South Carolina has some of the highest car insurance rates in the country. This is due in function to the high number of fateful accidents. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety ( IIHS ), the state ’ s 19.4 deaths for every 100,000 residents makes it one of the deadliest states to drive in. It ’ s no wonder it is unmanageable to find bum cable car policy in SC .
The sum of annual car insurance premiums in South Carolina depends largely on whether a driver merely has the minimal degree of liability indemnity or if they have invested in full coverage for their vehicle. The annual cost of car policy for the minimum coverage floor is $ 558 in South Carolina. For full coverage, the annual measure is $ 1,512 .
These figures are lone an median. other factors outside of the type of policy could increase or decrease the annual cost dramatically. For exemplar, drivers who live in travel rapidly codes with a high pace of vehicle accidents could pay more, while drivers in their 50s might pay less than younger motorists .
An policy agent from Freeway Insurance could put together a quotation mark that takes into account all of the relevant factors. You might be surprised at how low-cost these quotes can be, flush if your driving history is not arrant.

What Is the Average Premium in South Carolina for Full Coverage Car Insurance?

The average premium for broad coverage in South Carolina is $ 1,512 annually. Full coverage cable car insurance goes beyond simpleton liability coverage. This type of insurance not only protects you from liability claims from early drivers but besides offers benefits that will cover your losses in an accident. These benefits are available even if you are ultimately responsible for the accident.

Full coverage benefits include aesculapian payments indemnity that covers the cost of your medical bills following a car bust up. It could besides include collision policy that pays for your fomite damage when you are involved in a crash. Full coverage besides frequently contains uninsured motorist coverage or UIM, which is designed to pay for your damages when the driver who caused the crash is uninsured.

Every driver has different insurance needs. Before you select a policy, consider discussing your options with an agent from Freeway Insurance. You might be surprised at the coverage available within your budget .

How Much Is It for Just the Minimum Required Car Insurance in South Carolina?

Your annual premiums will be much less if you choose to lone purchase the minimum level of liability policy required under the law. In South Carolina, these policies cost an average of $ 558 per year .
The minimal amount of coverage required is $ 25,000 for bodily injuries per person, $ 50,000 for injuries per accident, and $ 25,000 for property wrong per accident. This might seem like a draw at first base glance. The reality is that the minimal sum of coverage will not pay for all of the damages in many cases. If the claims against you are greater than your policy limits, you can expect to pay the remaining dollar total out of your own scoop .

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