The content on this page is accurate as of the poster date ; however, some of our collaborator offers may have expired. Please review our list of best accredit cards, or use our CardMatch™ joyride to find cards matched to your needs. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. If your credit wag has cable car lease policy, often you can save hundreds of dollars and be covered under wider circumstances than distinctive car rental company indemnity plans can offer. But most renters don ’ triiodothyronine flush know what benefits their credit cards ’ cable car rental insurance plans offer or even if their cards come with a plan in the inaugural place. They take what the lease company offers because it ’ south commodious and right in front of them when they could ’ ve had better coverage all along through what was in their wallet. Denying the insurance waivers offered by the car rental company ( as all credit card car rental indemnity plans require for design activation ) can open you up to a overplus of benefits, perks and higher coverage amounts than most rental car companies will ever match. The best partially is the design on your credit poster comes at no extra price – you good have to know about it.

Below you ’ ll find a summation of the best accredit cards for car rental insurance, so you ’ ll never be caught unaware again and you ’ ll be able to bypass so far another cost from the cable car rental ship’s company without a irregular think. See related: Best credit cards for travel indemnity

Issuers’ car rental perks

American Express

  • Amex provides coverage up to $50,000 on most cards and $75,000 for Platinum and Reserve cards for damage or theft (not valid in Australia, New Zealand and Italy).
  • Platinum and Reserve cards such as the Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card or the Platinum Card from American Express also offer rental car insurance coverage for accidental death and dismemberment ($200,000 per card member and $20,000 per passenger or authorized driver).
  • Platinum and Reserve cards carry accidental injury insurance in a rental car ($5,000 per claimant) to a maximum of $300,000.
  • Personal property rental car coverage is also included on Platinum and Reserve cards ($1,000 per claimant to a maximum of $2,000).
  • You are still covered when paying with Amex Membership Rewards or the rental is part of a travel package.
  • Amex rental car coverage is secondary, covering anything not covered by your separate primary insurance plan.
  • Amex’s Premium Car Rental Protection Plan (with subscription options ranging from $12.25 to $24.95 per rental period) makes all Amex rental car coverage primary coverage.


Capital One

  • Capital One rental car insurance provides protection for damage due to collision and theft up to the value of the vehicle in the U.S. and abroad except in Israel, Jamaica, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  • Capital One car rental insurance also provides reimbursement for eligible loss-of-use and administrative charges imposed by the car rental company, as well as reasonable towing fees.
  • Capital One is secondary coverage in your country of residence and primary outside your country of residence (except in countries where ineligible).
  • Coverage is valid for all rentals that don’t exceed 15 days in your country and 31 days outside your country.

Bank of America

  • Car rental insurance is complimentary with all Bank of America credit cards.
  • Visa cards cover 31 consecutive rental days and Mastercards cover 15 consecutive rental days.
  • Covers theft and damage up to the cash value of most vehicles on Visa cards.
  • Covers theft and damage up to $50,000 or less on Mastercards.
  • Covers loss-of-use and towing fees.
  • Coverage is secondary on all cards.

Wells Fargo

  • Coverage is for loss and damage up to the cash value of the car to a maximum of $50,000.
  • Coverage is secondary for all states except New York.
  • In New York, coverage is primary when the car is rented outside the U.S. without a driver for no more than 31 consecutive days.

bill that both Discover and Citi have cut their former rental car insurance benefits and their cards no longer provide it. See related: Trip canceled ? Your accredit poster may reimburse you

Cards that offer primary rental insurance inside the U.S.

The best credit cards with car rental indemnity are the ones that offer primary coverage. This means you need no other plan but the coverage on your citation card, which will save you a bunch of troublesomeness at the lease counter and a draw of money since the premiums won ’ thymine go up for making a car insurance title or on any other primary insurance design you may carry. While many credit card plans become your primary insurance company if you rent a cable car abroad, very few provide primary coil coverage for car rentals within the U.S. “ While many cards offer elementary coverage for external rentals, fewer products offer it for rentals in the U.S. If you want primary coverage in about all instances – for rentals inside and outside the U.S. – consider Chase, ” said Kevin Chen, credit card writer for Below are all the accredit cards that offer primary coverage for cable car rental indemnity within the U.S. and their annual fees .

Card Annual fee
Chase Sapphire Reserve $550
Chase Sapphire Preferred Card $95
United Explorer Card $0 in the first year, $95 after that
United Club Infinite Card  $525
Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card $0
Ink Business Cash Credit Card $0
Ink Business Preferred Credit Card $95
United Business Card* $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $99

Best cards for renting a car

Chase Sapphire Reserve

The Chase Sapphire Reserve is one of the few citation cards offering elementary car rental insurance coverage in the U.S. and afield up to $ 75,000. many cable car lease companies offer discounts and upgrades entirely to Reserve cardholders. Combine that with the $ 300 in annual instruction credits for travel purchases and the high $ 550 annual fee works out to a more reasonable $ 250. New cardholders besides earn 50,000 bonus points after spending $ 4,000 in the first three months ( a $ 750 value when redeemed for travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards ). This is the wag if you want to get bang-up car rental coverage but want to still get some of those rentals free with points ( paying with points still entitles you to coverage ). “ If you travel a bunch like I do, do some quick mathematics on the points you could potentially get each year with the Chase Sapphire Reserve and you ’ ll be distressed to find a better deal, ” said Steph Young, laminitis of .

The Platinum Card from American Express

Amex Platinum matches the Sapphire Reserve ’ s $ 75,000 in collision and larceny coverage but adds even more rental car coverage for accidental death and dismemberment, personal injury and personal property damage.

While the coverage is junior-grade cosmopolitan ( except when it comes to accidental end and dismemberment ), a monthly subscription to Amex ’ south Premium Car Rental Protection Plan ( starting at $ 12.25 ) can easily make it primary. barely by being an Amex Platinum cardholder, you ’ ll besides get membership in versatile bounty car rental company programs, including Hertz Gold Rewards and National Emerald Club. At $ 695 per year, the Platinum now has an annual fee higher than the Chase Sapphire Reserve but its travel benefits are across-the-board. It besides has a higher 100,000 degree welcome bonus, up from 75,000 points, when you spend $ 6,000 in the first six months. If you ’ re renting a car with your Platinum poster, you ’ ll earn 2X points on postpaid car rentals through American Express Travel. Cardholders besides get 5X points on up to $ 500,000 spent on directly booked airfare and flights and prepay hotels booked through American Express Travel ( per calendar year ) and access to more than 1,300 airport lounges in over 140 countries through the American Express Global Lounge Collection. Plus, you get an airline tip credit of up to $ 200, up to $ 15 in Uber Cash every calendar month ( plus an extra $ 20 in December ) and a $ 100 annual credit at Saks Fifth Avenue or purchases. You besides get Gold condition with Hilton Honors and Gold Elite status with Marriott Bonvoy. If you want all the travel benefits and the most car rental coverage available, choose this card. “ My front-runner credit calling card for renting a cable car is the Amex Platinum. Between the built-in policy policy coverage and the complimentary wayside aid, it ’ mho helped me so much when I ’ ve needed it most, ” said Christopher Grozdon of Dash-SEO .

Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card

If you rent a car for commercial enterprise much, this is the menu to consider. Ink is the entirely business credit batting order suite that offers primary lease car coverage in the U.S. for the value of the car, and this particular one carries no annual fee. besides, if you like cash back but don ’ metric ton want to have to remember how many points you get for which buy class, this is your “ put it and forget it ” cash second card because you ’ ll get 1.5 % cash back on every purchase with no limit on the total. The intro bonus is besides decent, at $ 750 cash second after spending $ 7,500 on purchases within the first three months. See related: Roadside aid, your citation card ’ s little-known profit

Bottom line

A rental cable car bad luck can put a damp on an differently enjoyable trip. There are even respective great options available if you ’ rhenium looking for a poster that will cover you if your lease menu gets damaged or stolen – and many of them have loads of other great perks and rewards. *All information about the United Business Card has been collected independently by and has not been reviewed by the issuer. This offer is no longer available on our web site.

editorial Disclaimer The editorial content on this page is based entirely on the objective assessment of our writers and is not driven by advertise dollars. It has not been provided or commissioned by the credit card issuers. however, we may receive recompense when you click on links to products from our partners .

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