If you are looking to sell a car in the Netherlands, you will be pleased to know that there are several options available to you .
Your cable car will not last your life. It either wears out – a good reason to sell before it loses value – or it nobelium longer suits your life style. fortunately, there are some fairly simple ways to sell a car in The Netherlands. You can use an mediator, such as a principal or bribe site, or make a private sale to an individual .


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Sell your car to a dealer

Selling a car is quick and easy at a local anesthetic car dealer. Most dealerships that sell practice cars in the Netherlands will immediately buy your car, minimum questions asked. Though you ’ re assured of a quick, guaranteed sale by selling a car to a franchise, you frequently must settle for a lower price.

many cable car dealerships besides offer the possibility to exchange your previous car for a new one ; they will sell the fresh cable car to you for a favorable trade-in monetary value .

Sell your car to a buying site

One of the fastest and most financially sound ways to sell a car in the Netherlands is through an RDW-licensed locate. There are many services available, including Wijkopenautos.nl or ikwilvanmijnautoaf.nl, that allow you to enter your car information, determine the current value, and sell it near value .
These sites vary in services ; some require an inspection, and others don ’ thyroxine. Some may guarantee a sale ; but some may not. With Wijkopenautos.nl, for model, sellers may make an appointment for exempt RDW-approved valuation ; afterwards, they instantaneously receive a bid on the car. If the seller accepts this offer, the sale closes .
Used cars in the Netherlands
One of the primary benefits of a car buy locate – besides the speed at which a car can sell – is the lack of required paperwork. The car sell locate will arrange all paperwork regarding the vehicle registration transfer, angstrom well as exit you a vrijwaringsbewijs ; this proves that the cable car is no longer under your name .

Sell your car in an auction

auction sites have begun to grow in popularity ; however, like marketplace websites such as Marktplaats, you are not guaranteed a adept sale. You are besides creditworthy for a proper display of the cable car. Again, you must provide high-quality photograph of your cable car, write a description, and place them on an auction site .
You must then wait for a properly crack to come along, but don ’ t expect any miracles. Although auctions are a popular way of selling a car in the Netherlands, a commodity price is not always potential .

Sell your car to an individual

Selling your car privately is one of the most democratic ways to sell a vehicle in the Netherlands. There are batch of ways to do so, excessively. You can sell to friends or family, hang a “ for sale ” sign in the car or use a web site such as Marktplaats or Speurders .
With these websites, you are the entirely one creditworthy to advertise your car and prepare it for sale. Ensuring that the car has been thoroughly cleaned, includes its manuals and has been inspected heighten the chances that it will be seen among the thousands of cars for sale on-line. High-quality photograph of the outside, home and even under the hood besides improve the likelihood of a sale .
Though it ’ s not required, having the car inspected – according to the required annual APK ( Algemene Periodieke Keuring, or periodic technical inspection ) – will build confidence in the buyers. In fact, some buyers will disregard cars that must however go through an APK ; this is because it can be a sign of expensive necessary repairs. Doing so, however, may mean that you need to invest in repair work .
Selling privately could be more profitable, but the serve takes time and patience. You may get no bids or excessively many bids that fall through. You must besides make yourself available to potential buyers who wish to come look at the car and test drive it .
once person agrees to purchase the car, print a document that serves as a abridge. This should country that the car ( mention stigmatize and model ) has been sold for the agree price.

The RDW outlines the fomite registration action – in which possession of the cable car is transferred to the buyer – and states that it must be done by the buyer at a kentekenloket ( registration desk ). This is often located at PostNL position office or an RDW agency ; you, as the seller, may besides go, but it is not necessary. The buyer must be in self-control of specific documents in order to transfer the car. These documents are :

  • Vehicle registration card (kentekencard)
  • Tenaamstellingscode, or ownership code

Those that have papers issued before January 2014 may provide early documents :

  • Tenaamstellingsbewijs, or proof of ownership, which shows the car is registered in the owner’s name, including the owner’s name, birthdate and residence, as well as when the date of registration
  • Overschrijvingsbewijs, or “proof of transfer,” which is a registration certificate that demonstrates ownership of the car

note that if you sell your car to person outside of the Netherlands, for case Belgium, you can not go to a kentekenloket to transfer ownership of the car. alternatively, you and the buyer must go to an RDW position to begin proceedings to export the car ; this, of course, requires more paperwork .

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