We analyzed quotes from top car insurers and found that car insurance for women costs 5 % less on average than it does for men. State Farm had the best rates for women drivers, with premiums that monetary value about 30 % less than three other major home insurers : Allstate, Nationwide and Progressive .
The reason for the difference between male and female rates is that policy companies have found women are by and large less probable to be in accidents. This rate discrepancy is most pronounce in young girls ‘ car insurance rates .
even though women normally save money on car insurance, it ‘s hush possible for women to overpay for coverage, so be sure to maximize discounts and patronize around for your best deal .

Where to find cheap car insurance for ladies

state Farm systematically offered the cheapest car insurance rates for women, providing quotes about 30 % below average across all the age groups in our analyze. We collected sample distribution car indemnity quotes from four of the largest car policy companies and found that women are most likely to get their best rates from this insurance company.

Who has the cheapest car insurance for women

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interestingly, we found that every insurance company weighs gender differently when providing policy quotes. Progressive and State Farm both offer better rates for women overall, Geico offers better rates to men overall, and Allstate offers the lapp rates to both women and men .
Women looking for cheap car policy should focus on getting multiple quotes to secure the best rates, rather than looking for an insurance company that specifically caters to female drivers .
ultimately, the overall monetary value remainder among insurers is much more meaning than the affect gender has on insurance rates. State Farm, for example, had the most significant sex discrepancy in our discipline — 17-year-old male drivers paid 26 % more than female drivers — but had the cheapest rates overall .
Women looking for their best deals should n’t worry besides much about choosing an insurance company that specifically caters to female drivers, so farseeing as they ‘re checking multiple insurers for the best rates .
Cost of insurance for male and female teen drivers

Best cheap car insurance for new female drivers

We recommend State Farm to teen girls looking for cheap car insurance. The average pace for our sample 17-year-old driver is $ 4,618 per year, but State Farm charges 28 % less — just $ 3,347 per year. While that ‘s still a hefty price rag, it puts $ 1,271 back in pockets each year .
Because they are new to the road and drive less confidently than their older counterparts, adolescent daughter drivers pay more for car insurance than adult women. average car indemnity quotes for our adolescent female child driver were 152 % more expensive than for our 32-year-old female driver and 239 % more expensive than for our 65-year-old female driver .






State Farm $3,347 $1,457 $1,160 $1,049
Progressive $4,786 $2,287 $1,963 $1,595
Geico $4,794 $1,965 $1,707 $1,232
Allstate $5,543 $2,926 $2,493 $1,726

The best way for raw, recently licensed adolescent daughter drivers to secure cheap car policy is to stay on their parents ‘ policy. ValuePenguin found that it costs half angstrom much to add a adolescent driver to a policy as it does to have them take out their own .
Young female drivers can besides get policy discounts through good grades or membership in diverse affinity groups or associations. If you ‘re a young driver who has been in an at-fault accident or received a citation for rush, you may be able to complete a defensive drive course and get a dismiss .

Best cheap car insurance for young female drivers under 25

Of the four companies in this learn, State Farm once again had the best rates for young female drivers looking for car insurance. The average rate for a 24-year-old female driver was $ 2,159 per year, but State Farm quotes for our young female driver were only $ 1,457 — a 33 % dispute .
cheap car policy is broadly easier to find if you ‘re a young female driver than if you ‘re a young male driver, but this changes for ladies over 30. State Farm, for example, charged our sample 25-year-old female driver 21 % less for cable car policy than our sample male driver — but the ship’s company charged identical rates to our sample distribution male and female drivers at ages 32 and 65 .

Car insurance for women over 50

We found that ladies over 50 pay slightly less for cable car insurance than men over 50, but the difference is army for the liberation of rwanda less marked than it is at other ages. In fact, of the four insurers in our survey, only Progressive charged male drivers rates that were importantly higher than female drivers. State Farm and Allstate charged 65-year-old drivers identical rates, regardless of gender, and Geico charged our sample distribution male driver just $ 3 more each class .
If you ‘re a female driver over 50, start your search for bum insurance with State Farm. Annual premium average at $ 1,049 per year. That ‘s 23 % cheaper than the average rate for women drivers at this historic period, which is $ 1,364 .

Best auto insurance for single women

Your marital status besides has an impact on your car indemnity rates, with married drivers normally paying slightly less than single drivers, careless of gender .
State Farm is an exception to this dominion. not only did it charge our sample married female driver and one female driver the like rate, but it besides had the cheapest rates overall. If you ‘re a single female driver looking for the cheapest car policy, start your research with State Farm .


32-year-old married driver

32-year-old single driver

% difference

State Farm $1,160 $1,160 0%
Geico $1,640 $1,707 4%
Progressive $1,965 $1,963 0.1%
Allstate $2,448 $2,493 2%

Do men or women pay more for car insurance?

Men normally pay more for car indemnity than women do. Across all the age groups in our study, we found that car insurance is 5% higher for men than for women. The average annual rate for men was $ 2,617, while the average annual rate for women was $ 2,493 .
cost of insurance men vs. women

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Average rate (women)

Average rate (men)

% difference

17 $4,618 $4,946 7%
24 $2,159 $2,277 5.5%
32 $1,831 $1,846 1%
65 $1,364 $1,401 3%

however, the difference between male and female car insurance rates changes substantially with age. Women ‘s car indemnity is systematically cheaper than men ‘s, but 17-year-old men pay 7 % more than women — about $ 328 more each year .
By the time drivers reach 24 years old, the remainder drops to 5 % ( $ 119 more for men ), and by the time drivers reach 32, the deviation is minimal — precisely 1 %, or $ 15 more per class. Interestingly, the dispute in rates grows when drivers reach their mid-sixties. Men pay 3 % more than women ( $ 36 more ) at age 65, according to our analysis .

Why is car insurance cheaper for women than for men?

Women ‘s cable car indemnity is broadly cheaper than men ‘s because insurers have found a statistical correlation between a driver ‘s gender and the cost and frequency of car indemnity claims .
man, on average, just drive more than women. This increases their overall likelihood of being involved in a collision, which in turn makes car indemnity higher .
additionally, men have besides been shown to more frequently engage in bad drive behaviors like speeding and drunkard drive. This is particularly true for unseasoned drivers, with youthful male teenagers being twice adenine likely to be killed while driving than young ladies are. due to these and other reasons, youthful women are involved in car crashes less frequently than young men, and they pay less for cable car indemnity to match this lower risk .

Gender plays a relatively small role in setting insurance premiums

While your gender undeniably has an impact on your car insurance rates, it ‘s far from the biggest divisor when an policy caller decides your premium. other factors that insurers consider include :

  • Your age
  • Your driving record
  • The make and model of your car
  • Your credit score
  • Your marital status

Of these factors, your driving history usually has the biggest impact on your rates. even among our sample 17-year-old drivers — who experience the highest sex pace discrepancy — an at-fault accident affected rates far more than sex did. We found that cable car indemnity quotes for both young male and female drivers went up by 48 % after an at-fault accident, while the difference in rates for young men versus young women drivers was equitable 7 % .


Average annual rate

Average annual rate after accident

% difference

Female $4,618 $6,854 48%
Male $4,946 $7,320 48%

States where car insurance is the same for men and women

In order to make rate-setting more equitable, some states have banned insurance companies from using gender when setting rates. These include :

Car insurance discounts for female drivers

car indemnity companies do n’t offer any special discounts for women entirely, but women can cut their car insurance bills in all the common ways. here are some of the best ways for women to save on car insurance :

Shop around

The most important way for women to get the cheapest cable car policy rates is to compare quotes from multiple insurers. For exemplar, we found that a 32-year-old womanhood driving in Indiana, will save $ 67 per month if she switches from Progressive to State Farm, meaning that woman might spend an extra $ 803 per class if she did n’t shop around .
It ‘s besides a bright theme to check back sporadically to confirm you ‘re getting your best rate, particularly if you experience a significant biography event like getting married, moving or buying a car .

Drive safely

Your driving history is one of the biggest factors insurers consider when setting rates. not merely will avoiding accidents prevent insurers from raising your rates, but driving safely can besides frequently qualify you for ample discounts through telematics programs. For case, women drivers using State Farm ‘s Drive Safe and Save app can save up to 50 % off their previous rates .

Bundle policies

Most insurers offer discounts to customers who buy in bulk — for insuring multiple vehicles under the same cable car indemnity policy or purchasing multiple types of policy policies ( such as life and automobile policies ) from the like ship’s company, for example .

Group affiliation discounts

Customers can besides save money with some insurers if they ‘re affiliated with certain organizations or professional groups. Sometimes it ‘s based on a perk up a group, like an employer or union has specifically negotiated with the caller. other times, it ’ randomness for working in a specific profession. For exemplar, Geico offers discounts to members of the Society of Women Engineers. Ask your insurance company what group or professional discounts you might be eligible for .

Frequently Asked Questions

Is car insurance more expensive for male or for female drivers?

by and large speaking, men pay more for car policy than women do. Women broadly driveway less than men and get into fewer accidents, which makes them less bad to insure and results in lower rates. however, a charwoman with incidents on her drive commemorate will normally pay more than a man with a clean phonograph record.

Who has cheap car insurance quotes for female drivers?

We found that State Farm has the best rates for female drivers out of the four largest home insurers. however, you may be able to snag a better deal with a local or regional insurance company. Be indisputable to shop around to get the best rates.

Which group pays more for car insurance: single or married women?

Single women pay more for car indemnity — but only by a humble total. Rates for our 32-year-old single driver were only 2 % more than rates for our 32-year-old married driver. The best way to keep your rates low, no matter your marital status, is to drive safely and get multiple quotes.

At what age does insurance go down for female drivers?

There is no one age where women ‘s car insurance abruptly or magically drops. Your rates will be highest when you first start driving as a adolescent and will gradually drop as you long time. Although your rates will go down at long time 25, ValuePenguin found that the biggest decreases in car insurance rates come at ages 19 ( a 16 % decrease ) and 21 ( a 17 % decrease ) .


We pulled car indemnity rates for drivers in ZIP codes across Indiana. Unless otherwise noted, our sample distribution drivers were single and had clean drive records. Each drives a 2015 Honda Civic EX and has wide coverage. We gave our drivers the pursuit full-coverage limits :

Coverage type

Study limits

Bodily liability $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Personal injury protection $10,000
Property damage $25,000 per accident
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Comprehensive and collision $500 deductible

ValuePenguin ‘s rate data was provided by Quadrant Information Services. Quotes are publicly sourced from insurance company filings and intended for comparative purposes only. Your own rates could differ .

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