We have years of expertness, a great panel of leading UK insurers and expert cognition of specialist policies to help drivers like you. It makes a great difference when you explain things to a skilled indemnity broke who uses their in-depth cognition of the market to put together indemnity for your individual needs. And of class, once you have the policy in stead, you can start building up those no-claims years again.

If you have a No Claims Bonus from an EU state, we can help you find an insurance company that will accept your alien No Claims Bonus .

Can there be a break in a No Claims Bonus ?

A col in your no claims bonus ( NCB ) can occur for many reasons such as changing from being the independent driver to a named driver ( who don ’ metric ton normally receive a NCB ), taking a collapse from driving or living oversea. It will vary between insurers, but a NCB will generally lone final for two years. If your break is longer than this, you may need to contact the company your NCB is with. They may still be will to transfer it to a new policy. If not, you should shop around for an insurance company who will accept it otherwise you will have to start again from scratch .

Can you transfer a No Claims Bonus from a company car ?

not every insurance company will accept driving experience on a ship’s company car policy towards a private matchless. For insurers that do, they may require written evidence such as a letter from your employer confirming details of the vehicle. They may besides only be bequeath if you had sole use of the car and whether it was insured for Social, Domestic and Pleasure ( SDP ) .

Can you transfer a minibike No Claims Bonus to a car ?

If you are planning to trade your motorbike for something with more wheels, you may be wondering whether you can move your existing no claims bonus ( NCB ).

many insurers acknowledge that your years of reasonable have driving a motorbike will transfer into the seat of a car. This is particularly significant for new drivers who may have started driving on the road but have decided to change for a more hardheaded vehicle. If you are in the unfortunate place of having to start your no claims dismiss again from nothing, Complete Cover Group can help you find an low-cost quote flush with zero no claims bonus .

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