If you drive a cable car but preceptor ’ thyroxine own a cable car, then you need to consider non-owner car insurance. It can be a relatively low-cost way to purchase car indemnity indebtedness coverage without the title of a car. typically, these rates are cheaper than standard cable car policy because you aren ’ t the chief driver of the car .
fortunately, there are many non-owner car indemnity companies that offer solid policies at low-cost prices. Keep read to find out more

overview of the best non-owner car indemnity companies

Company Best for
Progressive Flexible options
State Farm Fast claims
Farmers Insurance Safe drivers
GEICO Affordability
Nationwide Low costs
American Family Unique discounts
USAA Military members, veterans, and their families


Best Non-Owner Car Insurance Companies - Progressive

progressive offers flexible options across the board for car indemnity .
For non-owners cable car policy, it offers policy options to help you protect yourself while driving .


If you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sure about whether or not you truly need non-owners car indemnity, then the series of questions offered by Progressive can help to sort that out .
You ’ ll answer a quick quiz to find out whether or not you need this type of policy in this situation .


  • Helpful process. With a aboveboard series of questions, you can cursorily determine if you truly need this indemnity .
  • Name Your Price tool. You can use this tool to find an choice in your budget .


  • Low customer rating. not every customer is glad with their overall service, according to their customer reviews .

Who is Progressive best for?

If you are working with a tight budget, then the “ Name Your Price ” tool will come in handy. You can let Progressive know what you can pay and they will work to find a policy that fits within that budget .
Learn more about Progressive or read our full review. 

submit farm

Best Non-Owner Car Insurance Companies - State Farm State Farm is a well-known policy company that offers non-owners car policy to drivers .
You ’ ll be able to work with State Farm in any submit in the area. however, the rates will vary based on your state ’ mho requirements. fortunately, you have several levels of coverage options available through State Farm .


The company offers stellar customer service to help you handle claims cursorily. Although the quotes offered by State Farm may be on the higher end, you can sort through the discounts available to make the price more reasonable .


  • Fast customer service. If you do have to file a claim, State Farm is known for its quick reversion times. You ’ ll be back on the road cursorily with minimal hassle .
  • Discounts. Like most policy companies, you ’ ll be able to find discounts to make these policies more low-cost .


  • High cost. state farm is not the most low-cost car indemnity provider, specially if you don ’ t qualify for a discount. Make sure to weigh the benefits of customer service against the sift on your budget before choosing your policy .

Who is State Farm best for?

If you value a agile reply to any claims that you may make, then State Farm is a safe bet. After all, the party touts its ability to be there vitamin a cursorily as a good neighbor in your time of necessitate .
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Farmers Insurance

Best Non-Owner Car Insurance Companies - Farmers
Farmers Insurance offers non-owners car indemnity with the promise of many discounts for safe drivers .
With a high military rank from the Better Business Bureau, you can move forward with this company comfortably .


Farmers Insurance offers a wide range of discounts. But one of the biggest discounts is the safe driver discount rate. If you have a clean driving read, then you stand to earn a solid dismiss on your policy .


  • Discount options. Beyond the safe driver deduction, you could besides enjoy several discounts including a multi-car discount rate, a good scholar discount, and more .
  • High rating. With an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, you can be convinced working with this caller .


  • Limited availability. Farmers Insurance is not available in every submit .

Who is Farmers Insurance best for?

Farmers Insurance offers a timbre policy at a reasonable price. When you seek out the discounts, you can take advantage of this low-cost option. Plus, the hearty repute of this caller can help put your take care at relief .
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Best Non-Owner Car Insurance Companies - GEICO
GEICO is known for offering some of the most low-cost cable car indemnity options on the market. After all, all of us have seen the commercials that promise 15 % savings in barely 15 minutes .
It might be the arrant opportunity to call and find out if you can truly save that much. Car indemnity varies by the situation, so check with GEICO to see if they can provide an low-cost option for you .


If you enjoy fast serve, then GEICO ’ south instantaneous quote feature can be very appealing. An instant on-line quotation can show you precisely how much you could be saving. But you placid have the choice to talk to a survive agent if you have any questions .


  • Instant quote. You will not need to wait around for a GEICO quotation. With an clamant quote, you can compare your options cursorily .
  • Discounts. It is possible to qualify for several discounts with GEICO. With that, you can score an even lower price .


  • Few community agents. Although there are some GEICO agents that you can talk to in-person, they are few and far between .

Who is GEICO best for?

If you are looking for low-cost car insurance, then GEICO is a bang-up option. Although some of the best deals are entirely available through a dismiss group, most drivers can score a fair quote. A few of the most common discounts GEICO offers include scholar discounts, military affiliations, and alumnus groups. Check into your membership groups to see if you have access to a GEICO discount .
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Best Non-Owner Car Insurance Companies - Nationwide Nationwide offers non-owners car insurance to drivers across the country. You ’ ll be comfortable with the coverage offered by this well-known company. With Nationwide, you ’ ll have access to different coverage levels. From the department of state minimum to a more comprehensive plan, you can choose the policy that suits your budget and your risk tolerance .


A few of the best features offered by Nationwide include a vanish deductible, accident forgiveness, and a SmartRide app. With the vanishing deductible, you ’ ll be able to watch your annual deductible cliff each year that you drive safely. The SmartRide app can help Nationwide determine your driving behavior and potentially offer you a discount rate for safe driving .


  • SmartRide app discount. If you are a safe driver, then you can use that to your advantage. Download the app to share your driving habits with Nationwide to potentially receive a discount .
  • Vanishing deductible. As you become a safe driver, you can capitalize on that with a lower deductible each class .


  • Below average customer service. Although you can score a deal with Nationwide, the general customer satisfaction ratings for the company are on the depleted goal .

Who is Nationwide best for?

If you are a safe driver with the tilt to download the SmartRide app, then you can enjoy an low-cost policy. You ’ ll be able to use your safe drive habits to score a significant discount on your premiums .
Although non-owners policies are by and large more low-cost than traditional car policy policies, every little sum of savings helps .
Learn more about Nationwide or read our full review. 

American Family

Best Non-Owner Car Insurance Companies - American Family Insurance Unlike many companies on this tilt, you may not have heard about american Family. What this company lacks in brand recognition, it makes up for with a solid cable car insurance product. The coverage offered for non-owners indemnity is entirely available in some states, but it can be an low-cost choice where available .


American Family offers a wide crop of discounts to its customers. You can save a significant amount of money if you qualify for a good driver discount, loyalty discount, defensive driver dismiss, effective scholar deduction, volunteer dismiss, and many more. Plus, you ’ ll receive a discount as a young driver if your parents already work with american english Family .


  • Discounts. You ’ ll be able to find an low-cost policy with the diverse choice of discounts .
  • High customer satisfaction. Customers are broadly felicitous with the policies and service offered by american Family .


  • Limited availability. American Family doesn ’ triiodothyronine volunteer policies in every department of state .

Who is American Family best for?

If you are a young driver that can qualify for multiple discounts, then American Family is a great fit. You ’ ll have access to helpful customer service at a great price .
Learn more about American Family or read our full review. 


Best Non-Owner Car Insurance Companies - USAA USAA offers a diverseness of fiscal services to military members, veterans, and their families. One of their products in non-owner car insurance. Before you can sign up for this policy, you ’ ll indigence to fill out a detail questionnaire about the vehicles you drive as a non-owner .
After filling out the questionnaire, USAA will confirm whether or not you are eligible to use their non-owner car policy policy .


USAA offers high-quality customer service to its members. Since the company focuses on military members and their families, they are used to working with singular situations. If you are uncertain about your non-owners cable car insurance policy, USAA agents would be felicitous to answer any of your questions .
One of the most useful discounts available through USAA is the ability to lower your rate for times when you are deployed oversea. Since you will likely not be driving when personal vehicles while deployed, you ’ ll be able to avoid overpaying during that time .


  • Great customer service. With multiple awards for customer services, USAA knows how to treat it ’ s customers right .
  • Competitive prices. You can find low-cost quotes with USAA .


  • Limited availability. USAA is only available to military members, veterans, and their families. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fall into that category, then you are unable to take advantage of their features .

Who is USAA best for?

If you are a military penis or veteran that wants to buy non-owners car policy at an low-cost price, then USAA is a good choice. particularly if you anticipate being deployed in the approximate future .
Learn more about USAA.

Summary of the best non-owner car policy companies

Company Unique features
Progressive “Name Your Price” tool
State Farm Responsive customer service
Farmers Insurance Safe driver discount
GEICO Affordable options for drivers of all kinds
Nationwide Low cost options for safe drivers
American Family Unique discounts that could help young drivers save more
USAA Only available to military members, veterans, and their family

How I came astir with this list

I scoured the indemnity industry for the best non-owner car insurance options. unfortunately, there are not excessively many car policy companies that offer non-owner insurance at a reasonable price .
With that, I present the best options that I could find. however, you may not find the best company for your position on this list. Take your own needs into account before deciding on a policy .

What does non-owner car insurance cover ?

Non-owner car indemnity offers liability coverage for both bodily injury and property damage if you are driving a car that you do not own. In most respects, it works in a exchangeable manner to traditional car indemnity .
If you were in an accident and found to be at-fault, then your non-owner car indemnity policy would protect you from any likely lawsuits. In addition to legal protective covering, a non-owner car policy policy might include personal injury protection, lease car indebtedness coverage, and uninsured or underinsured motorist liability insurance. The specifics of your policy will vary based on which one you choose .
The major difference between traditional car policy and non-owner car insurance is that the car you are driving will not be covered. This is because there is no single fomite covered in the non-owners car insurance policy. however, you will have some of your liabilities covered which is less hazardous than driving with no car policy .

Why you need non-owners car insurance

If you drive a car frequently but don ’ t own the car, then you should consider non-owners insurance. The policy is sold on a per-person basis, so you can choose to just insure yourself .
Although you are not legally required to obtain cable car indemnity if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate own a car, it is still a beneficial estimate. If you regularly borrow cars from family members and friends or rent cars frequently, then you should consider this option .
however, if you own a car and rarely borrow other people ’ south cars, then it is not necessary to get non-owner car policy. If you borrow a car from the person you live with, then you might not qualify for a non-owner policy. But you should check with your insurance company to confirm that .

What to look for in non-owner car policy

As with all cable car policy, you need to read the fine print before choosing your car policy policy. If you own a cable car you will not need to purchase non-owners policy because your cable car indemnity will normally cover you even if you are driving another cable car .
here are a few things to look out for as you shop.


Consider the reason you are buying non-owner car policy. If you are renting or borrowing cars regularly, then you ’ ll want to ensure that your quote covers everything you would need it to .
Think about the different scenarios you may need your non-owner cable car indemnity to cover and read the fine photographic print to make surely it is actually covered .


There is a wide range of pricing available for non-owner car indemnity. In order to get the best price, make certain to obtain quotes from multiple car indemnity companies .

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