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The irony of being a senior driver is that although you have gained a great deal of driving experience over the years, at a certain age auto insurance rates often start to go up. While insurance companies have reasons for these increases, it can be frustrating to anyone with a long history as a safe driver.
The sarcasm of being a senior driver is that although you have gained a great softwood of driving experience over the years, at a certain historic period car insurance rates often start to go up. While insurance companies have reasons for these increases, it can be frustrating to anyone with a long history as a safe driver. fortunately, when it comes to car policy for seniors, there are some great choices, thanks to respective companies that have decided to reward years of safe drive. With capital rates and added benefits, these car policy programs are a perfective suit for seniors .

What are the basics of auto insurance for seniors?

senior drivers are not required to meet any extra requirements than any other driver when it comes to car indemnity. Like everyone on the road, seniors have to carry a legal minimum amount of indemnity coverage based on the laws in their submit of residence .
If you own your car outright, you do not have to carry comprehensive coverage and collision coverage ( if you placid have a loan, this will likely be required ), but unless the vehicle is of depleted value, it is a adept estimate. Since elder citizens are frequently on a fix income, the cost of repairing or replacing a vehicle in the event of an at-fault accident may present a fiscal burden. Full coverage policy can protect you from that trouble .
Seniors can continue to benefit from the assortment of car insurance discounts available to most drivers, including multi-policy discounts. not amazingly, your age range plays a character in the average rates for drivers. When shopping for an car policy as a senior, your base rate might not be lower than other age groups. however, one option for seniors over middle-aged drivers could be a suppurate driver deduction. In addition, there may be some early rate reductions or discounts for seniors that can be enjoyed .
According to the Insurance Information Institute, your car indemnity policy may besides offer you an accident-free discount rate on your policy bounty. As accident rates can be higher, safe driving habits will help provide the cheapest cable car indemnity rates to seniors .

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What are the specifics of auto insurance for seniors?

There are a couple of differences in your car indemnity as a senior that can actually help bring down your rates .


If you have retired, make sure to let your car insurance party know correct away. immediately that you are no longer commuting, the reduce prison term behind the wheel means your car can be rated for joy habit. That means a lower rate. Most insurance companies pace based on how many miles you drive on average each class, so if you ’ re spending more time at home, you can save .

Defensive Driving Course:

many companies offer seniors a discount for completing a defensive drive path. not lone will this sharpen your driving skills, it will mean a better rate. Be certain to ask your insurance company what elder discounts they offer to mature drivers .

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What’s Our Process like?

Our criteria for the best car insurers for seniors were basic : they should offer senior-friendly rates and discounts, in accession to rewarding the many years of driving experience .
We chose companies with excellent customer service records and those that are highly rated for claims satisfaction. All of our picks have comprehensive car insurance programs that will provide the protection you need for the fiscal stability you have worked arduous to achieve .
All of our top picks offer coverage countrywide, and while companies like USAA have a solid offer, we selected lone those that provide policy to the general public, and do not have eligibility requirements .
ultimately, we looked for the add perk up senesce drivers have earned to increase the value of the policy policy over other insurers .

What are our top recommendations?

These three companies all give seniors great coverage, with discounts and rewards earned by years of experience on the road .
The Hartford TrueLaneThe Hartford TrueLane
It is no surprise that AARP ’ s partnership with The Hartford has resulted in one of the best insurance programs available to seniors anywhere. The 50+ AARP branded indemnity course of study has a 12-month locked-in rate and a guarantee that you will not be dropped equally hanker as you pay your car indemnity premiums – no topic what .
The plan offers discounts for passing a defensive driving path and packs in extra benefits such as RecoverCare, which provides dwelling aid after an accident as you recover. The Hartford ranks systematically high in claims gratification angstrom well as overall customer gratification, and they are a solid company. senior drivers can not go wrong hera .


Geico ’ s appearance on this list may ( unlike The Hartford ) come as a surprise to some, but they are actually a identical senior-friendly ship’s company. Like the AARP program, they offer a guarantee reclamation plan to drivers over 50 called Prime Time ( available in most, but not all, states ) that promises you will not be dropped. They besides have a good range of discounts that include defensive driving course completion and special discounts for retired government employees and veterans .
Geico is the irregular largest policy company in the state, with a hearty fiscal foot. Geico is besides known for humble rates overall, which means seniors can save .

State FarmState Farm

The biggest indemnity company in the state besides offers good discounts and programs for aged drivers. Although they may be on the more expensive side, they actually perform very well in rate tests, particularly well when you apply multi-policy discounts. Their drive Safe and Save program allows seniors to prove their excellent drive skills and qualify for a dismiss in rejoinder .
department of state Farm besides offers a Mature Driver Improvement Course rebate american samoa well as a defensive drive deduction, and they come with a great repute and rock-solid fiscal standing. Their captive agentive role system means seniors can get the personal servicing and advice they desire, in summation to getting a capital deal on a senior-friendly policy .

How to Shop for Senior Insurance

If you have been with your insurance company for a long time and finding that your rates are going up merely due to your old age, it may be clock time to shop around. even if your stream insurance company offers a discount rate in return for taking a drive course, it may be possible to find a better deal elsewhere .
When you are shopping for policy, be certain to ask about fledged driver and early discounts available. If you have already completed a drive course, some quoting systems will allow you to enter it and see the rebate right away .
Online quotes can offer a service line, but it is a good idea to get a representative on the call to discuss what is available to you as a senior, since those discounts may not appear in an on-line rate quote. Making a few telephone calls may save you a batch of money .
Bear in take care that one of the biggest discount rate opportunities for seniors is bundling. typically, it is best to shop your home insurance and car insurance in concert. In addition, do not forget life indemnity – if you have a policy, that like company may offer you an extra discount .

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What’s the bottom line on auto insurance for seniors?

The pace increases handed down to seniors may be frustrating, but you can fight back by turning to insurance companies that prize experience and a long, houseclean drive record. Take advantage of all of the discounts that are available you and look for dear value in your policy, in accession to a good rate. fortunately for senior drivers, some of the best and biggest names in indemnity are on your side when it comes to covering you on the road .

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